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7 Common Myths About CFA - A Bangladeshi Perspective


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If you want to make a mark in Finance, CFA is the ticket to the Finance factory. This has led to a surge in the number of CFA candidates in Bangladesh. However, this has been accompanied by a deluge of myths and misconceptions surrounding the CFA examinations, most prevalently among first time exam takers. These can sometimes be overwhelming for the candidates and can make a world of a difference on the big day. Here are 7 myths we'd like to bust.

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7 Common Myths About CFA - A Bangladeshi Perspective

  1. 1. .‘Ir. ... r. IA, , _: .V. I . I cm I w r III Tiui lurk MK uiI. LT 7!.
  2. 2. M I can’t pass EFH since I bunked mg finance classes in Uniuersitg WE" EFH curriculum is written based on the assumption that candidates did fihaue preuious finance background.
  3. 3. IlIi‘. .'TI'I T lfliii ‘id trlri iiliriirzigitrtj irir ‘ii’i: '9t9:‘ri g: r'€Iiiii. i%? i‘t:9:rr: fiiriiii itiiietii €r: ririi. Iliii 9r: ’it[ ‘irirl lfIFii<i €i‘r”i: %:rr Eff5I‘IiIiIFii'IfIfj Si ‘iif? !i. l.i JFZ? ?li'€*% rri Ell‘-§£'E. :i'I. E!llL1& i It’s easier for students and fresh graduates to focus and studg for ample hours. Sit for the exam as earlg as possible.
  4. 4. W EFH exams are Luag too difficult. There is hardlg angone in Bangladesh Luho passes the | eue|3 of EFH. Wm Bg EU1'~| , at least flresident and 25 non- resident Bangladeshi haue alreadg passed leuel 3. So it is definitelg possible.
  5. 5. .lll. ll”. f.l. {M [IFH exams are not that difficult. most people don’t show up in the exam. So the pass rate of '~| []%—5[]% means it’s fairlg mg. _BE. ill. |T’ l ‘. l'lIe1%: Ir: il: l,: eIl r: %:: e:es r*: «l‘l: e ‘les f? I?3Il[i: |VIT€3l‘: liB! lfl t: %3:e: e:r: l on title:
  6. 6. W One needs to pass flthe sections to pass ang leuel in EFH. W15‘ ': lou don’t need to pass ang specific section, not euen the ethics section. Unlg gour ouerall score is important.
  7. 7. W Unless gou work in the stock market, EFH is useless. W15‘ Huast portion of EFH charter—ho| ders @ work in the stock market and still find the degree uerg useful. Here's a breakdown of all the CFA charter—ho| ders: http: //www. cfainstitute. org/ programs/ cfaprogram/ charter/ professions/ pages/ index. aspx
  8. 8. M if I pass EFH leuel 1,2 or 3 I will surelg get a m. ‘E33153 while it mag giue gou a competitiue edge, recruitment process inuolues a lot of steps which test seueral things other than technical knowledge.
  9. 9. Research Hnalgst IDLE Securities Limited _B0i'i. 'ECTr 7 Ijl