Small is Big: Controlling Media Messages About Real Estate


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"Freedom of the press" is one of our nation's founding principles, so do we really want to dictate the way our industry is portrayed in the media? Message control? Spin doctoring? Little miss can't be wrong? Not exactly. Spin is gross. But all associations do have an opportunity to influence the news. The most accurate, compelling and honest information available about housing comes from your local MLS. Learn how to create factual, easy-to-use material from MLS data that your members and the media alike will appreciate.

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Small is Big: Controlling Media Messages About Real Estate

  1. 1. Small is Big Controlling Media Messages Mark Allen (@Red_Allen) Chief Executive Officer Minneapolis Area Association of REALTORS®
  2. 2. Ouch! Washington Post’s 2010 Mensa Invitational #1 Winner: *Cashtration* (n.): The act of buying a house, which renders the subject financially impotent for an indefinite period of time.
  3. 3. Controlling Media Messages Media: the means of communication …that reach or influence people widely.
  4. 4. Who Are You? From as retweeted by @gingerw via @timoreilly
  5. 5. What Is Our Aim? Making residential real estate analytics easy to understand.
  6. 6. The Country That Pees Together… Found at
  7. 7. High Praise Matt Cohen, Clareity Consulting CTO: “MAAR provides better visualization of the data. That makes it easier for REALTORS® to educate clients about the local market. And educated buyers and sellers are more likely to make sound choices that will help avoid another housing bubble.”
  8. 8. The Things People Want  Elegant and intuitive visuals  Easy trend spotting  Detailed & thorough yet readable  Harness the power of your data
  9. 9. What Is Our Focus? Local “Local” implies Local Local geography Local but is so much Local Local more. Local Local Local
  10. 10. Demonstrating Local “The Thing”
  11. 11. It Starts with MLS Data MLS data is the richest, cleanest and most powerful real estate data available. Own your local space. The gold hasn’t been fully mined...yet.
  12. 12. The Seedling
  13. 13. Weekly Activity Report
  14. 14. Monthly Market Indicators
  15. 15. Housing Supply Outlook
  16. 16. Local Market Updates
  17. 17. Foreclosures & Short Sales
  18. 18. Advancing the Concept Sortable Stats
  19. 19. Blog and Video
  20. 20. How It Can Be Used  Client Consultation  Blogs and Websites  Social Networks  Marketing  Government  Media  Academia  Business Planning
  21. 21. Government Strategy • Local market products • Distribution strategies • Market research resource • Affecting public policy • Return on investment
  22. 22. News Media Strategy • Press releases • Talking points • Electronic media • REALTOR® spokespersons • Distribution strategies • Market research resource • Anecdotal stories v. hard data
  23. 23. From Foe to Friend By KARA McGUIRE Star Tribune February 7, 2010 The [MAAR] Realtors group, known for its ability to take in-demand housing data and turn it into digestible reports for housing pros and consumers alike…
  24. 24. Others Telling Our Story
  25. 25. MARKET PRESENTATIONS What Happened to Mr. Big?
  26. 26. Distribution Strategy UNFETTERED ACCESS  Weekly e-newsletter  Website  Office visits  Print publications  Presentations & CE classes  Advertorial  Targeted emails to brokers  Best of all: Raving fans
  27. 27. Overheard “Visibility is more important than ability. Secret agents don’t do a lot of business.”
  28. 28. WAY BACK IN 2001 Converging Catalysts • REALTOR® demand • Consumer expectation • Under utilized MLS database • Public affairs leverage • NAR envy (color me green) • Build it and they will come
  29. 29. Following Your Call Build it and they will come
  30. 30. The Magic Formula  Get Data  Make Pretty  Send
  31. 31. You Can Do This YOU REALLY CAN. But if you don’t want to, there are many people ready to help you. HINT, HINT:
  32. 32. Thank You for Your Time! Minneapolis Area Association of REALTORS® Mark Allen (@Red_Allen) Chief Executive Officer 10K Research and Marketing