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What are the requirements for effective segmentation

Market Targeting

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What are the requirements for effective segmentation

  1. 1. 5Requirements for Effective Segmentation
  2. 2. Requirement 1 Measurable Size, purchasing power and characteristics of the segment can be measured.
  3. 3. Requirement 2 Substantial The segment should be large and profitable enough to serve.
  4. 4. It would not be wise for an automobile manufacturer to develop cars for people who are less than 4 feet tall.
  5. 5. Requirement 3 Accessible Segments can be easily reached and served.
  6. 6. Requirement 4 Differentiable Segments respond differently to different marketing elements and are conceptually different.
  7. 7. If married and unmarried women respond similarly to perfumes, they constitute same segment.
  8. 8. Requirement 5 Actionable Effective programs can be formulated for attracting and serving the segments.
  9. 9. Workshops and Seminars can be held for marketing.