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Identifying and Analyzing competitors


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this slide gives you the fundamental about how you identify your competitors in the market and gather information to analyze it.

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Identifying and Analyzing competitors

  1. 1. craftingtheBrandPositio do marketers identify and analyse competitors?
  2. 2. companies that satisfy the same customer need
  3. 3. Identify competitors Determining category membership the products or sets of products with which a brand competes and which a brand competes and which function as close substitutes.
  4. 4. Major bottled-water competitor
  5. 5. Actual and potential competitors A company is more likely to be hurt by emerging competitors or new technologies than by current competitors.
  6. 6. Identify competitors Classification of industries by marketer is based on Number of sellers; degree of product differentiation; presence or absence of entry; Mobility; exit barriers; cost structure; degree of vertical integration; and degree of globalization.
  7. 7. Value Innovation In completion, there is a high growth possibilities through value innovation Red ocean thinking Blue ocean thinking
  8. 8. Value Innovation Red ocean thinking Seeking bloody, head to head battles with competitors based largely on incremental improvement in cost, quality or both.
  9. 9. Value Innovation Blue ocean thinking Creating products and series fro which there are no direct competitors. Look for unoccupied market positions that represent real innovation.
  10. 10. Value Innovation Blue ocean thinking Design creative business ventures to positively affect both a company’s cost structure and its value proposition to customers.
  11. 11. Analyze competitors gather information about each competitor’s real and perceived strength and weakness.
  12. 12. Analyze competitors Conducting competitive SWOT analysis The overall evaluation of company’s strength, weakness, opportunities and threats.
  13. 13. Analyze competitors Customer’s rating of competitors on some key success factors like Customer awareness, product quality, product availability, technical assistance, selling staff.
  14. 14. Analyze competitors As part of this competitive analysis for positioning, the firm should also ascertain the strategies and objectives of its primary competitors.
  15. 15. After identifying competitors and its strategies must have some question in mind YOU What is each competitor seeking in the marketplace ? What drives each competitor’s behaviour ?
  16. 16. Recap 1.Identify competitors. 2. Actual and potential competitors. 3.Value innovation. 4. Analyze competitors.