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Advertising stunts and ideas Q1| 2009

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  4. 4. Hobby Ideas retail chain. Billboard origami
  5. 5. “Erotic movies without interruption”. ZDF (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen) promoted its interruption- “Midsummer Night’s free “Midsummer Night’s Fantasies 2008″ with “Interruptus”, a Fantasy”. set of three posters displaying parts of a naked woman’s body. The billboard campaign was recognized Best Creative Idea at the Plakadiva Outdoor Advertising Festival in April 2009. The Interruptus billboard was developed at Kolle Rebbe Werbeagentur, Hamburg.
  6. 6. Calvin Klein Underwear: Rain Advertising School: Chosun University, Gwangju, South Korea
  7. 7. BMW 7: Baiyoke Tower wrap Advertising Agency: U5opportunityknocks, Thailand
  8. 8. 1300 Flowers Sydney agency Banjo has re-launched 1300 Flowers, with new branding and advertising. A teaser campaign featured a range of closed buds on un- branded key billboard sites (OOH Media). Four days later these buds blossomed and the new logo was revealed. Courtney Brims was commissioned to do the illustrations
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  10. 10. Chevy Volt: In Charge Agency: Campbell-Ewald Advertiser: General Motors
  11. 11. McDonald's: Always Fresh Coffee Agency: Leo Burnett Chicago
  12. 12. Pathfinders: Teen Homelessness Agency: Serve
  13. 13. State Farm: Acupuncture/Cucumber Agency: Boone Oakley Advertiser: State Farm Brand: Car Insurance
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  15. 15. Advertising Agency: Filadélfia, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
  16. 16. Agency : Young & Rubicam Adelaide (Australia) 2001
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  18. 18. Garnier Sun Control Daily Moisturizer SPF 20
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  23. 23. The Freshness Box Salad was developed at Heye Group, Unterhaching, Munich,
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  28. 28. Axelvertising!
  29. 29. ughbook: Human statues “World's lightest 14quot; laptop , Advertising Agency: Sparkfury, Singapore
  30. 30. Beachvertising!
  31. 31. Busvertising!
  32. 32. In this guerrilla-style campaign Ken Starck Painting Company offered their professional services. 200 notes were put up at well- chosen locations in Stockholm, encouraging people to consider repainting this spring. Advertised brand: Ken Starck Painting Company Advertising Agency: ESTER
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  34. 34. AstraZeneca: Asthmatic attack.
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  37. 37. At the Brazilian Mackenzie University the agency Publicis placed these deceptively real “holes” in front of all building entrances. Behind the holes they placed warning signs written on: “That’s how drugs are: the End of the Line”. For more information the warning sign referred to an information point in the university. So please, do not strictly fall.
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  40. 40. Lancia Delta 200 hp: Horses Advertising Agency: Arc / Leo Burnett, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  41. 41. Zwitsal: Sunburn fire brigade Advertising Agency: ONLY, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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  44. 44. Zoo Safari Agency: DDB, Brazil
  45. 45. Peugeot 308: Peugeot Couch Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi South Africa
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  47. 47. They remind football fans at Subiaco Stadium that public transport is an alternative to the congestion and parking problems on match days Agency: Cooch Creative Perth
  48. 48. Gillette Fusion Power: Zamboni Agency: BBDO New York, Proximity Canada
  49. 49. JWT Sydney ad agency created similar campaign for Schick Quattro when they fitted a Zamboni machine at Sydney’s largest ice arena with a giant razor
  50. 50. Children’s speech therapist: Lost letters “We’ll help your child to find all the lost letters. Advertising Agency: Adventa Lowe, Kiev, Ukraine
  51. 51. Tibits, vegetarian restaurant: Fork Headline: Very, very fresh vegetarian food. Advertising Agency: Wirz/BBDO Switzerland
  52. 52. Sony Ericsson C510 Cyber-shot: Status envy Advertising Agency: iris
  53. 53. Amnesty International: Stop Human Trafficking. Agentur/Agency: Serviceplan, München, Deutschland F9HNZzpkk
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  57. 57. Adventure is Anywhere.”
  58. 58. Client: Rajab Al Kathiri & Associates (Lawyers & Legal consultants) Agency: Fortune Promoseven, Oman
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  62. 62. Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Johannesburg, South Africa Unicef: Unicef Book Of Days
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  66. 66. This campaign is to raise awareness against the Iraq War. What goes around: Stop War.
  67. 67. WWF: Save the planet Advertising Agency: DDB, Brazil
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  70. 70. 1300 Flowers: PA Day Advertising Agency: Banjo Sydney, Australia
  71. 71. Advertising Agency: Stark Communications, Bangalore, India Karnataka Tourism: Seeds
  72. 72. Popcorn shower. London on Tuesday May 5. Suspended from a crane in a park near London’s Tower Bridge, the world’s largest bucket of popcorn showered popcorn and prizes onto 100 lucky competition winners eager to scoop up prizes ranging from mobile phones, weekend breaks and an exclusive private cinema screening of the new Star Trek movie.
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  75. 75. To promote it's annual support of Earth Hour the WWF worked with Zoom media to create specially designed illuminated washroom boards to run in Toronto. From a certain distance, the board featured a nighttime skyline of the city. As a person approaches the board the skyline goes dark an the message appears. World Wildlife Fund (WWF): Lights Advertising Agency: DraftFCB, Toronto, Canada
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  80. 80. Shiner Beer: Men’s Room Posters Agency: McGarrah Jessee Advertiser: Spoetzl Brewery Brand: Shiner Beer
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  83. 83. Silk Soft: 100% Recycled Advertising Agency: By Far, Denmark
  84. 84. Amnesty International: Accomplice to a crime If you don't denounce domestic violence you become an accomplice to a crime Call 213 861 664 and wash your hands of it. http://
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  86. 86. Advertising Agency: Jack Russel Miramadi Training: Weights
  87. 87. “A receipt would mean a paper trail. And then someone would know I was sold. To three men one day while my sister was at work. For half a month's rent, her boyfriend let them take me. I was 13. They Not For Sale: Bill of sale beat me. So I would understand who was boss. And they raped me. So I would understand my job. Sex sells. I'm living proof. But the only receipt is the body I wish I no longer had. Advertising Agency: Martin|Williams, Minneapolis, USA
  88. 88. Elefanten shoes: Playbox, 1 “Take the shoes out and come in! Advertising Agency: Grey Group / G2 Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
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  92. 92. Green Belgium / World Water Day: Letter “Without water, knowledge can't flow. Advertising Agency: Duval Guillaume, Antwerp, Belgium
  93. 93. Museum Of Sex New York: Balloons Advertising Agency: Lowe, New York, USA
  94. 94. Until your CV looks like this, use Advertising Agency: Mudra Communications, Mumbai, India
  95. 95. Pantene: Envelope Media establishments received a variety of information on Pantene’s latest products and most recent events in a branded envelope. The string that seals the envelope appears to be coming from the woman’s hair on the flap. To seal or unseal it means putting pressure on the string effectively dramatizing strong hair. Advertising Agency: Grey Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  96. 96. GP Group: Hitting the target “Make sure the other part of this bullet never reaches you. GP Group. Personal Security. Advertising Agency: FabraQuinteiro, São Paulo, Brazil
  97. 97. Post-it Super Sticky Notes: Perpetual calendar Advertising Agency: BUTTER., Düsseldorf, Germany
  98. 98. Treo Pro: Icons “The time when smartphones had only e-mail is gone. Advertising Agency: Longplay São Paulo, Brazil
  99. 99. “ Ultrasound parking. The Skoda Superb with park distance control
  100. 100. Advertising Agency: Marked for Trade, Charlotte, USA “ The Carolinas' most reliable same day delivery service Dash Courier: SOL Dash Courier: Priority Fail Dash Courier: Oops
  101. 101. Casa & Perfume air freshener: Cigarettes Trust us, smell it! The ad was printed in aromatic ink, so the readers could smell the scent of the product. Advertising Agency: Fala!
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  103. 103. Sundown Solar Protection: An ad that reacts under the sun /
  104. 104. Volvo XC60: Ski Boots Advertising Agency: TBWAOSLO, Oslo, Norway
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  106. 106. Crem Helado: Mundo Polet Website: Advertising Agency: Netbangers, Bogota, Colombia
  107. 107. Coca-Cola: Happiness factory Agency: Sapient Interactive