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What is Social Media?


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What is Social Media?

  1. 1. C:> What is social media ?
  2. 2. A lot of th ings . . Primarily it’s a form of media Which allows the Viewer/User to become a part of the product.
  3. 3. The most notable examples of these are found on the Internet .
  4. 4. Blogs Social Networking Sites Wikis Video Streaming Sites Podcasts All of which allow users to become producers and create media .
  5. 5. In the past such media was controlled by a select few who had access and means to create such products for the viewer, mainly big organisations .
  6. 6. Now with the emergence of the internet , such abilities have been made available to every one and anyone with access to the web .
  7. 7. Or simply people can share videos with the world as it’s the users which upload most of the content . YOU tube lets people become Ce lebrities . ( The band OK Go Made it big through YouTube) .
  8. 8. Blogs allow you to share your opinions with the world. Some would argue a greater degree of freedom of speech as it’s harder to nullify than the usual forms of media you would have to use to air such views.
  9. 9. MySpace has literally made Music stars out of it’s users. Many artists credit their break ing into the music industry to MySpace Music .
  10. 10. So there You have it. Social media is practically everywhere now imbedded in our everyday live. Almost everyone is aware of it. Most people have used it as we step into an age where the viewer is starting to play a bigger part in the consumable media