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10 Ways We Founders Successfully Screw Up Our Startups!


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100 first hits on Google searching for "Startup Mistakes"; Summarized, Analyzed and Narrated by Learn from others' mistakes.

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10 Ways We Founders Successfully Screw Up Our Startups!

  1. by Daniel Garplid Based on research from Oops! I Did It Again… 10 Ways We Founders Successfully SCREW UP Our STARTUPS!
  2. Aggregated DATA from Google
  3. Mistake #10 Ignoring Social Media
  4. Mistake #9 Failing To Ask For Help
  5. Mistake #8 Spending Too Much Money
  6. Mistake #7 Not Making Sure You Have Enough Money
  7. Mistake #6 Chasing Investors Instead of Customers
  8. Mistake #5 Not Having The Right Co-Founders
  9. Mistake #4 Failing To Execute Sales And Marketing Effectively
  10. Mistake #3 Lack Of Focus
  11. Mistake #2 Hiring Poorly
  12. Mistake #1 WINNER Building Something Nobody Wants
  13. THANX! Download the full Report FREE of charge at: The link is clickable… …and so is the image