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Ikea presentation


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Social Media Strategies, including brand audit, buyer personas, customer journey, content marketing.

Published in: Marketing
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Ikea presentation

  1. 1. Final Presentation Social Media Strategies Mimi Nguyen - Aina Oranich - Anni Lam - Elaine Cumming
  2. 2. SITUATION ANALYSIS purpose-driven consumer insights diversified & dynamic content thought leadership interactive media converged media incomplete story social responsibility engagement inconsistent postings dialogue & CTA customer service more awareness of CSR, solar panels more real time marketing, including geo- targeted ads & referrals crowdsourcing & co-creation multi-channels for customer service content proliferation inundated ads consumer behavior - attention deficit technology - average household connected to 5 devices Opportunity Fuel Friction Threat INTERNAL EXTERNAL
  4. 4. BRAND AUDIT- Social Media Channels USA 4,5M 358K 241,6K 503K 553K 16,7K 62,3K Recommend ations Dialogue CTA - interactive catalog, app Real-time marketing. Reach out to individual customers to resolve customer service issues. Keep profile updated. Editorial Calendar. Post more about what customers like. Answer customers. Editorial Calendar. Close profile. Close profile. Use content for other profiles. Increase length of content. Upload more home makeovers. Editorial Calendar.
  6. 6. Green Products, People & Planet Initiatives
  7. 7. GOAL Drive awareness and engagement to influence consumer behavior, reinforcing Ikea’s values for sustainable living and humanitarian causes. 2016 Objectives generate 2M leads from social channels increase user- generated content by 15% through contests and crowdsourcing Q1 Q2 Q3 drive new customer acquisition by 10% through referrals and social campaigns Q4 extend customer lifetime value to 7 years
  8. 8. 360 DEGREE VIEW OF CUSTOMER compelling stories optimized content marketing filter and funnel behavioral targeted messaging reaches right audience Purpose segmentation, targeting, positioning storyboard of buyer persona affinity mapping customer journey consumer insights brand resonance engagement and trust more social signals increased leads and conversion Strategy Impact
  9. 9. segmentation positioning targeting home furnishing and decor alternative energy organic foods well-being and happiness life improvement American dream high style, great value independence innovation smart solution 40% families 30% students 20% singles 10% businesses
  10. 10. BUYER PERSONA MARY working mom organizational tips and multi-functional products. affordable, stylish furniture for beautiful home, entertaining and taking care of family. organic foods, sustainable fish. causes empowering women’s and children’s rights. Ikea Solutions Concerns life-work balance needs to prevent overspending savings for kids’ education credit card debt pesticides pinning recipes on Pinterest reading self-help books Elle Decor, interior design. Oprah, Dr. Oz, mommy groups. volunteers at Women’s shelter. Challenges Interest & Influence Values Hang out Profile Goals & Needs Barriers to Purchase 44-year old mom, married with 2 kids. household income $90K. reduce clutter improve safety nice place for parties storage for kids’ toys find ideas to organize closet price, time, location unethical business practices, e.g child labor FB. Pinterest Instagram meetups, mobile education good health women empowerment
  11. 11. BUYER PERSONA II Profile Dreams Interests & Influence Values Hang out Goals & Needs Challenges Barriers to Purchase Ikea Solutions 20-year old junior at Cal, majoring in Environmental Studies. join Greenpeace, and become an attorney for Earth Justice. RYAN student & activist hiking, biking, video games Kant’s self-sovereignty, Gore’s Inconvenient of Truth move out of co-op with feminist girlfriend. save money for security deposit. recruit students from De-Cal class for Earth Day. stage demonstrations across campus and take over Wheeler Hall. pushback from authorities and others who resist disruption and dissent. price, waste, corporate greed, unethical business practice freedom, opportunities champion the underdog man is the measure of all things reddit, google+, FB, Tumblr, Twitter, bars, KALX college radio 300 products that save environment. sustainable designs reduce carbon footprint. reduce, re-use, and renewable energy: solar panels, wind turbines . flat pack solar-powered refugee housing. long-form content, e.g. white papers, documentary on green initiatives: climate change, IWAY compliance for labor regulations in supply chain.
  12. 12. CUSTOMER JOURNEY Credit: Buzzbeed Digital Top funnel Mid funnel Bottom Funnel
  13. 13. MAPPING CONTENT TO JOURNEY AWARENESS Goal: Inform and educate, show thought leadership. Experience: Discover and learn. Monday: Post facts, tidbits and trivia/quizzes about green initiatives and humanitarian program. Other content: Documentary, white papers, reports, e-guides, editorial content, infographics, third- party content... CONSIDERATION & PURCHASE Goal: Inspire and solve problems. Experience: Overcome challenges and customer is being listened to. Tuesday: Tips, tutorials, how- to-guides, and product updates. Proactive content that addresses customer service issues. RETENTION & ADVOCACY Goal: Listen, connect and gain consumer insight. Experience: Build trust, and make customers feel important and special. Wed: Ask questions, solicit suggestions, vote for best green solutions. Rotate with vote for best charities that empower women and children. Goal: Let customer express their dreams and aspirations. Thurs: Ask customers to share their stories by uploading photos, videos, user-generated content. For green campaign, upload videos for contest. Goal: Emotional engagement - gratitude, empathy Experience: make customers feel valued and appreciated F: Post 10-second thank you videos, or brief messages on social channels. Promote via rewards and referrals.
  14. 14. CONTENT PILLARS- Purpose & Impact case study - white paper / report / survey how-to-guides videos / slideshare / interviews blogs social media infographics emails Repurpose content Derivative assets on same topic / theme Builds story and amplifies messaging Engagement with consistent readership / viewership SEO / drives traffic for search & long-term higher ranking.
  15. 15. CONTENT PILLARS- Campaigns Focused Customer Stories Community Website allows customers to share/post photos/videos/ideas through the website, and other social media channels Customer Support Ikea Staff provides solutions Community-driven solutions @IkeaUSACare Pre-and post purchase support videos 3rd Party Curated Industry Share stories of the Ikea Foundation partners Share updated trends of sustainability Share updates of refugee, children, women lives Real Time Content UNEP Environmental Action Motion for Action Climate Change Summit 2016 (COP 22)
  16. 16. SOCIAL CAMPAIGNS Q1 Refugee & Children Life Q2 Sustainable Life at home Q3 Empowering women & Girls Q4 Climate Change #GreenMyHouseContest #GoGreenChallenge #WordstoRefugees #WarmthforWomen
  17. 17. Frequency of Distribution 15% 30% 30% 5% 20% Content Pillars Campaigns, Events, Promotions Customer Stories Customer Support 3rd Party Curated Industry Real Time Content
  18. 18. EDITORIAL CALENDAR- 1 day Time 8-9am Blog post Ikea Staff solutions Infographics 9-10 am 10-11am Photo 11-12 am 3rd party stories Video 12-1pm Solutions: how to guide 1-2 pm Infographics 2-3 pm Fans Stories 3-4pm Infographics 4-5pm Fan Photo 5-6 pm Campaign 7-8 pm Campaign 8-9 pm Blog post 3rd party stories 9-10 pm Fans Stories Campaign 10-11 pm
  19. 19. MARKETING TEAMS Organization Model: Change of behavior Content Center of Excellence
  20. 20. SOCIAL MEDIA TEAM Roles Responsibilities Chief Content Officer Ultimate responsible of the Content Strategy and lead of CCE. Managing Editor Responsible of content: In charge of the entire content supply chain operation. Editors In charge of the different channels. Community Managers Manage media channels. Analysts Extract insights to improve content performance.
  21. 21. EVALUATION- Social Media KPI’s ★ Reach: Fans and followers → demographics and psychographics! ★ Engagement: Likes, favorites, comments, mentions, sentiments, reviews, viewership ★ Amplification: Shares, retweets. ★ Clicks: Successful content ★ Conversion: Sales revenue, leads (number, cost), referrals.
  22. 22. EVALUATION- Quantitative Metrics ★ Sales Revenue from Inbound Marketing ★ Net profit ★ ROI (audience touched, leads, opportunities, sales) - from the pipeline ★ Customer lifetime value (conversion, retention, product) ★ Customer cost of acquisition
  23. 23. TECHNOLOGY Email Campaigns Marketing Automation CRM Online Monitoring Organize and Manage Web Analytics
  24. 24. CONVERGED MEDIA Paid Owned Earned Traditional Social New Media
  25. 25. Tack!