How do you use insight to engage niche audiences?


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How do you use insight to engage niche audiences?

  1. 1. How do you use insight to engage niche audiences?
  2. 2. “ Thank you again to Sainsbury’s for a really fun evening. It was lovely to see a large delegation of senior managers from the PR, branding, marketing, online, cooking, and nutrition teams, all of whom were very friendly and keen to hear any comments and suggestions consumers may have about the freefrom range. I will certainly be looking out for the new freefrom products. ” A story …
  3. 3. Sainsbury’s launched their newly improved freefrom range
  4. 4. Which would appeal to a relatively small and a very specific online community - those living with food allergies
  5. 5. But we knew they had very active channels for sharing advice…
  6. 6. … and a great nostalgia for foods no longer available to them… Image: JeffreyW
  7. 7. So, to raise visibility of the newly extended freefrom range , (and place Sainsbury’s as a trustworthy leader for the allergic and intolerant consumer) we hatched a plan to amplify the already positive conversation by ‘catering’ for those needs ourselves…
  8. 8. 1000heads + Sainsbury’s set about hosting a freefrom Dinner Party that would serve dishes we knew the community had missed
  9. 9. And how did we know they missed the dishes? Because we asked them to create the freefrom dinner party menu, it was their evening and this was the central theme of our engagement
  10. 10. Afterwards we sent them freefrom hampers to try the range at home
  11. 12. Everyone had a good time and got to eat food they previously only had fond memories of…
  12. 13. “ I salute Sainsburys for selling gluten free oats and hope that they expand their range to include more certified gluten free basics like nuts, dried fruit and a range of gluten free flours that are made from nutritious whole grains such as Teff, Sorghum, Buckwheat, Quinoa and Millet. We need to cook! Coeliacs need to eat real food - not approximations of the rubbish that caused our digestive systems to fail in the first place!”
  13. 14. Word of mouth was 100% positive 44,641 engagements throughout the target community 14.9% of all online Sainsbury’s consumer discussion during the campaign period was generated by those involved with the freefrom Dinner Party
  14. 15. Tomorrow is going to be a truly exciting day as I am off to Sainsbury’s Head Office in London to take part in an Intolerance Friendly Dinner Party. Hurrah! [email_address] +44 203 206 2000