1000heads TNT Report - Facebook Connect


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What's the deal with Facebook Connect? Here's our quick overview, with stats, suggestions and case studies.

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1000heads TNT Report - Facebook Connect

  1. 1. Trends, News and Technology Facebook Connect 20th August 2012
  2. 2. Facebook This most simple use for Facebook Connect (FC) is for an easier registration system. With millions ofConnect is a people already on Facebook, it makes registering on a new websitesolution for a breeze since all the end user needs to do is log in via Facebookintegrating a With the barrier to registration lowered, this opens up the site forwebsite with more social features.a users In addition to simplifying the registration process, Facebook Connect allows the website toFacebook extend some social networking features onto their site, thus makingaccount it easier to share content through Facebook. *N o t r e ally
  3. 3. Sites that use Facebook Connected users Sites with FacebookConnect as an alternate create 15-60% more Connect see ato account registration content than users 15-100% increase in have seen a 30-300% who have not reviews and other increase in registration connected with user generated on their sites Facebook Connect content
  4. 4. This report will focus on two 5 awesome 3 practical examples using examples using Facebook Connect Facebook Connect
  5. 5. Awesomeexamples usingFacebook Connect
  6. 6. 1. Personalise a real world environmentCarvalho Hosken used Watch the videoFacebook Connect in an Click hereincredibly unique wayVisitors had to use theirFacebook login details tobook a viewing at one oftheir model homes, whichguaranteed access toinformation on FacebookThe apartment was thenautomatically customizedfor each visit.from their profile weredisplayed in digital framesscattered around thehouse and even videoswere streamed onto theliving room TV!
  7. 7. 2. Personalise something for othersSay it with Skype was a Watch the video Try it outcampaign lead by an idea Click here Click herethat most birthdaymessages sent viaFacebookpersonal, creative orengagingSo, in response1000heads created theSay it with SkypeFacebook app which usedthe Facebook ConnectAPI to send birthday andholiday messages with thehelp of some awesomebands like Bowling forSoup, Ash, Scarlet Grey,Imogen Heap and evenAlice Cooper
  8. 8. 3. Personalise advertisingThis examples shows us Watch the videohow Facebook Connect Click herecan be used to turn simplebanner advertising intosomething more personaland captivating for youraudienceFor the first time in Israel,the Facebook Connecttechnology was used inweb bannersUsers were able to viewtheir Facebook profilepicture and integratethemselves in the candesign which appeared onthe banner
  9. 9. 4. Personalise a video experienceThis may be one of the Watch the video Try it outfiner examples of Click here Click hereFacebook Connect used inonline videos, one ofmany in this categoryWalking dead created thisawesome first personvideo that brought yourFacebook data right intothe heart of a zombieescapeSee friends profile pics ona wall of missing people,your name written inblood as the film startsand even your statusupdates written as textmessages on an iPhone
  10. 10. 5. Encourage people to connect in real lifeWant to find out who will Watch the videobe on your KLM flight? Click hereWith Meet & Seat you canFacebook or LinkedInprofile details and seelong before your flightleaves the groundup any better, but the onething I really foundinteresting about was thehow the combination ofFacebook Connect andLinkedIn allowed for amuch richer experienceoverall
  11. 11. Ways brands canuse FacebookConnect
  12. 12. 1. Gather dataThe most obvious use case forbrands and marketers when itcomes to Facebook Connect, is theability to source a wealth of dataabout the individuals who Connectwith the brandWonga for example, encouragepeople to use Facebook Connectby offering discountsOnce people have connected usingFacebook, Wonga have access toinformation necessary to helpspeed up the loan approval processas well as marketing data that tellsWonga everything they need toknow about their consumers age,sex, location, interests, friends, likes
  13. 13. 2. Encourage social sharingSongkick allows you toorganize and track yourfavourite bands, concertsand tour datesI think Songkick is a greatexample because it doesthree extremely clever thingsusing Facebook Connect:1. It automatically pulls the bands your profile2. specifies bands not only in your country, but in your city3. And finally, every time I click people know on my wall
  14. 14. 3. Make it easier for people to interactMany blogs and websiteshave incorporatedFacebook Connects intotheir pages, allowingvisitors to easily leavetheir comments usingFacebook login detailsrather than having toregister with the site firstpeople to interact withfor blogs and websites todrive more traffic to thepage because the reviewsand comments are sharedto visitors Facebookpages
  15. 15. SummaryWhat do brands get out of using thisCompanies can learn a hell of a lot about their consumers through Facebookhave, the more likely you are to hit the right audienceCreativity & Facebook ConnectAlthough there are great examples out there of how brands and people havedown to the execution. High quality scripts, films and creative may set yourFacebook Connect experience apart from the restSecurity issuesThe one draw-about how a company is going to use their data. Not everyone will freely handover their Facebook information to a company unless the incentive orexperience provides real value for them
  16. 16. FYI* C o n n e c t w as o ur initia tive t o h elp d e v elo p ers in t e g ra t e F a c e b o o k Pla tfor m b e y o n dF a c e b o o k.c o m. G ive n t h a t t h e u n d erlyin g t e c h n olo giesare t h e sa m e w h e t h er y o u are b uildin g a p ps, w e b sit es C o n n e c t b ra n d t o re fle c t t h a t t h ere is o n e pla tfor mb e hin d a ny in t e g ra tio n w it h F a c e b o o k. This c h a n g e h asn o i m p a c t for d e velo p e rs usin g C o n n e c t; e very t hin g is still p art o f F a c e b o o k Pla tfor m https://www.facebook.com/help/?faq=223862724291967#What-happened-to-Facebook-Connect?
  17. 17. Thanks Riccardo WebbInnovation Director1000headshttp://1000heads.com/Riccardo.Webb@1000heads.com