The India Employability Index: Conceptual Walkthrough 20120508


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The half-yearly ‘India Employability Index’, developed by inTouch analytics for a large, India-based, Education & Staffing business, is a comprehensive report on the state of employability across India. Some of the highlights of the report would be –

• Localized, conceptually sound and actionable framework of Employability
• What exactly is employability – and what are its true drivers – in the Indian context
• Are current curricula and educational infrastructure building / reinforcing key employability factors
• What considerations are missing / priority in industry-institution interfaces
• Industry- and geography-specific diagnosis for skill-gaps
• What ails sector-performance in terms of talent utilization and availability
• What is the larger cause–effect factor that influences matching of candidates and jobs

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The India Employability Index: Conceptual Walkthrough 20120508

  1. 1. The IndiaEmployability Index Conceptual Walkthrough
  2. 2. ‘employability’ is a BIG, untapped ideaBig picture: Unexplored, Not measured, Not yet discussed Currently Analyzed, Discusse Institutions Ranking Salaries, Growth People Hiring Jobs Employers (Ranking) Labour Policy Government The India Employability Index 5/8/2012 2
  3. 3. strategic positioning of the index High extending the envelope Knowledge by leveraging knowledge Existing marketspace contours High Delivery HighThe India Employability Index 5/8/2012 3
  4. 4. defining employabilityEmployability refers to the capacity and willingness ofworkers to remain attractive for the labour market(supply factors), by reacting to and anticipating changesin tasks and work environment (demandfactors), facilitated by the human resource developmentinstruments available to them (institutions) -- an ILO definition we adopt forIndia The India Employability Index 5/8/2012 4
  5. 5. index framework Composite Employability Index Dimension s Supply Demand Index of Index of Employabilit Employabilit y Arithmetic / y Geometric MeanEmployability Assets Current Workforce Presentation Employability Profile, Analyze Dimensions Deployment Need for Employability Aggregate, synthesize, arrive at Index Context Factors Effectuation Conditions The India Employability Index 5/8/2012 5
  6. 6. employability assets High level Transactional & Relationship skills skills that contribute to Team work, managerial / leadership skills organizational performance Intermediate Knowledge & Communication-related job specific, generic and key skills Planning, organizing and executing tasks Baseline Behavior & Thought-related basic skills and Traits such as Reliability & Honesty essential personal attributes SKILLSThe India Employability Index 5/8/2012 6
  7. 7. presentation verifiability assessability demonstrability appointment to appropriate positionThe India Employability Index 5/8/2012 7
  8. 8. deployment Seek & Capture SWOT OPPORTUNITIES HIRED TRAINED PROMOTEDThe India Employability Index 5/8/2012 8
  9. 9. current workforce employability geographic Mobility between jobs Willingness Capacity Automobile IT Communications Up-skill Agriculture BFSI Training scale Multi-skillFunctionalFlexibility scope The India Employability Index 5/8/2012 9
  10. 10. need for employability Innovation Markets Advancements Competition Obsolescence Resources Technological Economic Organizational Demographic Growth Diversity Opportunities Qualification Culture AgeThe India Employability Index 5/8/2012 10
  11. 11. external factors general labour market situation, local labour market demand and possibilities for career counselling, employer attitudes provision of training courses OpportunitiesOpportunities Demand Supply Context Effectuation factors conditions personal circumstances willingness and preferences of individual employees The India Employability Index 5/8/2012 11
  12. 12. partnership opportunities client association data & insights syndication mediaThe India Employability Index 5/8/2012 12