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Boostmysale b2b ecommerce Solution -sell more - sell better.


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BoostMySale is the complete integrated & customized multi-channel eCommerce & Inventory Management platform that allows you to sell online by providing everything you need to create an online store.

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Boostmysale b2b ecommerce Solution -sell more - sell better.

  2. 2. #1 B2B E-COMMERCE PLATFORM With BoostMySale, ecommerce is seamlessly integrated with your back-end operational systems, including order management, ERP and CRM. Support web stores, in-house sales, distributors, manufacturers, brick-and-mortar stores and channel partners all from a single platform. BoostMySale's B2B ecommerce solution will enable your company to go after new revenue opportunities, attract and service new customers and transform a slow-growth offline business into a high-growth multichannel enterprise. . INTRODUCTION 01 CLOUD BASED MOBILE FRIENDLY 2 WAY ORDERING
  3. 3. BOOSTMYSALE B2B E-COMMERCE CAPABILITIES BoostMySale B2B E-Commerce delivers the capabilities organizations need to drive revenue, gain competitive advantage and turn market shifts into business opportunities. FEATURES 02
  4. 4. Your Business Never Sleep Buyers can place orders 24x7 and get notified instantly. Provide uniquely branded, highly personalized and engaging B2C-like shopping experiences that will drive conversion and grow your business with capabilities such as dynamic product imaging, zooms, alternate images, quick views, product comparisons and more. Increase Sales With Your Customers Customers can have a B2C like shopping experience. ENGAGING SHOPPING EXPERIENCES
  5. 5. View, edit, cancel, or export your orders and generate invoice and packing slips for each order. On other side, customers can log in 24/7 to view products and place orders. Flexible Order Exports Define your own custom export format for easy importing to your ERP – CSV, XML, Excel, and more Order Workflow Create a workflow that makes sense for your business. Define your user levels to control who has access to view, move, and edit orders. MANAGE ORDERS WITH EASE
  6. 6. Beautiful easy-to-use interface. Multiple product views with hi-res zoom Search & Filter Browse your products by season, delivery, division, category, availability & much more. Use It Anytime, Anywhere Access your products anytime and from anywhere. ACCESS YOUR PRODUCT CATALOG 24/7
  7. 7. Keep your customer information organized & accessible. Search accounts by location (city, state, or zip) to gauge opportunities for new business. Account History Quickly access order & invoice history by customer Decide What Each Customer Sees Control product visibility by region, currency, customer groups, and more. ALL YOUR CONTACTS IN ONE PLACE
  8. 8. With BoostMySale, ecommerce is seamlessly integrated with your back-end operational systems, including order management, ERP and CRM. You can even support web stores, in-house sales, distributors, manufacturers, brick-and- mortar stores and channel partners all from a single platform. Eliminate Manual Entry Push & pull data in real time via API, or send & receive flat files via FTP automation. Empower Your Team Control product visibility by region, currency, customer groups, and more. EASY INTEGRATION WITH EXISTING SYSTEM
  9. 9. BoostMySale helps companies both enhance customer-facing capabilities on the front-end and support them with back- end capabilities to drive revenue growth and operational efficiency. Customers can able to start a transaction from any channel and take it forward to completion from any other channel of interaction. Order Online and Store Pickup Ability to shop online and pick up the ordered items from customer's nearest store. In-store Mobility Social engagement through the competitive pricing, product reviews recommendations to the customer. OMNI-CHANNEL RETAILING
  10. 10. Provide the tools needed for buying efficiency, including routine, repeat and bulk ordering capabilities. Marry the supply side with the buy side through integration with vendors, distributors, and manufacturing entities, all within the same system. Online orders automatically convert to invoices with workflow management of approval, fulfillment and billing. Customer Credit Limits Give customers their own negotiated prices, terms and credit limits. Organizational Workflows Support organizational requirements such as multiple roles, delegated user admin and organization-specific OPTIMIZED BUYING & SELLING
  11. 11. BoostMySale allows you to launch your mobile and tablet optimized versions of your web store and thus be easily accessible to potential customers even when they are on the go! We ensure that you never miss out on any opportunity to sell. Flexible Access The system integrated operations to facilitate your commercial transaction at any time of the day from any location with internet access. Promote Your Brand Leverage benefits conveniently from the well- connected state of a mobile device to communicate and distribute real-time promotions. MOBILE OPTIMIZED STORE
  12. 12. With Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) sellers can store their products in Amazon's fulfillment centers, and Amazon pick, pack, ship, and provide customer service for these products. Using BoostMySale web- store, it’s extremely easy to get started with Amazon’s FBA program. You can check whether your products are eligible on the site, convert inventory within web-store control panel and create a shipping plan to Amazon FCs. Amazon then handles all fulfillment and customer service logistics. Comprehensive View of Amazon Sales Amazon sales merges essential info such as top- selling product error listings, unshipped orders, performance metrics into Combination of FBA and Merchant Fulfillment Supports both FBA & merchant -fulfillment, allowing sellers to ship via FBA, other channels or a FULFILLMENT BY AMAZON (FBA)
  13. 13. B2B BENEFITS 03 Going digital means better communication with your buyers & continuous, rolling sales process before, during, and after trade shows. Increase in Sales Reduction in Order Errors Reduction in Costs Fewer errors in communication mean fewer errors in sales. Make your wholesalers and retailers happy with an easy and intuitive ordering process. Did you know 69% of B2B companies across the globe expect to stop publishing print catalogs within five years? Re-shuffle your dollars to maximize investment elsewhere. B2B companies leveraging the BoostMySale B2B e-commerce platform are reaping the rewards and seeing the impact directly in their bottom line. In fact, almost 60% of business buyers across multiple industries have purchased goods for their companies online, and almost 40% said they expect to spend a bigger proportion of their annual procurement
  14. 14. CONCLUSION 04 For more information, please visit: Still unsure whether taking your brand digital is the right opportunity for your company? Contact our sales team for a free assessment. We will provide all the necessary information to help you make an educated and informed decision.