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Uts eng e


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Uts eng e

  1. 1. Ujian Tengah Semester Prodi: TBG Mata kuliah: Bahasa Inggris E Dosen Pengampu: Novanie Sulastri A. Choose the correct answer. 1. Whenthe bodyutilizesATPasan energysource,the moleculereleasesitsenergyandbreaks downinto: a. Adenine andphosphorus b. Adenosinediphosphate anda phosphate ion c. Phosphorusandadenosinemonophosphate d. Phosphorusandadenine molecules 2. All the followingare associatedwiththe processof glycolysisexcept: a. Glucose isbrokendownto pyruvicacid b. ATP mustbe suppliedtothe process c. There isa netgainof twoATP molecules d. Citricacid isan importantcomponentof the process 3. Glycolysisisconsideredananaerobicprocessbecause: a. Oxygenisnotinvolvedinthe process b. No energyisreleasedduringthe process c. Pyruvicacidis notproducedduringthe process d. Enzymesare not usedduringthe process 4. All the reactionsof the Krebscycle are: a. Catalyzedbyenzymes b. Foundinthe cytoplasm c. Dependentonaninputof ATP d. Accomplishedwithinthe lysosome 5. Duringthe Krebscycle the carbon atoms originallyinglucosemoleculesare releasedas: a. Glycogenmolecules b. Carbondioxide molecules c. FAD molecules d. Electrons 6. Oxygenatomsserve inthe processof cellularrespirationas: a. Producersof carbon dioxide b. Coenzymesandcofactors c. Sourcesof NAD molecules d. Final electronacceptors 7. In the processof gluconeogenesis: a. Glucose moleculesare formedfromaminoacids b. Glycogenmoleculesare formedfromglucose c. Glycogenmoleculesare brokendowntorelease glucose d. Glycogenmoleculesare brokendownandfatsare synthesized
  2. 2. 8. The hormone insulinisessentialforthe propermetabolismof: a. Aminoacidsinthe cell b. Fat moleculesinthe liver c. Glucose moleculesintissue cells d. Sodiumandpotassiumionsinnerve cells 9. The hormonesepinephrine,humangrowthhormone,glycogen, andinsulinall have aneffecton: a. Fat metabolism b. The transport of vitaminA c. The productionof waterin the Krebscycle d. The absorptionof sodiuminthe kidney 10. To be utilizedforenergymetabolism, anaminoacidmustbe changedby: a. Addinganadditional acid group b. Addinganadditional calciumatom c. Removinganaminogroup d. Removingitscoenzyme portion B. Fill the blankwiththe correctanswer. 11. Whena cell needsenergy,itutilizesasan immediateenergysource amoleculecalled…. 12. The central carbohydrate available tothe bodyforenergyis….. 13. Duringthe processof cellularrespiration,one of the productsgivenoff asawaste product isthe gas …. 14. The gas that is usedas the acceptorof electronsis…. 15. Because the processof glycolysisdoesnotinvolve oxygen,the processisconsideredtobe….