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Smart Krishi mobile app

Presentation on Nepal's no.1 mobile application "Smart Krishi"

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Smart Krishi mobile app

  1. 1. Smart कृ षि व्यवसाययक कृ षिमा नौलो आयाम!!! “Empowerment of professional Nepali agriculture with smartphone technology…..” मोबाइल एप
  2. 2. Why Agriculture?  Potential of agricultural growth to reduce poverty is four times greater than any other sector(UNDP survey, world bank).  Poverty is a multidimensional phenomenon and lack of access to information and communication can exacerbate its causes.  Effective agricultural extension system improves productivity by helping them to use of resources.  Feeding global population(approx. 9 billion in 2050) will require 70% increase in overall food production, smallholder agriculture – plays a much more effective role.
  3. 3. Existing problems  Nearly 5 million abled youths are out of country for foreign employment. 2 millions in last five years.  Relying on a patchy network (local middlemen, a handful of progressive farmers, and local shop owners) to get solution of critical problems which have impact on their decision making.  Social Pressure, because agriculture sector is still regarded as a profession of uneducated people.  Access to the financial opportunity/subsidy for a start-ups.  Inefficient weather forecasting mechanism.  Lack of marketing/post harvesting/processing knowledge.
  4. 4. Virtuous Circle of mobile and agriculture  Accessibility: Mobile wireless networks are expanding as technical and financial innovations widen coverage to more areas. (80 lakh people uses internet(NTA). Ncell has coverage among 90% of population and NTC has coverage across the country which includes data as well.)  Affordability: Prepaid connectivity and inexpensive devices, often available second hand, make mobile phones far cheaper than alternatives. (JiaYu G2F: 4.3inch touch screen, 3G, Wi Fi, GPS, 8mp camera. Launched May 2014 Cost US$81.)
  5. 5.  Appliances: Mobile phones are constantly increasing in sophistication and ease of use. Innovations arrive through traditional trickle-down effects from expensive models. At the relentless pace of Moore’s law, summer 2019 cost of same specs of what was considered superphone in 2010 would be $10 (including marketing & profit)  Applications: Applications and services using mobile phones range from simple text messaging services to increasingly advanced software applications that provide both livelihood improvements and real-time public services.
  6. 6. Opportunity  Many NGOs/INGOs has provided their extension staffs a smartphone(AMIS, SU-AAHARA).  Peoples from other sectors are investing their time and money in agriculture as a part time income source.  Foreign returnee have started to involve in agriculture sector.  There is lot more for people in urban areas as well who can be our users (updated market price information, vegetable shopping, library section, parikaar book, beauty and health tips, agricultural data).
  7. 7. Main Features of our app
  8. 8. 1. ब्यबसाययक कृ षि:  Priority will be on “high value low product” items.
  9. 9. २. बजार भाउ तरकारी फलफु ल मासुजन्य पदार्थ खाद्यान्न
  10. 10. समाचार/सफलताका कर्ाहरु >>News from various media and online portals. >>Success and failure stories.
  11. 11. कृ षि लाईब्रेरी >>Feeds production techniques.(घााँस खेयत प्रबबधि, घरेलु रुपमै दाना बनाउने प्रबबधि). >>Nutritious benefits of different seasonal vegetables and fruits >>What to eat and not to eat in different diseases >>Beauty and healthy tips(eg: महहनाबारीको षपडा कम गने घरेलु उपायहरु). >>Step wise detail of many recipes which can be made in home.(नान रोटी बनाउने, आाँपको मुरब्बा, लप्सीको अचार) >>Agricultural data(yearly updated, 2011 census).
  12. 12. ककन-बेच >>Buy sell agricultural commodities large quantity. >>agro tools >>agro farm. Future planning: >online vegetable/fruit shopping
  13. 13. सहयोग गने संस्र्ाहरु >>जजल्ला कृ षि बबकाश कायाथलय >>जजल्ला पशु सेवा कायाथलय >>कृ षिमा काम गने सरकारी तर्ा गैरसरकारी संस्र्ाहरु >>कृ षि बबकाश मन्रालय अन्तगथतका शाखा/महाशाखाहरु >>कृ षि बबभाग अन्तगथतका कायाथलय/आयोजनाहरु >>क्षरीय स्तरका ताललमके न्रहरु, प्रयोगशालाहरु, यनदेशनालयहरु >>पशु सेवा बबभाग अन्तगथतका प्रयोगशालाहरु, यनदेशनालयहरु >>नेपाल कृ षि अनुसन्िान पररिद अन्तगथतका कायथक्रम तर्ा के न्रहरु >>कृ षि साँग सम्बजन्ित बोडथ/संस्र्ान/कम्पनी/सलमयतहरु >>कृ षि सामग्री कम्पनी लललमटेड अन्तगथतका यनकायहरु >>कृ षि फामथहरु
  14. 14. एग्रो भेटहरु  Agro vet contact details from all over the Nepal. Future plan: Google map integration
  15. 15. कृ षि ताललम,रोजगारी र प्रदशथनी  Agriculture related jobs whether it is for graduates or a farmers(ngo/ingos/government level/private organizations).  Agricultural exhibitions and festivals.  Training and workshop related notifications (government and private level).
  16. 16. कृ िक संजाल  This will be introduced after 2-3000 daily users, and facilitated for subscribed users.  A large community of agro experts, students, scientists, agro tool traders, commodity traders.  One can post any queries, and others can comment in that post, rating will be provided on comments based on effectiveness reviewed by our expert panel.  One do not need scientist from NAARC, experienced farmers can help to solve their problems.
  17. 17. Operation and future plans Promotion:  Social media platform, blogs, online media,  Print media, local radio station.  Promotion in different agriculture and veterinary colleges.  Different exhibitions, seminars etc.
  18. 18. Future plans:  Launch our app available in IOS platform as well.  SMS subscription facilities for normal phone users on any particular farming.  Weather forecasting facilities provided by government sources.  Partnership with different national and international stakeholders.  Make data free for subscriber in collaboration with NCELL.
  19. 19. Revenue Source MIS Service for NGOs/INGOs. Subscription charges(after one year time) SMS subscription facilities. Agro tool ads. Google ads
  20. 20. Contact us at: Reach us at:
  21. 21. Thank you!! Any questions/suggestions???