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Learn English From Chinese - Hospital

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Hospital Parts of a hospital, people, sicknesses, conversations
  2. 2. Departments/Wards • There are many departments in a hospital. • Departments are also called wards. • The place where a department is is called a wing. • Where is the Radiology wing? • What are the departments in your hospital?
  3. 3. Different departments, different fields of study y1.htm
  4. 4. Emergencies People go to the hospital because of emergencies. There are many types of emergencies. Can you name some types of emergencies?
  5. 5. A. Be injured/hurt B. Be unconscious C. Be in shock D. Have a heart attack E. Have an allergic reaction F. Get an electric shock G. Get frostbite H. Burn yourself I. Drown J. Swallow poison K. Overdose L. Choke M. Bleed/get cut N. Can’t breathe O. Fall P. Break a bone
  6. 6. How can you help a patient who… • burnt themselves? • swallowed poison? • is bleeding? • has frostbite?
  7. 7. Hospital Verbs • start an IV/drip • look at an MRI scan • take blood pressure • give a shot • explain a problem • listen to lungs/heart • check ears • bandage • write in a chart • pay the bill • take the patient to… • check eyes • take a temperature • take a pulse • prep for surgery • operate
  8. 8. Look at the flashcards! ash.pdf Look at the flashcards on this website and match them with the Hospital Verbs on the previous slide.
  9. 9. Write a story Think about an emergency in your life or in your mother, sister, brother, father, friend’s life. What happened? Did you/they go to the hospital? How did the story end? Write, then tell your partner the story. Remember: past tense verbs take took
  10. 10. end.