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What's happening in H2O & Steam - Bill Gallmeister


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Bill Gallmeister, VP of Engineering at, shows what's latest and greatest in H2O & Steam and shares the roadmap.

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What's happening in H2O & Steam - Bill Gallmeister

  1. 1. CONFIDENTIAL Bill Gallmeister October 26th, 2016 What’s Happening in H2O and Steam?
  2. 2. H2O Available Now: • MOJO (bigger, faster POJOs) • SSL for secure connections • Partial Dependence Plots to help in Feature Selection • K-Means Improvements for more Precise clustering • Generally better solutions • Automatic K calculation • Automatic centroid initialization • Reproducible results • Parquet and JDBC Support Coming Up: • Deep Water • AutoML • GLRM improvements (MOJO, Performance)
  3. 3. H2O GBM Performance With the usual caveats, of course: dataset matters, as do configuration parameters
  4. 4. Steam First Released 9/16: AGPL and Commercial Licenses available Available Now: • YARN Launch • Cluster Connect • MOJO Support • Deep Water Support Coming Up: • AutoML • Sparkling Water Support • Enterprise Security Integrations
  5. 5. Deep Water Tensorflow & Mxnet & Caffe & H2O Deep Learning
  6. 6. Sparkling Water Available Now: • Spark 2.0 Support • Sparkling • Support of Spark DataSets • Spark Query Optimization • we can now benefit from Spark optimizer and fetch only a subset of H2OFrame Coming Up: • Improved Robustness via JVM separation