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Steam - Bill Gallmeister, Magnus Stensmo


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STEAM streamlines the entire process of building smart applications by providing a single turnkey solution that packages all underlying components into one easy-to-deploy piece of technology. Elastic computing to allow data scientists to train on massive datasets on expandable clusters. Model management to share, collaborate and compare different model metrics. Streamline the entire process by providing an integrated hub that packages all underlying components into one easy-to-deploy piece of technology. #h2ony

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Steam - Bill Gallmeister, Magnus Stensmo

  1. 1. CONFIDENTIAL Bill Gallmeister Magnus Stensmo July 19, 2016 steam
  2. 2. Steam: Data Science hub to BUILD and SCALE Smart Data Products A collaborative environment that brings data scientists, DevOps, and developers together by providing an end-to-end workflow for operationalizing models Improve: • Collaboration between Data Scientists: model library, leaderboard, and comparisons • Resource Utilization: Cluster management and usage monitoring • Deployment of chosen models Let Data Scientists be Data Scientists!
  3. 3. Steam Alpha available NOW • ElasticML for Cluster management • Deployment automation: REST API, bulk, in-app • Model library • Steam Beta: 8/10 • Project-based model collaboration • Model leaderboard and comparison Roadmap • Simplified model creation • ElasticML Cluster usage monitoring • ElasticML Additional Cluster management and Deployment options • Enhanced Model Leaderboard and Visualizations
  4. 4. Demo