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Making of R2D3 - Tony Chu


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We'll look under the hood of R2D3, a project aimed at giving people without a technical background a sense of what machine learning is. R2D3 received a Vizzie from the National Science Foundation. The project was also an honoree in the 2016 Webby Awards.

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Making of R2D3 - Tony Chu

  1. 1. CONFIDENTIAL Tony Chu July 19, 2016 Making of R2D3
  2. 2. Talking Heads
  3. 3. +gain Surprise Delight Order Coherence - drain Time Clutter Confusion Decisions
  4. 4. Graphic Design is the use of space to control time. Time as in the experience of time, i.e. attention. – Barbara de Wilde (@badeWilde)
  5. 5. Look Look here, Then here, No explicit instruction required You still got here. This design leverages graphical conventions.
  6. 6. Talking Heads