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H2O Open New York - Keynote, Sri Ambati, CEO


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Keynote for H2O first Community Event for AI
Open Source Cancer and Open Source Health Data.

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H2O Open New York - Keynote, Sri Ambati, CEO

  1. 1. What is your Company’s AI strategy? @srisatish
  2. 2. Data sanskrit. plural of datum. to give. to impact with energy. mineral rich in energy. Transformation
  3. 3. 2016 2022 Discover your Competition! Code is a Commodity! Value of Data Products Software is eating your world!Verticals
  4. 4. Verticalisthenewhorizontal!
  5. 5. 2016 2022 Data Products Community Value of Data Products Vertical is the new horizontal! Brand data ecosystems & alliances Dataistheonlyvertical
  6. 6. Nurture Community love with beautiful data products!
  7. 7. Shift focus from internal to the external Value from Product to Ecosystem
  8. 8. AI is eating Software!
  9. 9. From: Rule-based Applications To: AI based Data Products
  10. 10. Anecdotal Data Driven Team WorkRock Stars 2016 How do we incentivize Team Sport?
  11. 11. Data is a Team Sport!
  12. 12. Data is a Team Sport! Algorithms Data Design Business Apps Domain
  13. 13. Platform for Data Products Steam Model Management. Scoring Services Deployment. Governance.
  14. 14. Data Dependencies cost more than C0de Dependencies Data Products need new Tools! ML pipeline jungles. Configuration Debt Tracing, Instrumentation A changin’ world makes data products unstable
  15. 15. Best-in Class Open Source Deep Learning DeepWater
  16. 16. Best-in Class Open Source Deep Learning DeepWater Using TensorFlow, Caffe, mxnet, H2O… Please join our team for #unconference
  17. 17. Interpretation of models just as valuable as Accuracy Visual Intelligence Story Telling is a uniquely human endeavor. AI has a couple of futures. Immersive Intelligence.
  18. 18. B U L K & S T R E A M I N G Platform for Data Sparkling Water
  19. 19. Design Patterns for Smarter Applications Web Application / Tomcat REST-API Storm bolts over Kafka Python / Java Node.js / React JSON / REST-API AWS Lambda/RDS JSON / REST-API Standard Data Product Virtuous Cycle of User Interaction Data Product User Interaction Data
  20. 20. Data Product and Smart Applications! Listen Learn, not Rule Rules On Data UX Learn From Data Design API API Design API Design API Design learn MicroServices feedback loops Cloud Native
  21. 21. Data is the new Clay!
  22. 22. Fastest Data Prep. 10 B row. Joins. Filters and Group By. Curating Right Data. Domain Experiences Data Alliances and Data Products
  23. 23. Culture is your co-founder Startups are team sports!
  24. 24. H2O team: 6% black 42% women yes, we are hiring! Be the Change
  25. 25. Why make one CEO when you can make 10?
  26. 26. Inspire 10 great women CEOs from H2O. change will come in spades.
  27. 27. Every generation needs to fight its revolution!
  28. 28. 40,000 fMRI studies invalidated due to a BUG in software. Open Source and Data is the path
  29. 29. Open Source - defense of the Community with product Its Pull not Push! PR means Pull Request! Freedom not Free.
  30. 30. Open Source Cancer Diagnostics Ecosystem.
  31. 31. Open Source Cancer Diagnostics Ecosystem. Imaging. Ultrasound. Breast and Pancreatic Cancer. Radiologists, Oncologists, Hospitals, Data Scientists. Engineers. World-wide. Consumerize Data.
  32. 32. Open Source Cancer Diagnostics Ecosystem. Open Source Health Diagnostics Open Data Ecosystems.
  33. 33. Power law of Networks Data Product User Interaction Data 1 idea 2 ideas 3 ideas 4 ideas 6 ideas Infinite Ideas
  34. 34. partner. build ecosystems. Raise a forest, not just a tree!
  35. 35. Time is the only non-renewable resource!
  36. 36. algorithm + data = business
  37. 37. algorithm + data + people = business transformation
  38. 38. Business Transformation Units CTO Design Thinker Data Engineer Data Scientist DevOps & Cloud Financial Wiz Program Mgr Marketing Salesmanship Dreamer Domain Scientist IRR Business Process
  39. 39. H2O is movement bringing open source AI to Business. culture of data leads transformation
  40. 40. H 2 O C O M M U N I T Y & A D O P T I O N C O M PA N I E S 1/14 7/14 1/15 1/16 5,000 1,800 600 35 7,000 7/16
  41. 41. We’re hiring!
  42. 42. THANK YOU
  43. 43. Data sanskrit. plural of datum. to give. to impact with energy. mineral rich in energy. Transformation
  44. 44. We shall not cease from exploration, And the end of all our exploring Will be to arrive where we started And know the place for the first time. T. S. Eliot said that.
  45. 45. I’ll let you be in my dreams if I can be in yours. bob dylan said that.