Getting Social: A Crucial Investment


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With such a saturated market, there's never been more reason to get online! Find out why it pays to be social and discover tips on how to get the most from your media. Out of the Box Marketing offers tactics and strategy that will get you noticed and ready to join the conversation!

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Getting Social: A Crucial Investment

  2. 2. Going Social Are you beginning to see the many ways, in which having an online presence will ultimately affect your marketing endeavors? Think of it this way, in order to see a return on investment, customers wish to see a return on emotion. That is, your relationship with your customers can not be asymmetric. In order for your customers to be loyal to your brand, you have to reward, acknowledge and engage them! Social Media can help create the conversation with your customer and Online/Email Marketing can help to show your appreciation and keep your brand at the forefront of their thoughts!Social Media and Online Marketing: A new way of marketingyour business? Absolutely! Traditional methods of marketing What is our stand on the entire matter? Out of the Box utilizesare still relevant; however, it is no longer enough to rely solely a holistic approach to your marketing efforts. We help toon these techniques. Social media and online/email Marketing make sure you have a well defined brand and clear message.infiltrates and touches every dimension of the marketing world, It doesn’t stop there, however. Having a well-brandedand we are going to explain exactly why that could not be truer. message and pushing it through various mediums is no longerThe truth of the matter is, with the growing popularity of DVR and adequate. With us, we will take your brand beyond this pointSatellite radio, consumers are now skipping over commercials and and take advantage of best practices sure to optimize yourare conversing about your business through social avenues, such marketing efforts. Approaching traditional marketing withas Facebook and Twitter. Word of mouth is the greatest influence on fresh, unconventional ideas and coupling these efforts withyour brand and its perception, and consumers are most definitely a unique and compelling social media and online marketingtalking! The key to marketing success is to get in on the conversation! campaign is exactly how we will help your business maintainAs a business owner, could you imagine being able to listen in on its distinctive position within the marketplace. The landscapeevery conversation that exists about your product or service? How of social media and online marketing is ever changing and weabout being able to monitor the conversation and perhaps do a bit will make sure your business is in the position to evolve with it!of damage control or intervention? Having this ability is obviouslya critical asset to any business, and the wonderful thing about it The ultimate solutions to problems are rational; theis, it actually exists. We call it analytics! In a world where you are process of finding them is notnot the only contributor of your brand perception, it is important W.Gordonto define your message before someone else does it for you.
  3. 3. The Social Landscape "YOU CANT AFFORD TO BE ANTI-SOCIAL"
  4. 4. General social media statistics 2012 On average in one year, we will share 415 pieces of content on Facebook,well spend an average of about 23 minutes a day on Twitter, tweeting a totalof around 15,795 tweets, well check in 563 times on Foursquare, upload 196hours of video on YouTube, and send countless emails Social networking is still the fastest-growing active social media behavioronline, increasing from 36% of global Internet users to 59% managing theirprofile on a monthly basis by the end of 2011 This is followed by updating a microblog (e.g. Twitter), which increased from13% to 24%, and uploading video which increased from 21% to 27%. Monthlyforum contribution declined significantly from 38% to 32%, while blog-writingstagnated at 27%. There are now over 2.8 billion social media profiles, representing around halfof all internet users worldwide. There are 70 million WordPress blogs worldwide There are 39 million Tumblr blogs worldwideSocial Media statistics for Businesses 2012• 36% of social media users post brand-related content 2 out of 3 social media users believe Twitter influences purchases 50% of people follow brands in social media 75% of companies now use Twitter as a marketing channel 60% of employees would like help from employers to share relevant content 40% of companies admit to having no training or governance of social media 41 percent of the class of 2011 used social media in their job search 38% of CEOs label social media a high priority, and 57% of businesses plan tohike their social media spend in 2012 One in three small businesses are now using social media 89 percent of agencies said they would use Facebook to advertise for theirclients in 2012- either by purchasing ads, creating pages, or other methods ofengagement 39% of agencies said they would focus on Twitter, 36% YouTube, 21% LinkedInand 18% Google+ Posts from Facebook pages with 10,000 fans reach 30 percent to 40 percentof their fans, posts from pages with 100,000 fans reach 20 percent to 30percent of their fans and posts from pages with 1,000,000 or more fans reach10 percent of their fans
  5. 5. You Tube Statistcs 2012 One hour of video is uploaded to YouTube every second- thats 24 hours of video every 24 seconds, 60 hours a Facebook statistics 2012 minute, 9 months every 2 hours, a decade every single day and a century every 10 days There are over one billion facebook posts per day YouTube sees four billion video views globally every day A new study from Edgerank Checker suggests that the average lifetime for a Facebook post is only three hours Facebook has 845 million active users There are 2.7 billion likes/comments per day Facebook has reached 100 billion friendships There are 250 million photos uploaded each day Mobile Statistcs 2012 There are more iPhones sold per day (402k) than people born in the World per day (300k) Users accessing the web through mobile devices has almostTwitter Statistics 2012 doubled every year since 2009 Global internet usage through mobile devices rose to 8.5% at There are over 465 million Twitter accounts the end of 2011 (from 4.3%) Twitter is growing at a rate of 11 accounts per second Mobile advertising is exploding-during Q4 2011, mobile On a busy day, twitter sees about 175 million tweets advertising was up 39% The US has 107.7 million Twitter accounts, Brazil has 33.3 million and Japan 29.9 million. This means that the US represents 28.1 percent of all Twitter users. The Netherlands is the most active country on Twitter 33% of accounts located in the Netherlands posted at least one publicly visible tweet between September 1 2011 and November 30 2011- Japan was second with 30%, Spain third with 29% and the US made a four-way tie with Indonesia, Cenezuela and Canada at 28%. The global average of accounts that are active (or those that have tweeted at least once in three months) is only 27%- which would indicate that less than a third of Twitters total accounts actually actively use the service 30% of twitter users have an income over $100,000
  7. 7. Why Social Media?INCREASE YOUR CUSTOMER CONVERSIONAround 35% of consumers want to look at businesss Facebook, Twitter and LinkedInprofiles before buying any product or service. Of those, a massive 70% said theywouldnt deal with a new company if they didnt have a social media presence.GREAT FOR CUSTOMER RETENTIONIt is well known that very few customers buy the first time they see, and gettingcustomers to sign up to a newsletter on a first visit is extremely difficult. However,directing customers to your Facebook and Twitter pages provide an easy option forthem to follow your business, and you can update a greater audience with yourspecial offers and new products.FANTASTIC FOR CUSTOMER SERVICEPeople spend so much time on social media sites that it is often a preferred methodof communication for engaging with businesses. Getting a customer talking can bekey to making a sale, and the more open you are to engagement the higher your salesconversion rates can be.ITS GREAT FOR YOUR SEOThe more pages and links you have into your business website the higher it will rankon Google and other search engines. Having pages on facebook, twitter and LinkedInare a great way for you to control routes to your service.ITS TOO BIG TO IGNOREThats right, everyone else is on it so you need to protect your brand. Many businesseswill at some point have dealt with corporate espionage. Plan ahead and plant yourflag. Online social space is valuable territory.Why Online/Email Marketing?JUST ONE CLICK OF THE MOUSE!All of your clients are available in one centraldatabase easily accessed from anywhere. Stay in touch with your clients and letthem know what youre up to.SAVE THE TREES!The wonderful thing about the world wide web is its paperless,which means that you get to save on all of those printing and mailing costs.Throw away the stamps and with a simple push of the button, send a newsletter,invitation or invite to every contact youve ever made.MEASURING FOR SUCCESS!All results are easily measured! See your returnon investment. Online/Email marketing allows you to see who views yournewsletters and track where you acquire the most clients and which marketsare most profitable.MEET SOMEONE NEW!The wonderful thing about online marketing is it notonly links you with current clients but also connects you with potential clientsabsolutely free.BUILD YOUR BRAND!Keep your clients informed about all thats happening withyour company as well as your community. Through use of effective marketing,you can keep your brand and identity a fresh thought among all of your clients
  8. 8. Getting the Most "YOU CANT AFFORD TO BE ANTI-SOCIAL"
  9. 9. Social Media TipsBECOME AN EXPERTIn the digital realm, brands significantly lack credibility. Be educated on whatyou choose to contribute to the social world and establish yourself as anexpert so that your brand may become a trusted source.DEVELOP YOUR OWN SOCIAL VOICEBe genuine and be transparent. Do not hire anyone to post positive thingsabout your brand or try to trick the audience. Speak in your own voice byshowing your passion for what you do.ADD VALUEGive an incentive for people to want to listen to what you have to say byhaving something to offer. Suggest, tips and tricks of the trade and do notover saturate the social realm with sales pitches and marketing for yourproduct or service. No one wants to be solicited all the time.FOLLOW A SUCCESSFUL BRANDfollow a popular brand like Dell or Best Buy, in order to see how they get themost from social media. Pay attention to how they engage their audience, tothe type of incentives they offer and how they drive traffic to their sites.HAVE A CONVERSATIONA conversation is a two-way street. Therefore, make sure to respond to postsand other UGC (user generated content). Retweet information that you findvalid and useful to your own audience. Become a part of the social culture bytruly engaging potential clients.BE CONSISTENTMake sure that you post during effective times and be careful not tooversaturate the social arena. Do not allow days to go by without posting ortweeting. This reflects negatively on your brand within the social realmDONT BE AFRAIDDo not be afraid to ask for followers, or ask for someone to retweet or repostsomething that you have added. People tend to respond positively to a call toaction.HAVE FUN!!!!.
  10. 10. How We Operate "YOU CANT AFFORD TO BE ANTI-SOCIAL"
  11. 11. Why Out of the Box We KEEP YOU CURRENT with the latest social media trends to maximize your online presence. Campaigns/Projects Youll ENJOY EFFECTIVE MARKETING at competitive rates. Tweets/Posts/Blogs Educational: Tips, etc. We KEEP YOU CONNECTED to your clients with constant contact methods and dynamic interactive marketing techniques. TENT CREATION CON Take the time to RESEARCH YOUR CUSTOMER BASE to maximize your marketing efforts. ENGAGE YOUR CLIENTS with direct, informative, fun, and interactive marketing techniques. W E DI We take a HOLISTIC APPROACH to marketing and will make sure that yourContests/Incentives2-Way conversation WE ENGAGE Events Email/Database Social Media brand is marketed appropriately in an effort to maximize brand awareness and brand loyalty.Polls/Surveys STIBUTE You gain a FULL SERVICE MARKETING TEAM to add to your company Provide you with template-free solutions CUSTOMIZED SPECIFICALLY FOR YOUR BUSINESS and industry to set you apart from your competition We truly CARE about your business and build life-long relationships. WE MEASURE Social Listening/Analytics: positioning/Reach Comprehensive Report of all findings
  12. 12. Guidelines "YOU CANT AFFORD TO BE ANTI-SOCIAL"
  13. 13. Social Media GuidelinesWhile partnering with Out Of The Box, in an effort to provide a successfulmarketing campaign, please keep om mind that your actions, content andwriting are a reflection of yourself as well as Out Of The Box. Here are somegeneral guidelines that will help make your social media campaign a success!When adding or editing content on your accounts, please remember to protectconfidential and proprietary information. Please do not refer to OOTB asan employer or employee or express any affiliations that are not previouslyagreed upon..As a tip, try and be authentic and use your natural voice in order to reach yourclients on a more personal level.Try not to use offensive language, derogatory comments, ethnic slurs, or evenpost or comment on extreme views that could impact your clients perceptionof you or your business. As a tip, this is a general rule of thumb for personalaccounts also, as they tend to be linked to your business accounts.Make sure to site your sources when posting ideas, or content written bysomeone else.Try to only post effective information. Make your words count,Always double-check spelling and grammar. Remember, once you postsomething online, it will always be accessible, even if deleted.We ask that you please be polite, intelligent and conversational. We also askthat you do not in any way speak badly about Out Of The Box, complainabout our services, or anything that might defame us. In addition, as eachbusiness has different needs and requirements, all marketing plans arecustomized and are therefore different; as a result, we ask that you donot share our exact fees with others (as we would not want them to expectthe same rate). Nevertheless, if you wish to let people know about our qualityof work at affordable prices, that would be much appreciated. :)
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