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George bernard shaw


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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George bernard shaw

  1. 1. -In 1876 her parentsseparated.-In 1898 he married CharlottePayne-Towshend Irish.
  2. 2. Drama Novels Trials Music criticismMan andSuperman)(1902–1903)Immaturity (1879)Maxims forRevolutionists (1903)The PerfectWagnerite: ACommentary onthe NiblungsRing (1923The Six ofCalais (1934)The IrrationalKnot (1880)Common Senseabout theWar (1914)HeartbreakHouse (1919)Love among theArtists (1881)Preface to MajorBarbara (1905)(Fannys FirstPlay) (1911)An UnsocialSocialist (1883)How to Write aPopularPlay (1909)