All famous company profile v4.0 general - aug 20, 2013


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All famous company profile v4.0 general - aug 20, 2013

  1. 1. how we can help
  2. 2. social. vision a simple from. our clients create value help to
  3. 3. Social   Analy+cs   3   Social   CRM   2   Social   SEO   1   services our Build  and   manage  a   community   Show  them   you  are   listening   Nurture  and   convert  to   sales   Know  your   weaknesses   Keep  tabs  on   compe+tors   Take  ac+on   on  insights   Nurture  &   convert   Drive  web   traffic   Make  your   website  easy   to  find   Drive  traffic   to  your   website   Objec+ve   ROI is here! Get  traffic  on  your  site   Nurture  &  convert  fans   Knowledge  is  power   Convert   traffic  to   sales  
  4. 4. become more awesome. No  more  chea+ng.    We  help  you  deserve  your   traffic,  ranking  and  conversions,  by  making   everything  you  do  online  -­‐  awesome.     our  services  include:   ü  Social/Web/Mobile  Makeover   ü  Keyword  Management   ü  Blog  Management   ü  Social  Content  MarkeCng   ü  Social  Community  Engagement   ü  Paid  AdverCsing   Google killed SEO. social SEO? what is 42%  of  all  product/service  searches  result  in  a   purchase,  72%  of  which  are  made  online.   “now,  there  is  no  way  to  trick  the  system”   the  solu+on.   in 2012 the  problem.   Before,  companies  were  able  to  trick  Google  by  using  blackhat   techniques  like  keyword  stuffing,  poor  quality  backlinking  etc  
  5. 5. keywords are the lifeblood of any website. keywords. actively manage we  track  and  opCmize  keywords  that  your  customers  will  use  to  find  you.   SEO Tip: getting ranked with keywords takes time & effort, start now.
  6. 6. content is KING, but who has time to blog? contentstimulates 68%  of  all  Internet  users  read  online  reviews  or  blogs   our  team  of  creaCves  spit  out  compelling  content  that  engages   your  communiCes  and  builds  your  fan  base,  every  single  day.   we are a content machine. traffic services.  
  7. 7. social CRM? what is build. listen. nurture. Maintain  in+mate  social  +es  with   your  fans  through  sales  and  service   on  social  media.     Our  services  include:   ü  Social  Customer  Service   ü  Community  management   ü  Crisis  management   ü  Campaign  management   ü  Lead  generaCon  &  nurturing   ü  Conversion  tracking   42%  of  all  product/service  searches  result  in  a   purchase,  72%  of  which  are  made  online.   the  solu+on.   social makes it complicated to have a relationship with a customer the  problem.  
  8. 8. listening. social command the power of the social internet. 1. actionable insights & trends. 2. sales & service. 3. crisis & reputation. Stop  guessing  what  the  kids  think  is  popular  these  days,  just  listen.    We   create  targeted  content  that  addresses  an  actual  trend,  and  not  just   what  some  old  guy  in  a  suit  thinks  is  cool.   If  you  knew  a  customer  of  your  compeCtor  was  unhappy,  wouldn’t  it  be  cool   to  reach  out  and  say  “hello”?    We  listen  to  social  media,  news,  forums,  blogs   to  idenCfy  opportuniCes  to  connect  with  potenCal  or  exisCng  customers.   Brand  sen+ment  is  now  easily  measurable  through  social,  and  yes  it  has  a   dramaCc  impact  on  sales.    If  something  goes  wrong,  can  you  afford  not  to   clearly  understand  the  problem?  
  9. 9. nurture. build & 1. choose your channels. 2. make awesome content. 3. engage & convert. content is the currency of the internet. There  are  many  social  networks,  so  it  pays  to  start  with  the  most  popular   channel  for  your  target  market,  and  build  from  there.   Fans  need  to  get  value  from  your  content,  or  they  will  disengage  with   your  brand.    Promote  your  best  content  with  paid  adverCsing  to  get   more  reach.   What  is  the  point  of  geXng  a  like,  if  they  won’t  buy  from  you?    We  drive   social  traffic  to  your  website,  where  they  are  more  likely  to  convert.   Conversion  via  website  
  10. 10. analytics? what are social   information. Know  yourself,  know  your  customer   and  know  your  enemy.     Our  services  include:   ü  Digital  Health  Check   ü  Agency  Watchdog  Report   ü  CompeCtor  Scan   ü  Brand  Monitoring   ü  ROI  ReporCng   26%  of  small  businesses  hire  a  3rd  party  staCsCcs   provider  to  help  them  measure  social  media  ROI.   the  solu+on.   most marketers are flying blind of the internet. the  problem.  
  11. 11. ROI calculation   is easy.  
  12. 12. buy great traffic with targeted advertising. advertising. paid 44%  of  Australians  are  happy  to  see  ads  on  social  network   sites,  and  29%  someCmes  click  on  ads  to  find  out  more     Online  paid  adver+sing  is  a  sure-­‐fire   method  to  drive  genuine,  high  quality   traffic  to  your  website  or  social  pages.   services.  
  13. 13. Sales and Marketing Content Team UIX Team Community Team Digital Services Team Delivery Office Client     Servicing   Pitch   Team   Inbound   Mktg.   Social     Art   Social     WriCng   Blogging   MediaX   Content     Mgmt   Project   Mgrs   PMO   Designer   Developer   Mobile     (iOS)   Mobile     (Android)   Comm.   Mgrs   Service   Agents   Sales   Agents   AnalyCcs   Paid  Ad   Mgmt   Email   SoluCon   Arch.   Bus.   Analyst   sales   social. are built for operations our
  14. 14. Sean Stone Partner Pauline Pangan Founder Na+onality:  Australian     Responsibili+es:   Captaining  the  ship     Strengths:   15  years  of  solid  digital  markeCng   background     Na+onality:  Filipina,  trained  in   Singapore     Responsibili+es:   Sales  and  MarkeCng  &    PR     Strengths:   Sales,  MarkeCng,  PR   Na+onality:  New  Zealander     Responsibili+es:   SoluCons     Strengths:   Technology  architecture,  org  design,   social  strategy  and  soluCon  design.  In   love  with  social  media     (business brains) (the networker) leadership foreign (solutions guy) Robin Leonard Partner allfamous? why Paul Malicki Swedish (seo wizard) Na+onality:  Swedish     Responsibili+es:   Delivery,  Project  Management,  Results     Strengths:   Google  adwords  cerCfied,  digital   markeCng  expert    
  15. 15. {website  +  social  media}   {content  markeCng}   {content  markeCng}   {social  SEO}   {integrated  markeCng  +  social  CRM}   {social  media  markeCng}   {content  markeCng}   {online  adverCsing}   Allfamous? why {social  SEO}   check  out  our  online  poreolio:  hgp://­‐poreolio/   track record proven {social  SEO}  
  16. 16. Leading  mobile  apps  firm   specializing  in  mobile  financial   services  and  mCommerce   Cloud  plaeorm  for  Soiware  as  a   Service  (SaaS),  key  services  are  CRM,   recruitment,  ERP   Big  Data  Microsoi  pracCce   Offshore  business  incubaCon  and   Recruitment  Process  Outsourcing   Online  training  and  BPO  recruitment   portal   we belong to a family of multinational companies that enable us to deliver technology integrated solutions. Social  recruitment  portal,   recruitment  management  workflow   and  social  sharing  applicaCons   big family we are from a of tech companies.
  17. 17.   Questions? Pauline  Pangan   FOUNDER,  AllFamous  Digital           paulinepangan   pau_allfamous   +639199926870   Reach  out  to  me..