Music Magazine Case Study


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Music Magazine Case Study

  1. 1. Rock Sound
  2. 2. •Type/Focus of Magazine: Different types of Rockmusic (eg, Punk Rock, Pop Punk)•Target Audience: Teenagers/Young Adults•Publishing Company: Freeway Press Inc.•Editor: Ben Patashnik•Date of first Publication: 1999•Price: £3.99•Distribution: Widely available in shops such as WHSSmith’s and ASDA
  3. 3. Skylines – Runs across the top of Large bold masthead – Very the page and attracts the readers clear, easy to read. Over the to certain features. In this case model which is uncommon. the reader would see some more bands which are featured. Simple colour scheme – Grey background, Blues taken from Main coverline – Large capitals the model‟s shirt, Yellow cover with smaller capitals underneath.lines and White. Doesn‟t distract Tells the reader what is in the reader. magazine.Effective variety of fonts – More Cover Image – Medium close- important things are in bigger up, strong eye contact. Relates fonts which you will read first. to the main feature of the magazine.Coverlines to show you what is in Coverlines are to the side and the magazine eg “Funeral For A around the model which makes Friend”. the cover seem neat and organised. Anchorage text („Foo Fighters) – Relates to the main cover photo. Allows the reader to see what is in the magazine.
  4. 4. Quote from one of the features Simple colour scheme – so the reader has an idea of what White, Red, Grey, Black is on that page Neat organisation – Easy to find Page is layed out in 3 columns what you are looking for and with the pictures at the topthere isn‟t anything that looks out overlapping the columns slightly of place. – neat and organised Letter from the Editor is in a red Large photos to the top of the coloured speech bubble which page which shows some of the fits in with the colour scheme of features in the magazine. the page as a whole. Large page numbers in the Subheadings to the bottom of the„FEATURES‟ images so you can page are in a larger and different find the pages easily. coloured font – easy to read Page numbers to the bottom of Each category has a description the page are organised into so the reader has an idea of what sections like „The Noise‟ and is in the magazine as well as the „Exposure‟. features.
  5. 5. Columns separated by Joke captions which Large Pink Drop Down a White line which are used a lot in music Letter – Marks the Large photo in the adds some order to magazines. beginning of the article centre of the page the page. which attracts your attention. Pink graphic at the side of the page whichPink, White, Black, Pu makes it look like rple colours used – ripped paper. Appeals to a female audience Pictures are appropriate since the Pictures to the sides article is about the are placed in a band and their tour. collaged way –overlapping each other Page number and– alternative to placing magazine name to them in a simple indicate what page straight line you are on. Article written in a Studio shot of front white font which isman with a pull quote clear against the darktaken from the article. backdrop of the photo. Pull Quote is in two Main image of frontdifferent colours – Pink man stays to the left and White (feminine page and the article colours) stays to the right - Neat and organised
  6. 6. Kerrang!
  7. 7. •Type/Focus of Magazine: Different types ofRock music (eg, Punk Rock, Pop Punk)•Target Audience: Teenagers/Young Adults•Publishing Company: Bauer Media Group•Editor: James McMahon•Date of first Publication: 6 June 1981•Price: £2.20•Distribution: Widely available in shops such asWHS Smith’s and ASDA
  8. 8. Large bold masthead – Very Skylines – Runs across the top clear. Photo is over the title of the page and attracts the which is very common. readers to certain features. In this case the reader would see another article which is featured Effective variety of fonts – in the magazine. More important things are in bigger fonts which the reader would be drawn to first. Cover Image – Medium close- up, strong eye contact. Relates to the main feature. Coverlines to show you whatelse is in the magazine eg “The Pretty Reckless”. Coverlines are to the side and around the models which makes Main Coverlines – Show you the cover seem neat and what the main feature of the organised. magazine is. In this case, a studio report on Blink-182‟s Banners across the bottom of new album. the magazine. One whichAnchorage text („BLINK-182‟) – includes free posters and Relates to the main cover another lower down whichphoto. Allows the reader to see shows the reader some more what is in the magazine. bands which will be mentioned or featured in this issue.
  9. 9. Large masthead at the top with 4 different fonts – breaks up the issue number and cover the different parts of the page date. and makes it clearer for the reader. Simple colour scheme –Yellow, Black, White and Red. Subheadings to the bottom of the page are in a larger andLarge photo takes up the top of different coloured font – easy the image which would relate to read to the main feature of that issue. Two other features are Main contents cover image isover the top of the main photo in black and white which fits in in a collaged effect. with the colour scheme.Each article has a description Red puffs with the wordsso the reader knows what to „COVER STUFF‟ inside so that expect. the reader knows what articles were mentioned on the front Contents are organised into cover. four columns with another column for the editor‟s letter. Colour scheme fits in with the genre of music the magazineList of people down the side – focuses on.Who took the main cover photo and the contents photo. Advertisement for subscriptions to the side of the page. Grey lines serparating each column – neat and tidy.
  10. 10. „WORLD EXCLUSIVE‟ Smaller Large image of frontman – Makes the reader images of the – Medium shot - has the feel privileged as this other article isn‟t featured in largest picture because members of „A TEASER OF of his role in the band. WHAT‟S TO any other magazine. the band. „NEWS‟ – Tells COME‟ – Againthe reader what making the category this reader feelpage falls under privilegedand they include their website address which Article is in two will gain the columns – Neatmagazine some and Organised publicity. layout SimpleRed, Black, Whi te and Grey Masthead/Title of colour scheme the article is a– Fits in with the Pull Quote from genre of the the article. band. Images are in Another image ofBlack and White the lead singer –which fits in with Close Up „in the colour action‟ scheme. Images of the Joke captions band in the which are studio which linkscommonly used to the article as it in music is an interview magazines. with the band about their time in the studio.
  11. 11. Influence On My MagazineI will imitate some of the features of Rock Sound and Kerrang! in my magazine• A Medium Close Up shot on the front cover• A bold colour scheme relating to the article• 4 photographs on the contents page• 1 large image on the double page spread• 3 columns of 8pt text on dps• A large pull-quote in centre of page