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Case study fhb

  1. 1. CASE STUDYMERCHANT PROFILE CHALLENGEFascinating Halongbay Fascinating Halong Bay is a product of The impressive recent development of Viet SailWebsite: Viet Sail travel Co., Ltd, that provides a Travel Company as well as an increasing collection of more than 20 best-service demand from tourists for higher quality andMARKETS SERVED junk cruises in Halong bay. extended service cruises in Halong gave VietUS, Australia Sail the initiative to find an international outlet for their product.The Challenge The SolutionViet Sail, despite its establishment in 2008 and the tough market of Customized Solutiontravel agents, has had an impressive growth, which stems from a As a full-service E-commerce company, SmartOSC provided thenon-ceasing effort and a dynamic staff. Furthermore, there has complete service from Consultancy over E-design and IT develop-been an increase in the demand from travelers, especially foreign, ment to explore Halong bay with more luxurious and higher serviced • Step 1: Analyzed the current requirements, urgent needs andcruises. Therefore, Viet Sail needed a channel through which to set the priorities. In discussion with client, SmartOSC convincedpromote the beautiful Halong Bay and their high-end tours and to them to choose the feature-rich and flexible platform – Magento –meet the demand of, especially, the foreign tourists. Since target- for Fascinating Halong at high class customers and high serviced tours, Viet Sail • Step 2: Customized to give the e-store a more stylish andneeded a deluxe and powerful solution which can provide a professional look as well as adding user friendly features.luxurious and impressive design, smooth performance, excellent • Step 3: Developed features, optimized the performance andusability and wonderful shopping experiences. usability • Step 4: Once launched, created various marketing activities,"...Viet Sail needed a deluxe and powerful solution..." arranging the social media promotions as well as gradually adjusted SEO tools. Unit 401, CFM Building, 23 Lang Ha Street, Hanoi, Tel: (84-4) 3514 988 Email:, Web: http//
  2. 2. CASE STUDYCustomized MagentoTo keep the site running smoothly, SmartOSC has customized the Once the site was launched, marketing activities including campaigns,well-known Magento platform and added more features important newsletters, SEO, etc. have been operated to attract traffic to site.for the travel industry: After the targeted customers and targeted market are thoroughly - The online booking feature allowing the owner to offer a flexible analyzed, our marketing experts collected the suitable mail list, then booking system to meet customers’ needs created and sent periodical newsletters. Social media channels such - The smart navigation system helping the customers book tour as Facebook, Google Plus, forums also have been made use of to on any pages promote Fascinating Halong Bay brand name. Together with email - Different comparison tools to simplify visitors’ choice marketing and media campaign, SEO white hat activities such as key - Disqus global comment system to improve discussion on word audit, link building, link exchange, directory submission, etc websites and connect conversations across the web. were carried out to increase site’s traffic and revenue. - The large banner on home page to create the mood effects Thanks to the E-Commerce platform and the continuously added and impression features, the site has been running smoothly since launch. Together - A content management system (CMS) providing a collection of with marketing efforts such as Search Engine optimization, social procedures used to manage uploaded content media promotion, and email campaigns, the numbers of visitors have - Facebook and Twitter integration to increase the interaction steadily grown. More and more travelers all over the world use the with the visitors website to gain insight of Halong bay, and a good number of them - The blog integration to provide the visitors useful tips and hire their cruise through the Fascinating Halong Bay website. information on travelling in Halong. The client notes that: “The FHB team has done an excellent job with the establishment of a very professional website. The design as well as the functionality of the website is really great. I can be sure that everyone will be truly impressed when visiting our website” Dong Phuong – Viet Sail CEO About SmartOSC About FascinatingHalongbay SmartOSC is a leading E-commerce services provider. We Fascinating Halong Bay is a product of Viet Sail Travel company provide full packages from consultancy, web design to IT and developed quickly since being founded in 2010. Today it has development and e-marketing services. SmartOSC is dedicated a valuable collection of 20 best-service junk cruises classified into to delivering quality and driving growth for online business. 4 classes, each of which caters todifferent cruise styles. Our mission is to offer world-class e-commerce services to our customers in the quickest and most affordable way. Unit 401, CFM Building, 23 Lang Ha Street, Hanoi, Tel: (84-4) 3514 988 Email:, Web: http//