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Linkin Park digipak analysis


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Linkin Park Live In Texas Digipak Analysis

Published in: Education
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Linkin Park digipak analysis

  1. 1. L I n k I n P a r k – L I v e I n T e x a s Digipak Analysis
  2. 2. L A Y O U T The Digipak has a conventional layout as the front cover has the bands’ name and title of the gig ‘Live in Texas’ and the very back panel also has this, the track list, company credits and compatibility information. For Example the Warner Bros and DVD logos. The only thing in the form of the layout that is unconventional with this digipak is the fact that it has two disc panels either side of the track list when conventionally the disc would be central.
  3. 3. C O N T E N T This Digipak does conform to typical conventions regarding the content. For example a Digipak will typically offer something special to draw in fans to buy it rather than a digital copy. This will normally be a lyric booklet, poster or photograph leaflet of some sort. The ‘Live In Texas’ Digipak does exactly this by including a leaflet with live gig imagery. The booklet has multiple stylistic images of the Band playing live gigs. There are a lot of blurred photos in a various of shot sizes ranging from close ups to medium long shots. They are all successful with capturing the energy of the band the genre ‘Rock’ through the use of hand held camera work and conventions. For example there is a medium close up image of a band member mid action about to smash up a DJ turntable. Anger and energy are clear conventions of the rock genre that are re enforced in this content. The booklet also has a page dedicated to giving credits to people and companies/ institutions. The Digipak gives songs credits ‘Zomba Songs’ as well as photography credits ‘director of photography: Jim Hankinson’. The only unconventional thing about this Digipak is that it’s for a live show DVD as they are typically used for normal albums. The content of this Digipak definitely conforms to the typical conventions of a Digipak. It contains 1 disk, 1 booklet and has a very consistent theme on every piece of the product.
  4. 4. S T Y L E / D E S I G N / U S E O F C O L O U R The theme and design of this Digipak is extremely conventional of the rock genre and instantly recognisable. Firstly the colour scheme is mostly monochrome with use of red. Red in this context heavily connotes anger and violence, which is very significant and iconic to the rock genre. The black and whites wash out any other colour and have the effect of creating a moody emotional feel. The overall style this Digipak has is artistic and almost gothic. For example there are flicks of red, blacks and greys on every external panel. The very back panel also stylistically and abstractly portrays the crowd as a mess of colour flickers and dynamic shapes. The effect this gives is that the music is very stylistic and energetic. Lastly the design of the Digipak is very visual. This is due to there being so much live photographic imagery. This implies that the band are very much about the performing side of music as opposed to the details in producing music as such. For example the very front panel has a key image of a fist shooting up grabbing onto a microphone, this implies they prefer to focus on skills required to perform a live show.
  5. 5. A U D I E N C E A P P E A L Considering this is a Digipak for the Live show in Texas it will have a massive audience appeal as they will not only want a permanent memory of the Gig, it will be a bonus to receive the Gig imagery in the booklet. Also they have already engaged the target audience to come to the Gig in the first place. Their target audience might want even want this Digipak without even going to the gig purely for a visual and artistic documentation of one of their live shows. The target audience that typically like rock music will very quickly identify the genre through the imagery and colour scheme, they will then be further interested to see what the massive gig was like by the energetic and engaging imagery as pictured below.