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Domestic wiring

  1. 1. DOMESTIC WIRING Domestic wiring may be defined as: Wiring done in domestic premises (houses), for providing electrical power for lighting, fans and domestic appliances with all the safety precautions followed is called domestic wiring.
  2. 2. Factors Affecting The Choice Of Wiring • Durability: Type of wiring selected should conform to standard specifications, so that it is durable i.e. without being affected by weather conditions, fumes etc. • Electrical Safety: The wiring must provide safety against leakage, shock and fire hazards for the operating personnel. • Appearance: Electrical wiring should give an aesthetic appeal to the interiors. • Cost: It should not be prohibitively expensive i.e. the system chosen should depend upon the type of building and the purpose for which it is used, keeping economy in view.
  3. 3. • Accessibility: The switches and plug points provided should be accessible and there must be provision for further extension of the wiring system, if necessary. • Maintenance Cost: The maintenance cost should be minimum. • Mechanical Safety: The wiring must be protected against any mechanical damage.
  4. 4. 1. Introduction to 3- phase, 4-wire system 2. Service Mains 3. Meter Board and Distribution Boards 4. Concealed wiring 5. 2-way control lamp 6. 3-way Control Lamp 7. Fuses 8. MCB’s 9. Electric Shock 10. Earthing 11. RCCB