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Audience Profile


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Audience Profile

Published in: Education
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Audience Profile

  1. 1. Audience Profile DSE Media
  2. 2. Kiesza Kiesza produced the album love and released the sound from it called “hideaway”. This song is in the house style and is often played as a dance anthem. Throughout all the media the same hairstyle was used, this has name become a iconic image of her career. The use of the city is fed throughout her videos and digipaks especially her album art.
  3. 3. Demographics The target audience of her music is mainly urbanized teenagers aged 15-21. from the advanced technology and remixing of the song we know its aimed at modern and fashionable people. It is also aimed at them because its usually played in clubs. This means its aimed at a slightly higher class of “D” meaning they have low income job as well as “E” class people because they are usually the age group its aimed at.
  4. 4. Psychographics The psychographics for the target audience is that they most likely listen to this song for escapism and entertainment. We can see this from the dancing in everyday settings. We learn that they are Y.A.K.S and most likely listen to this for a dance tune. The fashion in the video shows off their body throughout, this will bring in males to watch the dancers causing they can escape. The video gives a feel of personal identification through the range of people that I used in the video, different ethnicities and fashions etc. The video also uses escapism by using an everyday relatable environment and making it out of the ordinary.
  5. 5. Route 94 The Route 94 video “my love” came out in 2014 and took the charts. The song was released into dance charts as well as into house charts. The song falls into the same genre as ours. The videos use of bright colours throughout the videos and album art is a common theme with this artist.
  6. 6. Demographics The demographics of this video is an audience that goes to a club so aimed more at the age range of 17-22 year olds. This is typically a “university” age. The video is aimed at an “E”/”D” social class as the video is based in surroundings they would know.
  7. 7. Psychographics The target audience psychographics for this video is escapism as they are reminded and taken back to a club or party they remember. Throughout the video love and people kissing is shown, which shows they are Y.A.K.S because they are single and keen, so kiss people in clubs. The video uses personal identification by setting the video in a place that is recognizable to the target audience. It also uses personal identification through experiences such as kissing, meeting new people etc. The use of escapism is used through the thermal imaging makes the shots more interesting and not modern day.
  8. 8. Avicii Avicii is known for his house music and interesting chose of base arrangement. The video ‘wake me up’ uses vintage themes and the use of modern day people, who are the outcasts. The Outcasts have a mark which is Avicii’s trademark It then shows them in a concert listening to Avicii’s music which relates to the picture of him on the front cover.
  9. 9. Demographics The demographics of this video is an audience that goes to a club and listen to the house and club music. This would be based on the of around 16-22. The video is based a “E” and “D” social classes as they would could relate to the club and nightclub environment, and would recognize the surroundings from famous films.
  10. 10. Psychographics The fashion used in the music video is very on trend this shows that the audience is fashionable and often into the “festival” fashion used in the majority of the video. As the main older girl is wondering round with her sister this suggests its for a “Y.A.K.S” type audience. The party life theme gives the sense of a rebellious nature and adventure, influencing the audiences mind and what they do. This video introudces personal identification because the audience can relate to the party themes going on within the video.