Toucan Party


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Sam W, Chelsea V., Maria M. Cassie P.

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Toucan Party

  1. 1. The Toucan Party YOU CAN WITH THE TOUCAN!
  2. 2. Mascot m
  3. 3. Platform Same-Sex Marriage: The toucan party is in favor of same-sex marriage. The rainbow colors of the toucan's beak represent the support for gay marriage. Global Warming: The toucan party takes a hard stance on fixing the environment, and fund the creation of hybrid cars and machines. Save the rain forests, so that the toucans can thrive. Immigration: The toucan party takes a hard stance on illegal immigrants and will come up with other ways for immigrants to easily gain citizenship.
  4. 4. Legislation Same Sex Marriage: A suggested constitutional amendment in which gay marriage would be allowed across the country. Global Warming: Each state will replace each citizen's car with a hybrid car, if the value of the current car is over $15,000 Immigration: Creation of the immigration board of review that will enforce current immigration laws that will also come up with ways to make illegal immigrants assimilate into legal citizens easier.
  5. 5. Candi date Name: Mellen DeGibson Background: Born January of 1958, grew up in a small southern town. Gender: Female Religion: Unaffiliated Race: Caucasion Education: Went to college in Australia, has strong foreign ties Work Experience: A long lifetime of leading the field of communications Political Ideology: Liberal, believes in limited government in terms of social actions, and a leading government when it comes to economy
  6. 6. Our candidate would be the best president to represent the Toucan party because... Commander in Chief- head military leader-much experience in gruesome battles Chief Executive-the highest ranking corporate administrator-directed an award winning movie so she knows organization and how to communicate with others. She knows what people like. Chief of State- chief public representative of political state- knows how to lead because she was once a host of a talk show. Chief Diplomat- conduct foreign policy and trade between countries- studied communications in college so she is a great communicator and she owns a production company with branches in the USA, Australia, and the UK.
  7. 7. Our candidate would be the best president to represent the Toucan party because... Chief Administrator-director of federal government- knows how to direct and organize others to reach a goal. Chief Legislator-the President's job is to give information to Congress via the State of the Union, to recommend measures for Congress to consider, and to sign or veto bills. Chief of Party-help members get elected and deliver speeches- talks on live television every day so she knows how to speak to others. Chief Citizen-representative of the people-gets along well with others and is a great speaker
  8. 8. Cabinet Defense - Robert Gates: reorganize military branches and improve them. He has sharp skills, winning political ways, and the benefit of continuity in wartime. Agriculture - Charles W. Stenholm: look over the farm and food programs to ensure that they are safe. Founded the Blue Dog Coalition, and is at one of the top agricultural lobbying firms. Health and Human Services - Tom Daschle: oversees Medicare, Medicaid, and the State Children's Health Insurance Program. He would improve White House health care. Homeland Security - Janet Napolitano: coordinates the activities of several different agencies that have jurisdiction over domestic security. Janet gained national prominence with a leading role in the immigration debate and she was the first governor to have the national guard station on the border of Mexico. Secretary of State - Hillary Clinton: supervises the formulation and execution of foreign policy and the activities of the government abroad. She holds progressive views on preserving energy and global warming.