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Employee Wellness Programs in 2014 Infographic

What should you know about Employee Wellness Programs in 2014 and Beyond? We've released an infographic, which provides an overview of the different types of wellness programs and their benefits, as well as a look at the trends among employers across the country regarding employee health and wellness.

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Employee Wellness Programs in 2014 Infographic

  1. 1. Health & Wellness in 2014 What You Should Know About Employee Wellness Programs Types of wellness programs: Wellness programs have been shown to: Activity-Only $ help control employer healthcare costs Participant must complete an activity or program related to a health factor to receive a reward vs. improve workforce health Outcome-Based reduce absenteeism increase employee morale Participant is rewarded for achieving/ maintaining a specific health outcome What specific wellness programs/services are companies currently offering their employees? Smoking cessation program ~ 44.9% Employee Assistance Program (EAP) ~ 69.4% Offer gym membership discounts or on-site exercise facilites ~ 54.6% Web-based resources for healthy living ~ 43.5% Flu shots or vaccinations ~ 74.5% Weight loss program ~ 38% How are companies working to promote positive health outcomes? 61% Offer at least one wellness program 43% 36.8% 28.3% Opportunity for health risk assessment Provide incentives/rewards for certain health-related tasks Biometric screening 26.9% 23.3% 4.5% Nothing at this time Offer at least one disease management program Other Where are companies in the process of exploring/adopting a healthy lifestyle incentive/program? Already Using ~ 43.9% Not Interested ~ 15.2% Considering for the Future ~ 22.6% Other ~ 2.6% Still Learning ~ 15.7% © Copyright 2014. Healthcare Trends Institute. Source: 2013 Healthcare Trends Benchmark Study Sponsored by Evolution1®