Internetics 2010


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Internetics is the Romanian festival that awards “online intelligence”. It will celebrate its 10th edition this year.

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Internetics 2010

  1. 1. Summary About Competition Structure The Numbers The Jury What others say about Internetics Short history in pictures Traditional partners Internetics Hot Spot The links The contacts The Institute
  2. 2. About Internetics is the Romanian festival that awards “online intelligence”. It will celebrate its 10 th edition this year. In 2009, Internetics reviewed its positioning and structure, to meet the online industry’s expectations. Internetics is now a festival that deals with online branding, marketing and advertising
  3. 3. Competition structure A. Sites, microsites and brand awarness blogs B.Best Use of 1. Best Use of Viral 1. Automotive products and services 2. Food & drinks 2. Best use of Advertising Games 3. Cosmetics, Toiletries, Pharmacy & Household 3. Best use of banners 4. Durables 4. Best use of E-mail marketing 5. Financial services 6. Travel & entertainment 5. Best use of Social Media 7. Retail & e-commerce 8. Media C. Interactive campaigns 9. Charity, public safety & health, politics 10. Corporate information 1. Automotive products and services 2. Food & drinks 3. Cosmetics, Toiletries, Pharmacy & Household 4. Durables 5. Financial services 6. Travel & entertainment 7. Retail & e-commerce 8. Media 9. Charity, public safety & health, politics 10. Corporate information
  4. 4. Trophies Internetics Festival awards Bronze, Silver and Golden Trophies for each section of categories A and C. The grand-prix of the Internetics Festival is the “Web Agency of the Year”, award that goes to the agency with the highest score in the competition. For each award, the agencies receive a certain score, directly proportional to the value of the trophy,. IAB Romania, a traditional partner of the festival, offers each year the distinction “Webvertiser of the Year” to the company with the most active and innovative online presence. Our sponsors, as Microsoft Romania, also offer special prizes for “Innovation” and “User Experience”.
  5. 5. The Numbers
  6. 6. Winners of the “Web Agency of the Year” title Webstyler (2002,2006,2007,2008) Edition Submissions Green Pixel (2001,2003,2004) 2001 350 2Fresh Design (2005) 2002 575 Fourhooks (2009) 2003 365 2004 300 2005 250 2006 475 2007 350 2008 250 2009 250
  7. 7. The Awarding Gala Gathers every year more than 1.000 guests.
  8. 8. Newsletter subscribers 80% are men 90% are aged between 20 and 40 Professional status - web developers, designers, project managers, creatives from web agencies, media specialists, advertising people
  9. 9. Internetics 2009 Participants at the Awarding Gala* 35% Women Men 65% *registered on our website: 301
  10. 10. Participants at the Awarding Gala, by profession* 60 48 Participants at the Awarding Gala, by profession* 50 42 40 30 27 27 25 19 19 18 20 13 13 10 9 10 8 6 5 4 0 *registered on our website: 301, internetics 2009
  11. 11. Internetics 2009 Agencies at the Awarding Gala* Local agencies Agencies part of a global network 11% 89% *registered on our website: 54
  12. 12. The Jury – past 3 editions Clients Alexandru Badut(Rompetrol), Bogdan Musat (Vodafone), Oana Solca (Romtelecom), Alexandru Costin (Adobe), Bogdan Toacse (Unilever), Costin Uzun (P&G), Daniel Ionescu (P&G), Marius Ghenea (PCfun & Fit Distribution), Mihai Barsan (SABMiller), Radu Apostolescu (eMAG), Sorin Dragulin (ABN AMRO), Harry Ioncica (SABMiller), Marian Chiraches (Wrigley Romania), Cristina Micu (ING), Natalia Stroe (Coca-Cola Romania), Eduard Croitoru (Dacia) Agencies Adrian Alexandrescu (Interactions), Bogdan Nitu (Webstyler), Dan Berte (MB Dragan), Dragos Novac (Krogos Software), Hartmut Kozok (Tribal DDB Hamburg), Ionut Oprea (Standout), Marius Dascalu (2Fresh), Radu Ionescu (Kinecto), Roxana Stoianovici (Green Pixel), Marius Deak (Green Pixel), Stefan Liute (Grapefruit)
  13. 13. The Jury – past 3 editions Publishers Orlando Nicoara (Apropo Media), Costin Radu (IQads), Mihai Seceleanu (InternetCorp), Constantin Ferseta (ex. neogen), Advertising people Adrian Botan (McCann Erickson), Daniel Gavrila (Glue), Mircea Gheorghe (Starcom), Razvan Matasel (Arsenoaiei & Matasel), Bogdan Branzas, Dan Petre (D&D Research), Entrepreneurs Bobby Voicu, Sergiu Biris (Trilulilu), Victor Kapra, Alin Zainescu, Cristian Manafu (Evensys)
  14. 14. They say...
  15. 15. Daniel Ionescu, P&G An extraordinary digital experience, managed by a great team and very passionate people. Congratulations! The jury is high quality, very well balanced, and I don’t mean just agency people vs. clients, but all of them are both marketing and technical skilled people. Carmen Sterian, Ogilvy “I perceived Internetics 2009 as a warning sign: Caution, half of Romania's population is online, the market settles. If until now we have learned and trained, from now on only the pros will be able to compete! If Internetics starts to award brains'n beauty, applying the efficiency recipe, we have an extra sign that we reached the serious starting point of this business .” Liliana Caimacan, Unilever "Internetics festival is important for the industry and it deserves appreciation for stimulating online creativity and efficiency."
  16. 16. Cosmin Pachiu, MediaPro Interactiv Games Internetics 2009 was a new experience, well shaped and organized. I felt great. Bogdan Branzas “Internetics competition this year was tough, much tougher than the previous ones and this is due to the standards that get higher and higher and to the expectations on efficiency and quality of the work, from all points of view."” Corin Chiriac, Senior Interactive Internetics must become the most popular interactive festival in Central and Eastern Europe, to turn into a special Golden Drum.
  17. 17. History in pictures
  18. 18. The traditional partners
  19. 19. Internetics Hot Spot Internetics organizes 4 times a year the Internetics Hot Spot meetings, which host topical issues related to online in general, and to the Internet industry in Romania in particular. Internetics Hot Spot approaches areas such as online publishing and online business, that are not the main focus of the traditional competition, which takes place once a year.
  20. 20. The links Facebook Photos on Flickr Victor Kapra’s blog
  21. 21. The contacts Alexandru Dinu, PR Executive – Anca Croitoriu, Communication Manager – Teodora Calin, Submissions Manager - Andreea Dragut, Competition Manager – Irina Florea, Business Manager –
  22. 22. The Institute The Institute is part of Millenium Communications, in charge with the management of the next projects and festivals: - AdPrint Festival – the only European festival dedicated exclusively to print advertising [ ] - Internetics – the only festival in Romania awarding the online efficiency, a branding, marketing and advertising online festival [ ] - The Civil Society Gala - a competition that aims to award the projects developed by the NGOs and to put in the spotlight the most important civic initiatives [ ] - ADOR Festival - the only complete festival of the Romanian advertising industry, awarding strategic and creative thinking in all media of communication [ ] - Effie Awards – The only award to recognize creative achievement in meeting and exceeding advertising objectives [ ] - ADC*RO Creative School - an educational program for young people who want to start a career in the advertising industry [ ]