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Pols 3620 tobacco trade


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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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Pols 3620 tobacco trade

  1. 1. Europe – GermanyChina – Hong KongThe United States
  2. 2.  The Smoking (Public Health) Ordinance Imported no person shall sell anycigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, or cigarettetobacco which contravenes the regulation onSale of Tobacco products Cigarette Packet Retail Container Price Maker and Price BoardResource:
  3. 3. Resource:
  4. 4. No Tobacco advertisement!in any Printed publicationsin Public placesin Filmon the InternetResource:
  5. 5.  Many US tobaccocompanies have a‘tradesurplus’, makingexportation easier. The low cost ofproduction makes thesurplus possible. In the US, there areonly six companiesthat control the entirecigarette market:1. Philip Morris (46.4%)2. Reynolds AmericanInc. (25.5%)3. Lorillard (12.3%)4. USA Gold; Sonoma;Montclair (15.8%)
  6. 6.  First piece came in 1964 which proposedbanning companies advertising theircigarettes as ‘healthy’. Put into law as the Federal Cigarette Labelingand Advertising Act of 1965. Next came the Comprehensive SmokingEducation Act of 1984. Family Smoking Prevention and TobaccoControl Act of 2009
  7. 7.  1967- Federal Communications uses ‘Fairness Doctrine’ togive equal weight to cigarette advertising and anti-smokingadvertising. Advertising banned in 1971. EPA releases report in 1993 which labels secondhand smokeas a known carcinogen. First report of its kind. First full-spectrum plan at reducing teen smoking implementedin 1996. In 2010, more thorough laws regarding labeling of cigarettesintroduced. In as of 2011, every US State and Wash., D.C. hasimplemented an excise tax on tobacco use.