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Ocala Harassment

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Ocala Harassment

  1. 1. Ocala HarassmentSexual Harassment Comes in Many FormsSexual harassment is another type of job discrimination prohibited by federal employmentlaw. Clients seeking a lawyer at the Gainesville, Florida office of Massey & Duffy, PLLC foradvice should be aware that sexual harassment comes in many forms; the victim may beeither a woman or a man. Also, the harasser does not have to be the opposite sex for theabuse to qualify as sexual harassment.Sexual Harassment DefinedSexual harassment is defined as unwelcome sexually suggestive behavior from a supervisor,coworker, or anyone else encountered in the workplace. It may or may not includeinappropriate touching. More than in any other area of employment law, the victim of sexualharassment must navigate through a myriad of work place rules, human resources policies,and other administrative requirements in order to preserve his or her claim. For this reason,Massey & Duffy, PLLC urges employees who believe they are the victims of sexualharassment to contact a knowledgeable employment lawyer even before complaining to theemployer.Our Florida lawyers will stand with you throughout the litigation process.At our Gainesville, Florida law firm, we will stand with you throughout the process and helpyou determine the best legal course of action. To learn more about sexual harassment,please view this information video published by the Florida Commission on Human Relations(FCHR), which can be found by clicking the EEOC and FCHR selection on the blue menutitled Employment Law at the top right of this page.Contact the Florida Lawyers of Massey & Duffy TodayIf you may become involved in litigation as a result of unlawful sexual harassment and arelooking for experienced legal counsel, contact Massey & Duffy, PLLC, today for a freeconsultation. We would be happy to discuss your legal situation and advise you on the bestlegal course of action.HARASSMENT