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Cd cover/magazine adverts analysis


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Cd cover/magazine adverts analysis

  2. 2. The direct eye contact represents determination, strength and resilience. The artist is represented to be strong and independent. Also its as if she is encouraging those looking back at her to look into her eyes as they tell a deeper story (interacting with audience). In addition it may be a sign that she is now looking ahead and no longer wants to view her past (the background), she is moving forward. The shot is a medium shot, it allows the audience to see her emotions by being able to view her facial expressions in greater depth as well as body language. A medium shot makes the subject similar size to background therefore their importance is shown to be similar. This sign suggest that the content of the album (lyrics) are not appropriate for all age groups. This suggests the artist has emotions of aggression and distress. The album has allowed her to express her true feelings. This subverts the stereotypes of a sophisticated women which is portrayed by the key image. The background is a natural/ nature setting the trees represent the artist to be full of life and energy, nature could also have associations with a higher being. This could suggest that we are watched over even in our darkest days. This further represents strength and courage. This is reinforced by the artist clothing (mise en scene), white has connotations of faith, loyalty and clarity. This suggests that the artist aims bring about mental clarity by purification of her thoughts and start a fresh beginning. The brick wall juxtaposes the representations of nature. Bricks are cold and solid. As it is solid this represents it to be an obstacle, it could suggest the artist feels limited and restricted in her situation. It could also suggest that the artist may have any unresolved guilt that she seeks to address, this is further reinforced with the car this could represent the artist has left her past situation in order for her to move forward with her thoughts. In addition the wall could also be a symbol of a past memory, the artist has gone to this place to explore her past to move on. The bricks being cold represent the artist to be detached from others and that she seeks peace without any interference from others. The black and white represent the past as if it is a flashback. Black has negative connotations such as suffering and pain it is as though the artist has gone through a negative phase by enduring a bad past/ experience. This colour you are able to hide behind. However the colour black also represents independence, determination, this also suggests the artist seeks to control her situation. The colour black also adds mystery and generates interest to find out the deeper meaning. The colour white represents hope and a brighter future ahead. The artist is non emotional, her facial expressions are firm and bare. This could be because the artist chooses to guard her emotions from others, this indicates her personality as not being very expressive and interactive. This further hints out ideas of her past. The artist being non emotional is a sign that she chooses to keep her distance, this is reinforced by the car as she has left her past behind. The colour black also reinforces the idea of hiding away from others. The artist face is slightly tilted this represents her to be unhappy (melancholy) and that she seeks comfort The artist is represented to be feminine, her hair is neatly done, it is a sophisticated look this further indicates the artist personality. Also the jewellery reinforce the idea of femininity, it indicates the artist takes pride in her appearance. Also it makes the artist attractive to appeal to both genders. The tattoo says ‘paradise’, this represents the artist considers the destination to be peaceful, harmonious and bring prosperity to her. These are connotations of paradise as well as it being a ‘higher place’ which is also reinforced by the connotations of white. This suggests that she is content in this place and it offers her chance of escapism. The shadow on the car could signify not being able to run away from your past, this suggest the artist cannot escape her problems and that she has to deal with them. the shadow being on the car could also suggests she has gone to this place to revisit her past and resolve any problem. The mirror symbolises looking back (e.g. reflection) here it indicates she is looking back at her past. The typography is simple, it makes use of capital letters making each letter more significant as the size is greater, this makes the title appear bolder and ‘louder’. Also it creates and overwhelming effect this could be suggesting the artist emotions to. It is in the colour white which continues with the black and white theme, however the white colours connotations such as peace are opposite to the meaning of the title and to ‘violence’ connotations. The title means unprovoked violence, this could indicate the artist past situation/history as well as indicate the genre of the album and artist which is indie pop. The ‘R,o and e’ all have Sharpe edges, this makes it look more rigid this could represent ideas of violence. Also the artist name is not shown this is unconventional, this is significant as it reinforces the idea that the artist want to hideaway or hide her identity from others.
  3. 3. The typography is all in capital letters, this makes them more significant as they are represented to be more bold this in turn makes them seem as though they are emphasised more. The white makes them them stand out more against the darker background, the white links in with connotations of flowers such as both bringing comfort and peace. The typography is all lined in a straight line going down, this gives it an elongated shape which allows for each song or text to be clearly separated which makes it more simple fort he audience to see and distinguish between. The typography consists of songs titles that are similar such as ‘side a’ and ‘side b’ after each one the amount of other songs in between increase each time from 2 to 3 and then 4. this gives it a repetitive effect it is also as though its beginning of new chapters. This could be representing the different stages the artist went through in her past to figure something out. The size of the typography is not that big this allows for the main image to be more enhanced which suggests it has greater importance. The flowers have connotations of being feminine and at peace, the colour pink connotes sensitivity as it is a delicate and gentle colour, this suggests the artist feelings she is sensitive this could be the reason for her troubled past. In additions flowers are associated with being thoughtful and a positive gesture. This suggests the artist has thought about her lyrics and songs and that it is a gesture to someone or thing that she feels. The flowers being green has connotations of being healthy and attempting to live a life of balance and enjoyment which leads to resilience and a youthful outlook on life, this could be what the artist aims to achieve as she lays down. Being at one with nature gives energy and inspiration this could be the reason why the artist has chosen this setting. The artist eyes are shut this implies the artist is shutting out the world it could also imply that she is avoiding any external distractions just wants to be at peace with her own thoughts. This reinforces the idea she has escaped her past to a better more comforting place to gather her thoughts and move on from her past. This gesture is as though the artist is finding future for her past, she has to visit and remember her past to move forward and figure out what is next The artist nails are done this represents her to be feminine as she is taking care of her appearance. The colour red connotes energy, strength, power, determination as well as passion and love. This suggest the artist is now in a better place she is improving her thought process, passion and love could suggest her feelings towards music and the emotion that went into the lyrics. In addition all these connotations imply what the songs/ album will include. A cigarette represents the artist to be stressed and unhappy as we associate smoking with this, also this makes the artist seem rebellious as it does not conform to feminine stereotypes, this reinforces the idea of the artist being melancholy. In addition it represent the artist to be relaxing which is further indicated by her lying down and having her eyes closed. The artist top is simple (peyote…) the colour white is significant as it has connotations of purity, innocence, wholeness and completion. This suggests the artist is at peace and content in that moment in time. The shot is a medium shot this allows the audience to see the artist in more detail it allows the audience to connect with artist as it as similar view a person has when having a conversation with someone, as the artist does not show much emotion this is necessary for the audience to pick up detail The angle is as if it is high angle as the audience are looking down at the subject, this makes the artist seem inferior as thought she is weak and should be intimidated or threatened this could be the reason for her having her eyes closed. The ‘*’ is used instead of using inappropriate language this makes it more appropriate to be present to all age groups/audiences.
  4. 4. The typography is simple and sophisticated this shows the artist personality as being feminine, serious but also young and cool. The album name ‘loud’ represents the artist to be outgoing, bold and very confident this side of her personality is likely to be portrayed onto her lyrics and individual songs. The distance between each letter suggests… the colour white has contrasting connotations to the couler red The artist head is slightly tilted towards her side this could represent her looking at her past, furthermore it suggests she is revisiting her past in order for her to move forward. The shot is a close up this provides clear and detailed image for the audience, it is also more intimate as it is invading the artist personal space. This links with the idea of being seductive as well as confident. There is also no background image therefore the main image being the artist suggest her importance. The artist eyes are closed this could be representing the artist to be seductive, the extensive eye lashes reinforce this eye lashes are a form of flattering and cause an attachment (seductive). Although having your eye closed could also represent the artist reminiscing on her past, as though she is in deep thought. This indicates that the album is meaningful to her. The artist is wearing make-up makes her more appealing, it shows her feminine side this shows that she cares about her appearance and wants to make a positive imprecision of her self. Makeup could also represent a façade, it is as though the artist needs a mask on to hide her true self, the reason for this could be because of low self esteem, makeup may give her more confidence. The artist mouth is slightly open, this shows the artist to be seductive and sexual. The colour red connotes confidence as it is a bold colour, this could be suggesting the artist leadership and power qualities. In addition it is a seductive colour we associate with love, this could indicate the songs/lyrics are about her past relationships. The colour red also has negative connotations such as danger, violence, anger and revenge, this further indicates what her past relationships was like. This suggest that the genre is either R&B or hip hop. The album cover has no name of the artist, this suggests her significance in the music industry and that the audience recognise who she is with out being told. This indicates her importance. Neck tattoo says ‘rebelle fleur’ this translates to rebel flower, the word rebel could suggest her lyrics will not be appropriate to all audiences and that she does not stick to customs nor conventions. Rebel is reinforced by the colour red negative connotations as well. Her red hair connotes being fierce, the red hair and red lips compliments each other which bring the image together.
  5. 5. The location of the shot is a bed with a sheet behind, this represents the artist to be provocative, it also allows the audience to be more close (intimate) with the artist. This reinforces the colour pink romantic connotations. The artist eyes are closed this represents her to be in deep thought, unhappy. This is reinforces by her hair covering most of her face this shows her to want to hide away, this suggest she is vulnerable and not so confident. In addition her face is facing down this further reinforces the idea of shying away and being unhappy. This could be suggesting that the lyrics are meaningful to the artist and that they bring about emotion to her, this indicates she has given the audience some inside into her personal life as the album brings emotion that is not common to her. The short is a medium long shot this allows the audience to see all the artist body but also allows for some detail. The typography is simple, the font is small this could represent the artist to be feminine and petite as well as vulnerable. The typography is all in capital letters this could represent the artist to be confident and bold. The colour being soft pink further reinforces the artist femininity it has connotation of being romantic, affectionate and intimate. This could be suggesting what the individual songs will include for example reference to her past relationship. In addition the colpur pink is a non-threatening color seeking appreciation, respect and admiration. It is not taken for granted, the artist may seek this for the audience (her fans) and those in her personal life. The typography order consist of a single word then two sentences, this could be indicating the different stages the song progress by ( eg like chapters). The light is supposed to be natural it represents hope and prosperity for the future. It also indicates being young and courageous as well as independent. The typography includes the artist and another famous person in the music industry, this shows that this album is exclusive as they are both important in the music industry. the use of another famous figure makes the album more appealing to a wider audience it also means that it had more funding therefore the overall outcome is of high quality. The typography colour is white this makes it difficult to Red against the light pink background this suggests That it is of less importance/significance. The barcode shows that the album is purchased and legitimate Which shows that it is an original which may be important for the consumer (audience) as well as supplier. The music label is shown …. The artist hair is neatly done this reinforces her femininity and that she takes pride in her appearance, also the jewelry further suggests this although it is not a normal accessory this suggests her uniqueness and quirky style as well as her confidence.
  6. 6. The typography of the album name, the style is the same as the masthead however the font is not bold this clearly shows that it is the album name and not the artist surname. Tha artist name is shown this suggests that she is not well known to the main stream audience, it is the masthead to clearly indicate that is the artist in the main image. The typography is bold and in capital letters, this makes it stand out and catches the audiences attention. The colour red also makes it stand out more, red connotes danger, energy, love and passion. These different emotions may be describing the artist personality or what will be included in the album. The shot is a medium close up, this allows the audience to see the artist facial expression in greater detail. This also allows the audience to connect with the artist more and get to know her on a more personal level as the shot is close-up it invades her personal space. The black and white effect makes it seem classical, this gives the artist a sophisticated look. This effect is also unique this could be representing the artist to be different from others in her genre. This is likely to attract a wider audience. There is also an olden day effect as a boarder around the main image this completes the white and black effect. The artist is covering half her face, this represents her playful side to her personality. It also could represent that there is more the audience have yet to discover about her. The artist is shown to be wearing make up and jewelry this represents her to be feminine and that she takes care in her appearance. The artist mouth is open this represents her to be in shock, this could be suggesting the album will reveal something new to the audience. It is also a facial expression that is unusual this may persuade the audience to want to find out more about the album and the artist. The watch is shown as the album name ‘ora’ translated in to her mother tongue means watch. This item matches/links to the album name. The chain around the artist neck makes her seem tough and unstoppable.
  7. 7. The song titles have similar typography to the album masthead e.g. the letter ‘A’, it is also all in capital letters this represents the titles to be significant text in comparison to the other texts at the back. The colour red shares the same connotations as the it does at the front cover. The colour red is also Rita Ora signature look as her lips always tend to be in the colour red. The images are broken as if it was a broken mirror, this represents the artist to inspired by many little and big things and once put together creates her. It also could indicate that each image links to a particular song as well as it may be the different aspects of her past expressed with emotions through the images. The balck and white theme/effect is continued this makes the images seem more classical and vintage (similar to a Marilyn Monroe look). The images shown show the different personality's the artist has, this will give her target audience a greater indication of the different music genres she is into. Famous artist that a large audience are featured in many of the artist songs, this is likely to appeal to a wider audience. The label is shown, this label is well known for other big stars. This could help the artist become more noticed and is likely to appeal to larger audience who is a fan of this particular label/ management.
  9. 9. The ‘R’ is the sign the audience associates with the artist, it is also used in the album cover. The typography is unique it has very Sharpe edges this represents danger its as if it is a weapon. This typography represents the artist to be tough and dangerous. The black and white effect makes the artist more fearful as black connotes the unknown, this could suggest that the audience have much to learn about the artist. Black also connotes grieving and feeling melancholy, this could suggest this is what the album includes or these are the emotions the artist feels. However white connotes hope and prosperity which may be what the artist seeks. The artist is looking up it makes her seem inferior and as if she seeks help/comfort. The direct eye contact is engaging with the audience . This stare may also generate fear amongst some as it is a hard and cold look. The makeup and jewelry make the artist seem feminine, however the jewelry is metal this represents being cold, assertive and dominate. This may be the different aspects of the artist personality or what will be portrayed in the lyrics of her songs. The main image is the front album cover this is a effective advertisement technique as the audience can easily notice when purchasing the product. It also gives them an indication of what to expect without writing. The hair cut is like a boys, the artist is a female she is going against conventions and norms in society. Looking like a boy gives her manly attributes such as being more strong, dominant, powerful, determined and assertive. The artist hand is holding her head its as if she is in a bad place as is deeply worried about something whilst trying to gather her thoughts. It is also covering half her face this brings mystery to the audience as it may be she is covering something she chooses not to show up. The shot is a medium close up this allows for the audience to see her in greater detail, as will as feel more emotionally connected with the artist. The parental advisory suggests that the content of the album is not appropriate for all age groups. This represents her power as she is able to control bad and good aspects she includes in her albums. In addition is shows her to be breaking conventions as this is not expected of a female which reinforces the idea of her aiming for a more manly look. The album name ‘rated r’ links to this sign. The typography of rated r is very small hardly visible the reason for this is for the main image to do most of the describing and attracting. The artist name is shown to make it clear who the album belongs to as it is not present on the album cover, this may also grab a wider audiences attention as her name is well known all over the world. It also clearly advertises that it is an album and not something else. Two songs that have been previewed and are popular are shown, this is an effective advertising technique as it will appeal to the target audience. The typography is different to indicate this and to make it stand out, the colour red also does this.
  10. 10. The artist name is at the top (masthead) this suggests she is significant it also clearly indicates to the audience reading the magazine who the main image is as well as who the album they are advertising belongs to, the artist name it self will advertise it self. The typography is simple similar to the typography on the album this clearly shows that hey both link, the artist name is also in capital letters which further reinforces her significance, it is also spaced out this makes it easier to see as it takes up most of the page which further increased its importance. The colour white stands out against the red background. The medium close up shot allows the audience to see the artist in more detail, it allows for the audience to connect with the artist emotionally as they can view her facial expressions more clearly. The album title is positioned just bellow the middle over the main image this increases its significance as the human eye looks towards the middle more, this is an effective advertising technique. The typography is similar to the artist name however the font is bigger this further advertises the album more. The sunglasses allow the artist to hide her eyes which is where most emotion is shown. This represents the artist to be unhappy therefore does not wish for others to notice this. Her hand gesture is like a gun symbol, it is touching her lips this represents her to be seeking revenge, this may be the purpose of the album. A rose represents love, beauty and class (being sophisticated). These may be all the different aspects included and portrayed through her album. ‘new’ is more appealing to Rihannas target audience which consist of young adults as they like to be up to date. The image is most taken up by the main image, however a slight background is shown although this is blurry. This suggests that the most important feature of this image is the main image, this increases the main image significance as most of the audiences attention is focused on her. The jewelry and the artist neat hair shows she is feminine, it shows she takes pride in her appearance and likes to look good and appealing. The look she goes for is less sophisticated and more extravagant for example the red hair is unique and different to others. The red hair is distinct which also allows the audience to clearly identity her. The fur has connotations of being a warrior, although the flesh that is shown makes her seem more vulnerable, in addition it makes her more seductive and sexual. The album cover is shown this makes it easier for the audience to notice the album when purchasing. It also clearly shows that this is a magazine advertisement for the new album. The text gives to hit songs that have already been previewed by the audience, they have had good chart positions and reviews. This is the reason why they are used to advertise the product as they know it will encourage the audience to purchase the album and receive the rest of the songs that will be as big in the future. This makes the audience feel more privileged therefore the product becomes more appealing.
  11. 11. The album cover is used in the advert as the main image, this is effective as the audience will easily be able to recognise the product upon purchase. It also is effective as the audience can make assumptions on the album based on the front cover. The direct eye contact is effective as it directly ‘Smash’ is an onomatopoeia, this creates excitement for the audience. It also emphasises the singles success. The typography is all in caps lock this compliments the words meaning, it also adds to its exaggerate effect. The shot is a medium close up, this allows the audience to clearly see the artists facial expression. They are able to generate a feeling from the image on the artist as well as the album it self. The audience become more engaged. The use of another big artist featuring in the album will appeal to a greater audience, as it merges two artists fans together, this overall creates more success and recognition. It also makes the album more creative and interesting to listen to other featuring acts. communicates with the audience, the audience can feel attracted to the artist and the product more. The open mouth could represent the artist to be seductive, or it may be suggesting the music is going to be passionate and strong meaning behind the lyrics. The artist name shown on the album cover this is effective as not all may know who the artist is therefore the artist may appeal to new audiences. The typography of the name is the largest text this represents the artist significance. The most predominant colour used on the front cover of the album is black , the artist make up such as lips and nails are in this colour. The colour black is a sophisticated look although it could also represent a deeper emotion something that is unknown to the audience. The hint of gold on her lipstick represents more fun and energetic look as well as vibe to the artist image and album. The gold colour is used on the largest text this allows it to stand out against the black background, this enhances the artist significance. The typography style is unique the audience associate it with the artist almost as if it’s a logo. The website link is useful for her target audience (fans) to find out more about the album, the release date and the artist in general. “Who you are” is the album title (slogan), the typography is similar to the artist name although the size is smaller and colour less bold, this suggests its less important in comparison to the other text, the artist name .