Scaem street


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Scaem street

  1. 1. THE SINGER Cleo came into a concert and saw the head singer right in Front of her and ruses.
  2. 2. DRAIN BRAIN 21ST JULYCleo and Ruses and luke wasStanding right in front of theTop singer and one of the topVillains to.But he wasn’tSinging.The brain drains bandWas singing like mad.
  3. 3. CHA PTER6 THE UNDER LANDSLuke was trappep with the biggest 2Of the
  4. 4. CADEL EVANSCwasadel evens australias first evert to get the yellow shirt and he
  5. 5. WORMING IN GHOULDINNERSMrs cooper went to get some cheese she opened the fridge door and she freaked out .It was a head at leastIt dosn,t speak then it speeked . She screamed like hell.Then another teacher came and said what was wrongThe teacher that came to help Mrs cooper was not good atEyet seeing and she said that that was just a piece of moldy cheese in the fridge she said that we can just
  6. 6. TV DINNERSMrs cooper sat down an d got back up in a flash and got some tea she herd a mixing sound and it was the headFrom the fridge it was mixing some cake mixture and then jumped on her and started to bite her leg and screamedEven louder then before
  7. 7. WORTH NOTHINGMrs cooper was screaming really loud and the other teacherCame in she said it was a mouldy piece of cheddar then the teacher that can`t see properly so she said to sit down.when the silly teacher went Mrs cooper got up and wentInto the kitchen and started to put some frozen chips inTo the oven
  8. 8. CHAPTER 1It was schools sports day and the buses were about to go and a girl needed to go to the toilet. So she asked the teacher if she could go and she said NO!!!!And then she only just realised that to get to the field it takes about 1 HOUR to get there and she begged the teacher if she could go but she just kept on saying No so she just had to hold on.
  9. 9. CHAPTER 3So you remember about how the girl wanted to go to the toilet the teacher said noEven if she begged she would just say no so she just holded on until she got she got on the bus and herface was red really RED!!.she got there and she was firstUp the 1500 metre run.
  10. 10. CHAPTER 3She lined up for the race They had to wait a long timeBecause they had another raceOn and that was bad for the girlBecause she was busting to goTo the toilet.
  11. 11. CHAPTER4The man with the pretend gunCame and shot the pretend shot gun and they all started to run but she couldnt run at allShe was busting then when the race was finished she found a toilet thenShe did all of hew eventsand done well in them
  12. 12. CHAPTER 4James is in discuss and he wasUp next he thru it and it went straight into a mans headAnd the man thought that he didIt on purpose so he went cross and started to walk towards him.
  13. 13. CHAPTER5James was lining up and waiting for the pistol man to comeSo James lined up and then the an man came he shot the gun an dThey all ran and James was coming first until about 40 metres andHe stopped and a person was playing a music thing and it wasMade out of rib bones.
  14. 14. CHAPTER10The skeleton was playing music on ribs and it made James stop running.But dancing and then he stopped and started running again and he had about 5 METRESAway from the finish line and then the skeleton trippedHim over then he came 2nd.
  15. 15. BUSTINGToday I am reading just stupidThe first chapter is busting and he was trying to remember what he had to get for his mum butHe couldn’t remember what he had to get because he wasBusting