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Digital reading log Stephanie

  1. 1. Digital Reading Log<br />By Stephanie 4W<br />
  2. 2. Famous 5 On the case, the case of sticks and their tricks!!!<br />The Kirrin cousins stood in Jo’s study looking at the map of Kirrin island, that was hand drawn in a brown journal. In the journal was the adventures of Jos mum and dad. All of the sudden a big tree smashed into the study window, in the background there was a shadow the person dialled a phone number he whispered the tree is down we can start the operation. The Kirrin cousins examined the tree and wondered how the tree had fallen. Jo took a lot of photos of the tree it’s leaves, the branches and the trunk. <br />
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  4. 4. Famous 5 on the case, the case of the sticks and their tricks!!!<br />If I was the author I would change Jos name to Abby and I would also change Timmy's name Billy I would keep the names Allie and Timmy. I would not change the location of were it is I like the title of the book and I would not change it. Instead of the name Kirrin Island I would change it to The Kirin's Lucky Island. I like this book because it is adventures and there is problems that need to be solved, and I like and adventures books and books where you can try to guess how they are going to solve it and how you try and guess things.<br />
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  6. 6. Famous 5 on the case, the case of sticks and their tricks!!!<br />The Kirin cousin are chasing Freddy because they think that he was the one that poisoned the tree. Freddy is running with his enormous big foil ball but the ball but the ball colapses on top of him. Once the Kirin cousins come over, they asked him why he poisoned the tree Freddy says he didn't but then Jo said why did you buy the poisen he answered a guy paid me to do it. He exlaimed the guy who paid him to do it was tall, big and had a wart. The Kirin cousins went back home but know one was there in the house.<br />
  7. 7. Cadel Evans Tour de France<br />By Stephanie<br />
  8. 8. Cadel Evans<br />Cadel Evans is the first Australian to win the tour de France, which is the biggest road bike ride competition in the world. No Australian has ever won it (except Cadel). Cadel had tried to win the tour de France (he was the favourite) in 2008 but had failed to do so. When the tour de France was on people crowed the streets and millions were watching it on TV. When Cadel won he was smiling and had tears of happiness he was very exited. WELL DONE CADEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
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  10. 10. Famous 5 on the case, the case of sticks and their tricks!!!<br />The Kirrin cousins go back to their house except there is know one there. They looked around and they saw ripped pages out of Jos mum and dads journal, they pages that were ripped were the pages that said where the treasure was in on the Kirrin Island. Max says that they pages were probably ripped out to hide the secrets and where the treasure was on Kirrin Island. The Kirrin cousins go to Kirrin Island on a boat when they get there their dog Timmy starts to sniff around and follows a path up the big hill then they find a dead end but then Max leans on something and out comes a secret door, they go through it up the stairs Allie reaches the top of the stairs and suddenly she falls an dis hanging down but Jo helps her up suddenly they here someone singing …<br />
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  12. 12. Famous 5 on the case, the case of sticks and their tricks!!!<br />The Kirrin cousins travelled through a narrow path until they reached the dungeons of Kirrin Island. When they reached the dungeons they saw Jos mum and dad there, Jos mum was tied to a chair and Jos dad was hanging on a rope upside-down. The Kirrin cousins rescued there mum and dad and went to find Ed Guptybum and his daughter Gwen. Ed Gumtybum and his daughter Gwen were pulling sacks of gold, money, silver and diamonds, and they were loading it on to a boat the Kirrin cousins came and they brought the boat back to sure with all their might and Ed Gumtybum and his daughter Gwen drown in the ocean. <br />
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  14. 14. Dear Dumb Diary, never underestimate your dumbness!!!<br />Jamie's dog Stinker eats one of her socks and poops on her lawn. Jamie's aunt Carol is getting married soon to Assistant principal Devon which is Angeline's uncle so we will be related. Can you imagine being related to Angeline it would ne a nightmare. Isabella really wants to get a pet but she has had trouble with them in the past, like her cats Missy, Cupcake, Taffy and Fuzzy ran away. Bo Bo the tortoise tried to run away but was to slow and later on died of starve. That proves Isabella is not that good with the pets she had. <br />
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  16. 16. Dear Dumb Diary, never underestimate your dumbness!!!<br />Jamie and Isabella are wearing clogs and are complaining that they are hurting. When Isabella walks downstairs with the clogs on she falls and starts to cry, everyone starts being really nice to her, Isabella really likes the attention. Jamie's aunt Carol shows them what there dresses look like, when they try them on it looks really bad on Jamie but looks really good on Isabella. Jamie gets really jealous at Isabella so she pushes Isabella down the stairs. Jamie gets a pimple but now one can notice it except… Isabella. Jamie finds out that Isabella names Jamie's pimples Jamie is FURIOUS at Isabella!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
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  18. 18. Dear Dumb Diary, never underestimate your dumbness!!!<br />Jamie and Angeline are hanging up some posters for the dance, once they are done Angeline sees what is on Jamie’s chin and wipes some special kind of make-up on her chin. Jamie said “why did you do that”. Angeline answered “ I did it to cover your hideous bruise of yours”, Jamie said “it is a pimple not a bruise” but Angeline says it is a bruise you must of done it when you fell down the stairs while wearing a pair of clogs. Hudson Rivers (the 8th cutest guy in in my grade) asked Jamie and Angeline if after the dance they wanted to go have some tacos with Hudson and then they can go home. They both said YES!!!<br />
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  20. 20. Dear Dumb Diary, never underestimate your dumbness!!!<br />Jamie, Isabella, Angeline and Aunt Carol went shopping to find some new shoes to replace the clogs they were going to wear to Aunt Carols wedding. Aunt Carol picked some medium size high heels that were brown. On Sunday Isabella came to Jamie’s house to work on some homework, Isabella walked Jamie’s dog to get some information on leashes because for her homework she choose to learn about the guy who invented leashes. On Monday Jamie was going home she stopped in the office to see Aunt Carol when she heard Assistant principal Devon and Aunt Carol fighting. Jamie now thinks and knows that assistant principal Devon is truly a rat.<br />
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  22. 22. Dear Dumb Diary, never underestimate your dumbness!!!<br />Jamie and Isabella are sitting in the cafeteria when Aunt Carol and Assistant principal Devon walk past Isabella goes up to Jamie’s Aunt Carol and says “why were you yelling with assistant principal Devon in his office yesterday” Aunt Carol answers “sometimes before your wedding you can get into fights and things but were all fin with it and we are diffidently still going to get married because we still love each other a lot.<br />
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  24. 24. Dear Dumb Diary, never underestimate your dumbness!!!<br />Isabella came over to walk Stinker again, she has not finished yet. Jamie practises how to eat tacos and burritos normally. Jamie is really happy that Angeline took the blame for the poo because now it will just be Jamie and Hudson Rivers (the eighth cutest guy in my grade) Jamie is so exited about this but Jamie is still not sure how to eat a taco normally because she was not really that good at it. Jamie still has to figure out what she is going to do her project on and it is starting to worry Jamie a lot!!!<br />
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  26. 26. Dear Dumb Diary, never underestimate your dumbness!!!<br />Jamie tells uncle assistant principal Devon that she put the poo on the desk, she said it was not Angeline. Uncle assistant principal Devon says that Angeline can go to the dance and Jamie can go as well like she was going to. At the end of the dance Hudson asked if they want to for tacos now but Jamie says no because she did not want to ditch her BFF because BFF’s are good friends to each other!<br />
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  28. 28. Dear Dumb Diary, never underestimate your dumbness!!!<br />Jamie is with Angeline and Isabella Angeline says to Jamie that she knows Jamie has been sneaky and always puts Stinker under the fence Jamie says she did not do it then Isabella says that she did it she new that Stinker and Stickybuns were in love the first time they met so I want them to be together. Isabella asked Angeline if Stickybuns would have puppies, Angeline says she will in 3 or 4 weeks and Isabella really wants a puppy so Angeline is going to let Isabella have one of the puppies Stickybuns has.<br />
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  30. 30. Dear Dumb diary, never underestimate your dumbness!!!<br />It is Sunday homework day and Isabella came over as usual. Isabella does not know what to do for her project because she was going to do it on the guy who invented leashes, so that was why she was walking Stinker but seeing as she did not actually walk she kept putting under Angeline’s fence because she new that Stinker and Stickybuns were in love the first time they met and needed to be together. Jamie is doing her project on dumbness, and how dumb some people can be all the time and how people are always really, really crazy!!!!!!!!!<br />
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  32. 32. Doughnuts, Dreams and Drama Queens!!!<br />Bath wants to be a famous actor so she decides to go to Dramarama Camp with her best friend Keisha. She decided that they want to be superstars and be in the Young Fame magazine, they also decided that they are going to wear cool star shaped sunglasses there, they want to be in the same and biggest dorm in the camp with beds next to each other, they want to make heaps of new friends and surprise the special guest, but who is the special guest??????????????????????????????????<br />
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  34. 34. Doughnuts, Dreams and Drama Queens!!! <br />Today the great one Oh Stephanie read Doughnuts, Dreams and Drama Queens to the other great one Oh Bonni!!! Bath finds out that her best friend Keisha can not go to the camp together. Keisha can not go because her Grandmother is very sick and she has to go to France to see her with her mother. Bath hopes that her grandmother gets well VERY, VERY SOON. This relates to me because I am going on a long holiday soon and my friends can’t go. <br />
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  36. 36. Doughnuts, Dreams and Drama Queens!!!<br />Today I was reading Doughnuts, Dreams and Drama Queens. Bath is packing her bag for Dramarama camp she can not fit all here stuff inside because if she puts more in her bag her bag explodes and everything she put in her bag pops back out. Bath and her dad Bill drove Bev and Keisha to the airport in there new car. While Bev and Keisha were waiting for there plane there were lots of people going out of the country as well and were going to have fun but Bev and Keisha were so worried about there grandmother. When there plane left Baths dad Bill took her to a café and they bought for themselves some chips, beans and water like Baths dad usually does when she is sad and needs to be cheered up!!!!!!!!!!!!! <br />
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  38. 38. Doughnuts, Dreams and Drama Queens!!!<br />Bath says that her and Bill her dad have to get up at 5:00 so they can get to Dramarama camp on time, but Bill says no we will get up the time we usually get up. At night while Bill is brushing his teeth Bath sneaks into his room and changes his alarm clock time to ring at 5:00. In the morning when Bills alarm clock goes off he wonders why it is still so dark outside and why he is still so tired. He has a shower and goes downstairs for breakfast he turns his radio on and then he notices that the time is 5:45 not 7:45. Bill is angry at Bath and to repay for setting his alarm clock off early she has to keep pouring coffee into Bills mug. Bill and Bath are in there car on the way to Dramarama camp when suddenly there was a lot of sheep on the road it took a while to pass them but when they did they were at Dramarama camp Bath is exited <br />
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  40. 40. Doughnuts, Dreams and Drama Queens!!!<br />Today I was reading Doughnuts, Dreams and Drama Queens. Bath met her roommate her name is Trillian, at first Bath does not know what to think of her because she is rude, show-offy and just ignores her. But later Bath talks to her and they get to know each other Trillian says that her dad is a rock star his name is Izzy Wiggin suddenly Bath and Trillian have become good friends. Trillian is really good at guitar. <br />
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  42. 42. Doughnuts, Dreams and Drama Queens!!!<br />