Meeting romania


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Meeting romania

  1. 1. Escola Básica dos 2º e 3º Ciclos Manuel de Figueiredo Torres Novas “Sharing and Participating to Improve“ (Motto of our educational project)
  2. 2. E.B. 2/3 Manuel de FigueiredoAges Grades No. of No. of No. of No. of other students classes teachers staff10 5th-6th (2nd cycle 309 151213 7th-8th-9th 79 3814 (3rd cycle) 246 1215
  3. 3.  Portuguese English History and Geography Mathematics Science Arts Music Physical Education/PE Religious Education/RE
  4. 4.  Portuguese English French History Geography Mathematics Biology Chemistry and Physics Arts Music Physical Education/PE Religious Education/RE Information and Communication Technology/ICT
  5. 5. Attended by 93 of our students.Partnership with Choral Phydellius (Choral and musicalinstitute located in Torres Novas).Financially supported by the Portuguese State.
  6. 6.  5th grade: 29 hours a week; 6th grade: 28 hours a week; 7th grade: 32 hours a week; 8th grade: 31 hours a week; 9th grade: 32 hours a week.
  7. 7.  35 hours a week divided into:  School lessons (22 hours)  School component (hours to support other students, replace missing teachers…)  Individual work (preparing classes, correcting tests…)
  8. 8.  Opening time: 8:30 Closing time: 16:35 Lunch time: 12:25 – 14:30
  9. 9. › Christmas holidays: 2 weeks  17th December - 2nd January;› Carnival holidays: 3 days  11th February – 13th February› Easter holidays: 2 weeks  18th March – 1st April› Summer holidays: 3 months  14th June – 14th September
  10. 10. Our projects…
  11. 11. 1.Comenius Project - “Our Ideal Country – Our Ideal Europe”  Home page Scotla  europe4you nd ry Hunga Portugal Portugal Turkey Scotland Turkey Holland
  12. 12. 2. Socrates Comenius Project– Language Assistant Hello! I’m Milda , from Lithuania. Hi! I’m Zach, from England. Hi! I’m Kathleen, from England.
  13. 13. This project has the following goals:Promote healthy lifestyle habbits.Promote the formation of responsible citizens, active and involved.Develop the sense of responsibility in the promotion of his own health and thecommunity in which he is inserted.Make students families aware to health issues considered a priority.
  14. 14. Exhibition“World Food Day!” Checking health “Blood pressure”A green market at school Debate “Fruit sale” “Nutritionism”
  15. 15. 3.1. Doctors at school Blood sample
  16. 16. It is opened everyday and the students can gothere freely to:  talk about the subjects they want;  ask for advice in the issues that worry them.
  17. 17. 4. Sports ProjectCross-country Handball FutsalSwimming Acrobatics
  18. 18. Sports Project Beach handball Tennis Basketball
  19. 19. This project has the following goals:  Promote a healthy lifestyle.  Make environmental issues part of the life of the whole school.  Encourage everyone in the school community to respect and enhance their environment.
  20. 20.  Reuse – Create Saving Water / Energy Reduce /Reuse / Recycle
  21. 21. It has the following goals:  Contribute to the understanding of European pluralism in its similarities and differences;  Contribute to the understanding and reciprocal tolerance;  Develop the students’ sense of responsibility – young European citizens – in particular with regard to peace, human rights, gender equality and the protection and conservation of the environment and cultural heritage.Activities:  Exhibitions  Debates  Celebrations (Europe Day and Language Day)
  22. 22. It has the following goals:  Promote cooperation and sense of responsibility;  Raise awareness among students and the educational community for social problems;  Ensure students the right to participate in humanitarian actions.
  23. 23. The students took part especially in the following campaigns:  Christmas and Easter hampers with varied food to offer the most needed families (including our students’ families);  Collecting money for humanitarian associations.
  24. 24. 8. Music at School – The Club You can learn: How to sing (Choral group) How to play different musical instruments, such as:  Guitar  Drums  Flute
  25. 25. It promotes values of solidarity and sharing.Activities:  Raising funds in order to buy computers, televisions, audio and video cassettes, DVDs;  Raising books, toys, games and clothes that belong to our students but that are still in good condition to send to a Cape Verdean School.
  26. 26. 9. 1. Activities Theatre (“The meaning of sharing”) Collecting books
  27. 27.  The Youth Parliament program is organized by the Republic Assembly, in collaboration with other entities, with the objective of promoting citizenship education and the young peoples interest in the debate of current issues. Culminates with the two National Sessions in the Republic Assembly, prepared throughout the school year, with participation of members, in particular the Commission for Education and Science, the parliamentary body responsible for the orientation of the programme. This project is for all students of 2nd and 3rd cycles of basic education and the subject of debate for this academic year 2012/2013 is “Overcome the crisis”.
  28. 28. 10.1. Youth Parliament activities Debate (Deputy at school) Electoral process Finally it’s my turn!!!Waiting to vote
  29. 29. Our activities…
  30. 30. Back to School (in September) Welcome lunch (for teachers and other staff)
  31. 31. School library Origami Book fair Parents at school telling a story Writer at school Debate
  32. 32. Christmas Celebration (Theatre)
  33. 33. May, the Month of the HEART Master class Sudents, teachers and other staff are waiting to dance together
  34. 34. Gala performance Primary school participation Our youngest presenters Junior School participation Kindergarten participation
  35. 35. Gala - AwardsStudents with the best school results receiving their awards
  36. 36. Historic march
  37. 37. Super-Class award School Year Prizes
  38. 38. School week Horse riding School week guests Popular games Lab experiences
  39. 39. Open-air festival – Students’ march
  40. 40. Open-air festival Sudents’ handicraft Teachers’ sweets
  41. 41. Open-air festival – Popular dancing
  42. 42. 30th School Aniversary celebrationHeadteacher’s speech Our students’ photos Retired teacher in class talking toRetired teacher’s evidence the students