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More Analysing

  1. 1. Music Video’s
  2. 2. Kings of Leon is an American band that was formed in 1999. The band's early music was an upbeat blend of Southern rock and blues influences, but it has gradually expanded over the years to include a variety of genres and a more alternative rock sound.
  3. 3. Firstly at the opening of the video there are a wide range of close ups and mid shots of one person whilst the beat of the music begins. In between these mid shots and close ups, quick cuts are also used to create this fast pace and tension. By looking closely we can make out the singers facial expression by these mid shots shown to us which hints about his thoughts and emotions involved. By the dull colours and the lightning we as a audience can immediately tell what type of genre the video and song is based upon. We don’t even have to know that the Kings Of Leon are a American rock band…we can just watch the video and we have a incite on the genre. Due to the black background the singer needs to stand out and be seen, to do this lightning was needed to suit the type of setting.
  4. 4. Following on from the close ups and mid shots, long shots are later used. These show you the type of setting and the type of clothing the singer is wearing but due to the fact that the background is black amongst most other objects, you cannot see this singers clothing nor his facial expressions however you can see apart of his body due to the lightning. The lightning is important in this video because of the dull colours included in the background. Black is usually a stereotypical sign of darkness or evil, and some people refer to black as being a ‘rocker’ or ‘punk’ colour along with red. The lightning involved helps the audience to actually see the singer and what he may be doing, if not for the lightning there would be nothing to see unless you changed the background colour.
  5. 5. I thought this mid shot of one of the band members and a book was in fact interesting due to the fact that their farther was a preacher who preached in churches. I thought this mid shot was fascinating because the kings of Leon were Christian's or catholic’s and as a result I thought this was a holy book of some sort. Another reason to believe the Kings Of Leon are religious was the cross. Many times in this video I have seen the holy cross which represents God and Jesus. Due to the black background lightning had to be included once again to brighten things up. This lightning was a colour much like orange or red which made certain people and objects stand out when needed. This adds effect to the whole video and made it different. This can also attract a larger audience because the video is so different compared to others.
  6. 6. Once again these Close ups showing facial expressions, are in darkness but due to the lightning the main singer shown in this video is allowed to be seen through this orange flair. This allows the audience to see his face instead of pitch black darkness. Close ups and Mid shots are essential for the video and play a key role as in many shots, close ups are shown of this singer. This creates a further effect as the shot is either repeated or a similar close up/mid shot is used. As a result this shot will become more memorable to the audience and will be remembered more. Parts of this main singers face are more lit up more then others, this is because the producer wants certain angles to be shown more for example the front of the face which is lightened up above.
  7. 7. This is a close up showing the a pair of hands. This certain shot can sometimes hint to the audience about the person’s feelings or thoughts. In this case this person( the main singer) might be feeling depressed due to his body and hand language. This is a extreme close up of a eye. This is used for effect and it has a impact on the audience. The background being dark makes the eye stand out more and all throughout the duration of the video the orange lightning is used. This lightning is used in all the shots. This shot of the eye is repeated once or twice in the video.
  8. 8. In this part of the video quick cuts are used which creates this chaos atmosphere. These quick cuts begin as soon as the beat starts to ‘kick in’, this is so it suits the music and appeals more to the target audience. In these quick cuts a lot of faces are shown and we gather these are the other band members. These shots are both blurred and sharpened: shown above. These shots are also called close ups because they are close to the person’s face and you can see facial expressions. In all of these close ups the band members look serious. Another close up/mid shot was of what looked like paper. This created tension as we yet do not know what’s going to happen in the video. This paper seemed to be scrunched up and thrown like litter on the street. The colour of the paper stands out due to the dull background.
  9. 9. As the main singer sings or mimes to the music earlier played, often close ups often of his lips or face add the further effect to this video. This is extremely effective because it shows to the audience that he could in fact be singing. Unlike other video’s such as lady GaGa’s do not repeat close ups of the person’s face whilst singing however they tend to show them singing or miming from a mid shot or long shot instead. This is yet another close up of a part of the main singers face. It looks like the lip. It stands out because of the angle and the lightning. Because of the black background the use of lightning is more effective and can be seen easier. In some cases less lightning is needed.
  10. 10. One Republic is an American rock band from Colorado Springs, Colorado. One Republic made radio history when with their first single, "Apologize", received the largest amount of airplay in history with 10,331 plays in one week, the record only being broken again by "Bleeding Love" by Leona Lewis
  11. 11. The first shot shown in the video of Apologize is a close up of a fancy ink pen writing on a piece of paper which must link to the video and song in some way. This shot shows us how old the paper looks and how ‘Posh’ the writing is. This is a stereotype but compared to other handwriting this would be classed as ‘posh’ writing. The camera remains still until the word ‘Apologize’ is written. This is clever as it is introducing the song immediately. The close up also helps us to see that the paper is rough which would help to explain the splats and mistakes of ink on the paper.
  12. 12. In the beginning after the opening of the song name, a woman is shown holding some sort of letter or note in her hands. This is a close up showing that the letter is of some importance. Lightning has been used here effectively and is used to make the hands stand out. In addition because the hands are lightened up the letter is also and makes this shot effective for the target audience. This extreme close up shows you what looks to be the letter that the woman was holding and reading. We can tell it looks old or ancient due to the holes and the pastel brown colour. To add to this, as said before the writing also adds to this old look.
  13. 13. This camera shot is a extreme close up of a woman’s eye. We already know that this woman is the same person that was reading the letter. We can also create and understanding of how she is feeling and her emotions. The lightning is shining on her face which makes it stand out from everything else. We can tell it’s lightning due to the fact that only one side is lit up and not both They have used this extreme close up afterwards to show the audience who was reading the letter and stating that she is of some importance to the plot in the story and video. Only one eye is visible and this can also be effective as you can only see features and the hair on one side of the face and no the other.
  14. 14. This is a close up of a keyboard or piano . This is an effective shot and the angle is in a perfect angle as you can see all the way down the keyboard. Throughout this video, lightning is used and it is also used in this shot to shine upon the keyboard as if it was really important. This shot is shown for around 3 seconds and then a hand comes and the music starts to play. This shot follows from this one opposite. This too is also a close up showing the hand and keyboard. As soon as the hand is pressed across the keyboard the music begins to play and this is the beginning of the song. The use of lightning is important sue to the fact the hand stands out more because it appears to be a dull black in colour whilst the background and keyboard are white.
  15. 15. From the following shots various amounts of close ups and extreme close ups are used and also quick cuts are also used from one shot to the other. These pictures above are shots of a violin whilst it is playing. This can be effective as it gives the audience something to focus on before the actual singing begins. Lightning isn’t used to much here as most of the light is dull and a lot of black can be seen. The one string stands out in this angle and shot because of the fact that it is brown in colour.
  16. 16. This shot is a mid shot of the equipment needed to write a letter in the olden generation. This shows the Ink pen and some ink. This hints to us that perhaps this is in the past and a letter is to be written. This shot looks so professional and some people would stereotype this video to be of high class because of the equipment and crops. The equipment and crops can tell us a lot about the video in some cases. The lightning here is used in a brilliant way. It looks as if they shinned a light down onto the tray to make this ‘Golden’ colour whilst everything else is black in colour, making this tray stand out from it’s surroundings.
  17. 17. Following on, a large amount of close ups and extreme close ups are shown. Whilst moving on from on shot to the other quick cuts are used which fit in with the beat and tempo of the music. All these shots add together in creating the atmosphere, creating this chaos/rush theme with the audience. The colours are all the same kind of colour (pastel colours) which creates this old look even further. These close ups look very effective whilst in the video. Depth of field are also used in some of these close ups and extreme close ups. This makes the audience focus on the sharper object and in this case it happens to be the jar of ink the keyboard and the ink pen. Everything else seems to be faded out towards the back of the background.
  18. 18. Once again like the other picture very much like this picture just with different objects, this mid shot is at the same angle and entails the same thing. This shot is very effective because of the fact that the surroundings around the mirror and the object central in the shot are black or another colour compared to the object which is most important. The golden colour represents that this certain object is extremely important because it is being shown as gold which some people and groups kill for in many cases. We can just about make out what the other objects are on the tray also, but only just about because they are in a darker colour which shows they aren’t that important because they don’t stand out.
  19. 19. As the music beat builds up the amount of close ups are increased and the faster the cuts are from each shot. Once again the colours remain similar throughout, being this cold, pastel colour. In most of these shots either something is moving or flowing in some way. For example These shots above ^^ all move in some way. The liquid inside the class moves slightly whereas the heart shape appears to be on some sort of table or equipment that makes it rotate in circles very rapidly. This movement is followed on when this shot is show. The camera appears to remain where it is whilst the two objects move in the same way the heart did. This is effective but you have be careful that the audience doesn’t get bored.
  20. 20. These kind of shots are very effective in video’s and clips. Like the other close shots this shot also shows something moving but in this case it is water being poured into more water. I find this very effective and as well as this it looks very professional and the audience like things like this. Due to the fact that you can see all the little details in the water makes this even more effective. In some ways this shot includes depth of field towards the background. The water being poured in looks blurred out compared to he rest of the shot which makes the audience look towards the water towards the bottom. The beat of the music is building tension whilst showing a majority of pictures.
  21. 21. As the singing begins this close up is shown of a man singing into a microphone. This is simple yet effective as both the person and the phone are black whereas the background is white. This makes the Black objects stand out more and suggests that they are the more important objects. This close up shot is shown for a only a few seconds which is normal for a video as other shots have to be shown through the video but although this is only shown for a short length of time it is extremely effective and like the depth of field this makes the audience look at the colour or objects that stand out the most and has a similar effect.
  22. 22. This is a extreme close up of a letter or notes. We do not know yet whether it’s the letter the woman was holding but there is a possibility that there might be a good chance it is. The writing remains to be ‘posh’ and neat whilst the paper is still old looking and rough. I have only just noticed that the text on this letter or paper are in fact the lyrics of the song. This is effective as the audience can learn some words whilst watching the video and sing along sometimes. This gets the audience involved.
  23. 23. This shot is a close extreme close up of a woman putting on her make up. This Picture involves a depth of field shot which shows the woman being blurred whilst the mascara is sharp and stand out from the rest. This stands out because of the Black colour it has compared to the white background. The woman in the shot above seems to be concentrating on something and perhaps she is looking into a mirror as she has a determined look on her face. This is another extreme close up of the woman applying her make up. It shows her feminine side. Dull colours are used here and you can see the shine in her eyes which stand out
  24. 24. From here around 0:48 in a long shot is used to show the vase an the flowers. This shot is effective as the producers have used lightning to have a huge impact on the Target audience. By shining the light on this object you are creating an effect. This lightning stands out a lot more due to the fact that the background is Black or a dull colour. If the background wasn’t dull the lightning wouldn’t of been so effective. During this the object is moving due to the table. The table is a moving table and because everything up to this point is moving in some way or another they have decided to add a movement in this shot too. Yet again this adds a further effect.
  25. 25. These type of shots are extremely effective on the audience. They allow the audience to see the lyrics. This type of paper is still very old looking which makes you think that special effects have been used of some sort. This shot is a close up and is only shown for a few seconds like all the shots in the video. Unlike some unprofessional videos This shot is not shown more then once because of the fact that it wouldn’t be so effective if the same shot is used over and over again. The producers have made sure that they have used different shots each time.
  26. 26. Quick cuts continue to be used throughout the video in time with the music. This makes the video a lot more effective as the music suits and matches the shots used. Once again this tray is used creating the same effect as it did on the other shots. The only difference in this shot is that there is a hand in the middle becoming the centre of attention. The background is still dull in colours and lightning remains to be used. The gold colour shows the importance.
  27. 27. From here the miming is introduced and the woman is also involved once again. This shot is a extreme close up of her bottom half of her face showing her lips when they move. The closer the shot of he miming the easier it becomes. The background has completely changed from a dull background to a very bright white background. This is used to make the woman stand out and due to the fact that she has red colour hair makes her stand out even more. Even though lightning isn’t used so much on the background it is still used in the bottom right hand corner. This corner is all black and this starts to fade out as more of the woman is shown. This shot is shown for a few seconds.
  28. 28. This shot is once again used but like said before they do not use the same shots twice, they are always ranged or different in some way. However this shot is taken from the same angle as before. This helps the audience to remember the shot and the things involved. The black objects and people are very effective on the white/peachy colour background. Despite the fact that the figure is black in colour, you can still see or guess what his facial expression would be like.
  29. 29. After the shot before these shots are later shown and these involve movement once again. These shots seem to be important in this video as they always involve some sort of movement in them of some sort. In these shots above the extreme close up of the flowers are rapidly spinning constantly but then cuts to the long shot of them spinning on the table. This table makes them spin. The flames are also spinning and makes the audience think about what object it is. I thought they were candles.
  30. 30. “ You tell me that your sorry” This creates a certain atmosphere as images are immediately in the audience's minds. I am unsure of what finger the ring is on, so I am unable to say if this woman was married but we can tell as a audience that something happened and we can now see where the hand comes in on the tray before hand. This ring may have been important and because of the lyrics whilst this shot is shown makes you believe that a serious event had to happen and builds tension and atmosphere.
  31. 31. These two shots above are long shots showing a figure of a coupe much like the figures you place on the wedding cakes, but some event must of took place. We think this because of the fact that the figure soon become on fire. This builds up further tension. The background black once again makes the video effective however apart of the background is green in colour. Like part of the background the figures are also black against the green colour. The fame stand out due to it’s colour. This shot is also rotating in circles but not for very long. Quick cuts remain to be used in sink with the music.
  32. 32. This is a reflecting close up of the woman who occurs often in the video whilst miming. This shot is ‘clever’ because it shows her reflection to the other side of her face, so that both sides of her face are shown in some way. During this shot she is miming to the song whilst her reflection is in the mirror. Mirrors are very effective and mysterious when in video’s, they add extra effect and add to the success of the video. You could do a lot in mirrors in video’s and add special effects to do so. This shot also shows her facial expressions through the mirror.
  33. 33. Once again this shot of the lyrics are shown on the old, rough paper. I find this shot fascinating due to the fact that the ink marks are the centre of attention instead of the writing. The ink marks seem to be in the centre of the shot which means that they are ‘the’ thing to look at. Instantly they are sharpened over the writing whilst the word apologize is in-between.
  34. 34. “ It’s to late to apologize” This is said as this close up shot is taken and hints at the time and how it might be too late. This is effective as the song lyrics suit and links to the shot taken and what it consists of such as the clock. This part of the song is all about time and this shot sums it all up as a whole. The time is running out and it’s to late to say sorry  The fact that the clock or watch is golden in colour shows and establishes that it is important because gold is often killed for and rare. This clock may have been placed on to a mirror so that the reflection in the mirror is reflected back. This clock seems to be old looking and would remind people of the time and how it can run out so fast. A lot of people can relate to this and link themselves in the situation.
  35. 35. The use of black in colour is very effective here as in some ways these pictures are very different from each other but they still use the colour black for effect. In the mid shot on the left black is used in the objects and figures because the background is white due to the lightning. This makes the objects and the figure stand out because it’s such a dark colour against a bright white colour. However when it comes to the picture on the right black is used in the background and the object in the middle of the shot. Lightning is Key here as it lights up some of the background enabling you to see the object which is the most important. Because these shots are different to the others shown on the majority of slides it makes us think that a different turn of events have taken place and it’s as if all the tension and atmosphere have been leading up to this moment.
  36. 36. Both of these extreme close ups are similar in many ways. They both show two important in people and figures in the video, miming and singing to the music. These two figures are often shown because it makes the video more effective when miming is used or involved. Lightning is used to great extents in the video and in these 2 shots.
  37. 37. This is a mid shot of the equipment needed to write a letter. The ink seems to be leaking. This occurs in the other shots as well. The ink represents time and how time is passing, quite like a candle. The candle only has a certain amount of time before it melts away and this is representing that time is running out and there is no time to say sorry. We as a audience have gathered that there may be relationship problems and this is what the video and the song is based upon. These doves and birds represent peace This means that he can finally find peace without her.
  38. 38. These long shots are similar to other shots in terms of the object being shown. The heart when shown is always spinning rapidly around in circles. This heart may show that there are relationship problems. We gather this from other various shots showing candles burnt out and by the song lyrics. This mid shot on the right shows the candle burnt out. This represents that the time has now run out and it’s now “too late”
  39. 39. This is a extreme close up of some water. Water represents cleanness and pure. Earlier we saw something going into the water, this means and shows that he is no longer pure and she hurt him a lot. For a split second we actually see more than just a face or phone. Thanks to the mid shot we can actually see apart of his body and arm. This hints to us about how he is standing and how he is holding the phone.
  40. 40. Special effects are used here whilst using a mid shot. The first shot shows a blurred version of the woman. This is effective as it later turns very sharp for a split second and you can then see the difference between them both. Depth of field is also sued here as the background is blurred slightly and the woman is sharp so she would be the centre of attention. The further away the object or person the blurrier it will become. The woman is wearing red and black which represents evil or darkness which is perhaps suggesting that she is evil.
  41. 41. These are mid shots separated by quick cuts. The shot on the left shows the wedding figures but in black. Black normally symbols darkness or evil. This extreme close up shows the black tear dripping own her face. I thought this was ink or mascara but due to the fact it is black means to me that she may be a stereotyped as a monster or a demon.
  42. 42. These shots are all mid shots of various objects being rotated but they all have some sort of ink on them which still means that time is running out, and with the water it means that he isn't pure anymore and that he is upset and broken inside. Quick cuts are also used her to match with the music.
  43. 43. All the tension was leading up to this moment. All the hate and the relationship problem is coming out. Even though we don’t know the entire plot and what happened we can still understand and relate that this problem must of been hard for them to get past and something went wrong. We get this from the Mid shots above. The burning figures show that the relationship is over between them and that’s time for them is over.
  44. 44. Towards the end these mid shots are shown through quick cuts. These all show that time is over and that everything is over now. The fire represents hell, and there is a lot of fire involved in these mid shots. In addition they all seem to be in the same position in then same angle. Time is over!
  45. 45. This is a shot of the letter from the beginning being burnt. It says ‘ I love you’ so it’s basically saying everything is over and time had gone. In some way or another we can all relate to this. The redness means evil or hell and the burning is related to hell.
  46. 46. “ Bad Day " is a song written and performed by Canadian singer-songwriter Daniel Powter. It was released as the first single from his second album Daniel Powter (2005) and achieved the #1 spot in the U.S. and Ireland. In the U.S it became the most successful single of 2006 as ranked by Billboard Magazine . =gH476CxJxfg
  47. 47. The video begins with a split screen, one side being female the other male. It shows Mid establishing shot of both characters in bed sleeping. Whilst looking at this shot you can also notice at how similar they both are when it comes to sleeping habit’s. Once again this is a mid/ long shot of the split screen which makes us believe or think that this will be the feature throughout the video. It shows the different times which they wake up.
  48. 48. Towards the opening of the video, there is this establishing shot showing the setting and location. The producers use camera movement and special effects as the shot is zoomed in to closer show the setting and the character on the piano which is close to some sort of pool. This Shot is in some aspects ‘Perfect’ due to the fact that the props are in the same position on opposite sides such as the big ball statues. They are in the same position and the character or singer ( Unknown at the moment) is sitting perfectly in the middle.
  49. 49. Following on from the long establishing shot, this mid shot is used from a quick cut which is normally used to create tension and creates this chaos atmosphere. This shot shows the Clothes of a person which is going to introduce us to this character or singer. Camera movement is then used to move upwards so that we can see this singer’s face and his facial expressions. At this time it looks as if he is singing the song which helps create a impact on the audience.
  50. 50. A great amount of quick cuts are used in this video to show the chaos involved and the rush. This long shot shows a split screen showing different alarm clocks. This split screen is shown almost throughout this video and is very effective as it shows both if the characters at the same time and how their life might be similar or different. These alarm clocks are shown several times to show the different days of the week. These shots show the alarm clocks representing time passing. The use of repetition is very effective as the objects may be the same but the angles or lightning may be different so that the don’t look the same each time. Also in addition another effective way that we as a audience can tell time is passing is the note pads towards the right hand side of the shot. These note pads actually say the day of the week.
  51. 51. Like I have mentioned before on other previous slides, the split screen is shown almost throughout this video and is very effective. These shots are all close ups of the woman character’s face. Whilst these shots are being shown to us we can see different facial expressions and different emotions and by this we can guess how she’s feeling. The colour of these shots are different. The middle shot shows more lightning being used to outline her face however the other two are slightly dull in colour. We can tell that time is passing yet again due to the fact that she has different types of clothing on
  52. 52. These shots are all Close ups however they are close ups of the characters face in the mirror. In each mirror the male character is doing a different action either shaving or brushing his teeth. However the setting seems to be the same as in the picture on the wall and the banner. This shot shows the difference between the two characters but it also shows the similarities. They both enjoy some kind of art either drawing or painting.
  53. 53. Repetition is used here on these following shots as they show the same objects and person doing the same action. This shows time passing as we can tell yet again that it’s different days due the fact that the female character is wearing different clothes. The lightning in each of these shots are different as each time the lightning is becoming more dull until on the last shot she turns the light off and everything becomes black apart from the outline and the natural light from the other side of the door. Another thing I have noticed is the letters, work or notes. Each day there seem to be less.
  54. 54. This is a mid shot which shows the main singer singing in some sort of train station. The people around him are blurred out because they are classed as not important whereas he is so he has to stand out from the other people around him. Even though they are blurred out we can still make out their facial expressions. They appear to look tired. Exhausted or fed up of life. We can also tell this by their body language and the way they are positioned. This is a close up of the singer which shows him singing. Depth of field is shown here as he is sharp around the edges whereas the background is blurred. We can tell that it is blurred because of the lights becoming diamond like.
  55. 55. These shots show the two characters in the same place. This also shows how similar they are in where they go and what they might be thinking. These shots are mostly mid shots that show the characters expressions which may link to what they are thinking. Some of us understand what they are thinking because we have been in the same position in waiting for the metro or the train. The body position is key in understanding how they feel. Quick cuts are used in-between these shots to point out the chaos and the rush.
  56. 56. Throughout the video, these type of shots are constantly used to add effect and to inform the audience of the singer who is singing the song and also involves the singer somehow in the video and plot. The singer is looking directly at the camera which adds extra effect on the audience. The audience will feel apart of the video and involved in some way. Once again this mid shot shows the body language, feelings / emotions but most importantly it shows hw similar the two characters are. They both look fed up or depressed and are both looking away from the camera which also hints tat they are upset / fed up. This shot also shows a depth of field shot because the background is blurred.
  57. 57. By the singer Daniel being in the same setting as the character is very effective as it sets the scene but also shows where they are and where the characters will be. Depth of field is used here as Daniel is sharp along with the chair and bars but further backwards it begins to become blurred. This female character is in the same setting as the singer Daniel and Compared to other shots of this character where she is fed up, angry or upset, you actually see another side of her and begin to understand why she is feeling this way. For once in the video we see her have a faint smile on her face whilst looking at this couple.
  58. 58. This male character has another way of looking at things then the female. He is also in the same setting of Daniel the singer and is also thinking about the same thing as the woman. His facial expressions inform us of everything. From this mid shot his expressions tell up he is fed up much like the way the female is feeling and it’s about the same reasons too. The male character shown above is sharp compared to everything else such as the background and the other fellow train or metro members. This informs us that he is the most important character. From this shot we can tell that he feels the same then the female does. He is looking at a couple and his facial expression doesn’t change which means he’s thinking or upset.
  59. 59. Once again repetition is used to create the scene. Like the other it is the ‘perfect’ shot with everything in the correct place and in the same position on both sides. This can be effective as it reminds the audience of the setting and the establishing shot. This shot of the singer playing the piano is shown for a long time whilst the music plays. This is effective as it actually shows the singer playing the piano whilst in the video. The view from up above is effective as well as you can see all he keys he is playing. This is another view of Daniel playing the piano. Like the shot above here you can also see how effective it is because it’s different and stands out.
  60. 60. These close ups show the days of the week and this shows the audience that time is passing and time is going onwards. The water moving also shows in some way that time is moving onwards. The fact that the water is still make the audience think that time is still until the next day comes by. The shots are useful in this manor as it shows us time is going without actually saying it. All they had to do was show a calendar or take some shots from it. The colours are effective as blue appears to stand out more then most of the other colours.
  61. 61. This long shot and mid shot show both of the characters looking bored and annoyed. The dull colours as the lightning also adds to this atmosphere as the dull colours represent sadness. The settings in both of the shots are very important as it shows the audience where they are and in what type of work. Depth of field is also used here in one of the pictures (on the right) This helps to get the audience’s attention on the main character.
  62. 62. This shot is showing the audience that the similarities in both of these characters are endless. They both eat at the same place and are really alike.
  63. 63. These mid shots and split screen shots show the similarities in the characters and the plot. The mid shots show similar expressions whilst the drawing on the left show how different in drawing they are. These shots are very effective as you can see what both of the characters are doing at the same time.
  64. 64. In this mid shot it shows the audience how the female character feels about her life and work. Because of the shot before we can gather that she isn’t very happy but think she has more freedom at night when it’s silent. This shot has hardly any lightning apart from very little on her face (From above) so her face stands out. Her body language supports the idea about her being fed up. Depth of field is also used here as the female is sharp around the edges and in colour however the background is blurred or faded out slightly. This is only a little bit but it still makes a difference and points out to the audience that she is the centre of attention.
  65. 65. I thought that all of these long shots and mid shots would be better explained if together as they have a strong explanation if put as one. This is the part of the song that all the tension and the atmosphere has been building up to. The two characters finally see each other and then we gather what they are thinking and the audience begins to use their imagination. All of these shots are in darkness due to the fact that it was all at night and it’s the only time they can really relax in peace. The shot above of the male character shows that he is thinking and because of the shots before this we can gather what he is thinking.
  66. 66. This is one of the main events in the video as it links everything that has happened together as one. The two characters are becoming closer. These 2 characters are similar in many ways such as: They think the same, feel the same, go to the same places and etc… The lightning is important in these shots as the light shines on the board that they both decide to doodle on. Both of the characters look as if they are in the same moods. The mid shots concentrate on expressions and feelings.
  67. 67. From this moment onwards the plot begins to build even further and the two characters are coming together and closer then they were before. The mid shots are effective as it shows the different sides to both of the characters and you even see a faint smile on the male’s face which makes us think that he is starting to become happy. The Board (Picture) is very important in this plot and video as it links everything together. The board has lightning used on it but it is limited. Depth of field is also used here whilst the mid shots are being shown so that the audience concentrates on the characters instead of anything else that may be in the background.
  68. 68. Half way through the video you begin to see a dramatic change in the plot and in the story. The characters instead of being upset, fed up and annoyed they become happy and excited all because they are drawing on this one board together making up things as they go along. The lightning is very useful in these shots as they brighten everything up. The mid shots above show us a very happy female character who’s face is lit up by lightning. Animation is also used here as on the left in the corner they make the pictures involved in the shot move to add extra effect on the audience. The Board in the station plays a important role in this plot and story
  69. 69. We can compare these two shots from before when they used to hate their work and used to stare into space and not do anything. In both of these shots, because of the mid shots we can gather an understanding of how the characters feel because of their expressions.
  70. 70. This is a long shot showing the audience the character in the pouring rain raising her arm. The setting is essential as we can tell that it is night due to the lack of lightning apart from on the floor reflecting off everything to make sure the audience can see certain important parts of the shot. This shot is an perfect example of depth of field. The shot is show from the ground looking upwards but is very effective as you can still manage to see the umbrella and the outline of the other character even though they are blurred.
  71. 71. All the tension in the plot and in the video has been leading up to this moment that the two characters that are so alike meet. In some aspects it relates to the board too as the male character drew an umbrella to help her not get wet from the rain. The Male character looks very happy as he has met her whilst the female looks shocked. This shot is effective in many ways. If you refer back to the board they were drawing on earlier in the video you would be able to tell that this shot is much alike the board in many ways. The taxi, the umbrella, the male character involved.
  72. 72. THE END!!!