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Kris Allen [No Boundaries ]


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Published in: Education, Sports, Business
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Kris Allen [No Boundaries ]

  1. 1. Kris Allen- No Boundaries 6MOO8wHQxU
  2. 2. Mid shot:This mid shot shows the skater gettingready to skate or to warm up. It iseffective as you can only see the bodyshowing the skaters body position andnot the face. This way it make youthink and makes you wonder what herfacial expressions are like and as aresult what she is thinking. Close upshelps you to see the person’s orcharacters facial expressions whichlinks to how they are feeling but as thisis not a close up, it makes theaudience think more.This shot is a mid shot showing thefigure skating but focuses on the skateswhilst they move. I could include ssnapshot or video of just me moving inmy skates which would be reallyeffective.
  3. 3. Close ups: During the music video, few close ups are shown of skates and etc.. This picture right, is very effective in it’s own little way. Due to it being at the beginning you can clearly see what the video is about. I am going to include a varied amount of close ups in my music video. I could even include a close up of my own skate or me getting ready to warm up.Also included is a close up depth of fieldshot. The depth of field shot is used so thatthe audience focuses on the sharper objector person. Like the picture above, this shotalso shows the skates but in a different wayand unexpectedly the skates aren’tsharpened.
  4. 4. Long shot:Longs shots are very important as theyshow the persons body position or thesetting/location. This shot right, showsboth the setting and the skaters bodyposition. The body position talks foritself and by this I mean we cansometimes tell what people arethinking about or getting ready to do.This skater is getting ready to starttraining or ready to start the beginningof her routine. Once again the Mise-en-scene is essential as we can tell justby the clothing that she is in fact afigure ice skater. This shot is another long shot that shows similar things, such as the body position even though it is not the same. In this shot the skater is moving rapidly this time. I could include this in my music video, I could include me or a fellow team mate going quickly skating or racing or doing tricks.
  5. 5. Quick cuts:At the beginning a range of quick cutsand shots are used which creates thissense of chaos, rush or tension. Duringthese shots is also shows the figureskater through different stages of herlife, such as from a young child to ayoung teenager. This is very effectiveas you can see how she has changedand how she could of improved. TheMise-en-scene is also very differentand varied. The old setting from whenshe was a young child is completelydifferent from her presently as thenew ring looks a lot more cleaner and‘modern’. The clothing is also veryimportant, especially in figure ice Here editing isskating. The little costumes are very used wheneffective as they give away what the slowing down thesport is. girls actions. This is called slow motion and it’s very effective in a Quick cuts are used in this video to build up tension and to show the gradual music video growth of the figure skater over time, and how much she has changed and along with fast improved. motion.
  6. 6. Long shots:These shots are various long shots thatshow the figure skater once again atdifferent stages of her life, from a youngchild to a young teenager. The firstpicture is very effective, as the picturehas been taken through a barriorwatching the figure skater in training.Due to her being older it is showing herpast memories and how much she hasimproved since she was younger. Theother 2 pictures show the skater fallingfrom a long shot. Even though these arelong shots we can make out their facialexpressions and therefore how theymight be feeling., such as feeling pain. Icould include some of these in my videosuch as the barrior shot, but asregarding the other photo’s I cannot as Ido not have shots or video’s of mefalling (thankfully).The bottom two photos show her fallingover as a young child, compared to thefirst one. These photos or pictures areshown when the part of the song lyricsare ‘ What if my changes are alreadygone’.
  7. 7. Comparing:Even though these two pictures looksimilar there are major changes toboth pictures.The right handed picture is in darknesswith the spotlight shinning on thefigure skater which makes the skaterfor visible and is very effectivewhereas the left handed picture is inlight however the skater is in darkclothing meaning she will be easier tosee.The Mise-en-scene is essential inmusic video’s as it can show and link tothe type of genre of the music. Thetop picture looks like it can link to aBallard due to the elegant use of dressand the bottom looks much like thetypical rock look meaning the musicshe’s skating to may be linked to rock.The different place in setting may alsoshow that she travels a lot and visitsdifferent places and will therefore bewell known. This picture above shows how the figure skater has improved over time and shows her as a young adult or teenager. Her body language establishes that she can be a very aggressive skater compared to how she was before hand as a child.