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  1. 1. Step-by step Editing Photos Construction
  2. 2. To start off with I got a picture of my friend and decided to edit it on Photoshop. I had to cut the background out. I tried it with the background before hand and it did not work out right at all. It had a white box around the picture and did not suit the front cover. I could of done this for the content page, and it would of worked but for the front cover it was a definite no. I had to smooth down the edges so that the picture looked right otherwise the picture added onto the front cover would of looked unprofessional. By smoothing down the edges I was able to place it properly on the front cover, which added the final touches to finishing the front cover altogether. It was hard but I managed it and this is how it turned out. Like I said above… I cut the background out which left me with a great picture.
  3. 3. I placed the picture of the guy onto my contents page and added a plain white background in the box to make it stand out from the pitch black background. I added a caption at the side of the picture and made it bright red for effect and to keep to the original colour pallet that the people wanted. Every time I have to remember to add a new layer. A new layer for pictures and a new layer for the next picture. I also used the picture of the model with her tongue out. I liked the picture and it linked to the article I was producing.
  4. 4. I edited a picture of a NME front cover on Photoshop. I filtered it and arranged the size so that it looked alright. Then i placed it on My music magazine. I played around with the picture, trying to get the right size needed and the right effect. I used the effect dry brush which made it different but not by much. I had a little advertisement in which the reader could save some money, and I decided to involve some magazines for extra effect. I only got to include one as I didn’t have enough time, but I thought just this one was very effective, and made the contents a tiny bit better just with the one tiny picture. Like everything, another new layer has to be produced, and even this small picture had to have its own too. I outlined the advertisement in white to make it stand out. I was going to make a dashed line to suggest that maybe they can tear it out, but it did not work out.
  5. 5. As in all pictures I deleted the background as it did not look great when the background was also included. The background would of simply made my magazine look unprofessional, and this is not what I wanted at all. It was hard as there was hairs and clothes that were the same colour. I had to be careful that I did not cut some of our clothes or body off while cutting out the background out. Before adding to magazine, I smoothed the edges down. I placed the Picture onto my magazine and added a outer glow for extra effect, but this was mainly because the background and the colour of our jeans were the same or similar colour and we needed the picture to stand out from the rest of the page/cover. The outer glow was hard as you had to get the right effect at the right amount. This picture was hard to add a effect to. After all of this I thought this front cover started to take it’s shape apart from the extra black spaces.