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Analysis of DVD covers


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Analysis of DVD covers

  1. 1. Analysis of DVD covers. The following slides show theanalysis of varied DVD covers...
  2. 2. Big Headline/Title: Every DVD coverneeds a ‘bold’ title so the main target Explanation/bubble: EVERY DVD has a explanationaudience can see what it is called. The or bubble explaining the plot or storyline of the film.fact that it is big and a different colour This gets the audience interested in the film and mayand font to the rest of the writing makes even lead to them purchasing the unique and will gather the audience’sattention.A main Picture/photo’s: Pictures: On the backEach DVD cover needs a of the DVD cover theremain picture. To make the are normally a range ofcover more personal to the photos from a variety ofaudience the producers sections from the filmmake sure their actor or that help explain whatcharacter is looking into the the film is about. Thereaudience’s eyes in order for are normally more thenthem to relate. 3 pictures on the back and this gets the audience thinking about what the film consists of which makes the audience use their imagination. Review: Recent Professional DVD covers have Special features: It is becoming more frequent that reviews or quotes from newspapers rating the film. every DVD has special features or bonus’s that Sometimes this can actually make you buy it as sometimes show the ‘bloopers’ or the deleted someone else is stating that it is good which makes scenes. There is normally a box or explanation on the you automatically interested in purchasing the back of the DVD that establishes what the Special product. features consist of or what they are.