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Music Video Analysis

  1. 2. A music video or a song video is a short film, that it filled with loads of imagery that almost shows the ‘illustration’ of the song that is produced by a music artist/band/record company. Music videos use a wide range of styles of film making techniques, including animation, live action filming, documentaries, and non-narrative approaches such as abstract film. Some music videos blend different styles, such as animation and live action. Many music videos do not interpret images from the song's lyrics, making it less literal than expected. Since 1894, the illustration of music videos was introduced to the music industry in which it became a success. Ever since then, music videos have been the key source of listening to a new song (from a music artist). It also been the main feature of promoting a music artists single or their album, as it attracts attention from the audience to watch it. Music videos/Song videos also show the vocal talent of a music artists, in which it may receive critical responses from music companies (such as music magazines) and music producers. Also with there being mise en scene in music videos (such as costume/clothing, props and location) there may be props that are from big name fashion designers and technology companies. These are called endorsement deals in which a music artist may get paid a huge amount of money, to advertise a companies product (such as jewellery and clothing ) in their music video.
  2. 3. In the opening sequence of Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’, the music video opens with a long shot, in which a portrayal is shown of a stylised family portrait as people are posing in different positions (Image 1), in which it seems as though each person has their own individual stereotype and some being similar stereotypes to eachother. However Gaga is central in the image, in which she is on a white throne as the camera zooms in and quickly cuts to a mid-shot of Gaga as it zooms in (showing that she is the main subject of this video). As the camera quickly cuts, a close-up of Gaga’s face is shown (Image 3) in which you are able to identify the unusual aspect of Gaga’s glasses, as it seems that the glasses were made by razor blades. As you are able to hear a techno melody throughout the opening of the music video, you see a finger on a button (which portrays as though she is playing the techno music). As the finger releases the button, the track of ‘Bad Romance’ begins (Image 4). As the music video evolves into a masterpiece.
  3. 4. As the music video continues, there is a lot of camera movement on the different areas of the music video set, in which there is a lot of lighting in the colour of amber. As the lighting is developed across the scenery (as seen in Image 1, Image 2 and Image 3) you are able to identify Russian Vodka and a modern version of coffins that are in the colour of white. The camera uses mid-shots, long shots and close-ups throughout the scenery. As the lighting changes to the colour of white, an editing usage of a cut goes into Image 4, which reads ‘Bath Haus of Gaga’-----> which represents the theme of Lady Gaga’s world of monsters. After the seeing the words ‘Bath Haus of Gaga’ an editing feature of a cut, is used to shows the monsters coming out the modern white coffins (Image 5). With the different camera shots, it gives the effect of what’s happening in the video, by showing the structured detail of the mise en scene (Image 6). As the camera changes to different movements, the audience are able to see the monsters come out of the coffins in white latex jumpsuits that cover some parts of their face, although Gaga stands out the crowd, by having the latex jumpsuit cover her eyes and bits of her nose, while she wear red lipstick that matches the colours of ‘Monster’ and ‘Bath Haus of Gaga’. In this case the monster begin to scarily dance out their coffins, in which the camera cuts to Gaga (with pale orange hair and a transparent outfit with crosses on her breasts) in a bath tub. Gaga raises her foot in which she wears a shoe, that was designed by Alexander McQueen. With Gaga being in the bath tub it links into the title of ‘Bath Haus of Gaga’ in which as the video continues, the storyline is more clear.
  4. 5. As the music goes into a style of ‘clapping’ within the track, the monsters begin to scarily dance and clap in their positions (Image 1) in which Gaga also does a little dance in the bath tub (Image 2). In Image 2 you are able to identify Gaga wearing headphones. These headphones are a way of promoting a product, as the headphones are from Lady Gaga’s original creation. You can also identify that a storyline is being created, as Gaga has pale orange hair and is sitting in the bath tub grooving to the music (in which the storyline continues throughout the music video). However, Gaga still lips syncs to the track on open occasions throughout the music video. As the video continues, the monsters in white latex jumpsuits put up their hands in claws ----> which shows the representation of monsters. There is a fantastic scenery of Gaga lip synching in a mirror. This is very quite effective as the camera is drawn at an angle, that only shows Gaga in another outfit. This is also effective as you are also able to see the full image of Gaga’s face, without seeing the camera in the reflection of the mirror. Image 1, 3, 4 may be similar but they have different effects towards them. In Image 1, there is an amazing effect to Gaga’s eyes as they look incredibly big in the image which portrays her character as a psychotic person. In Image 2, shows the ‘Peace’ tattoo on Gaga’s hand which may have a link to her character wanting peace in the storyline of the video, in which this is very effective as it links to the whole storyline of the video. However, Image 3 shows Gaga being taken out the bath tub by two women, in which the storyline is developed more as the electrifying chorus of ‘Bad Romance’ begins.
  5. 6. As the electrifying chorus is being played, there is continuous dance sequence that is being performed by Gaga and her back-up dancers throughout the music video (Image 1). As Gaga is taken out the bath tub by the two women in transparent outfits, they force off her transparent, sleeveless top in which you can only see her bare back (Image 2). In this case Image 3, shows a softer side to Gaga as she hardly has any make up on, in which there is more emotion in her face which relates to the developing imagery of the storyline. In Image 3, the two women in transparent outfits drug Gaga with a drink, in which the storyline later develops massively In Image 1, Gaga is being pulled aggressively by her fellow dancers as she is forced to take off her jacket, and sell herself provocatively to Russian Mafias. In Image 2 you are able to see the Russian Mafias seated in a oval shape, while Gaga and the dancers are far central, in which Gaga is selling herself to the Mafias. Surprisingly in Image 3, it shows Gaga quite nude but she has had an editing usage of special effect to make her body look amazingly strange (as her back is more swollen/enlarged and her stomach area is a lot smaller). This emphasises the aspect of Gaga having a body like a ‘monster’ in which it can portray that she has a monster-like body under all her clothing and material (e.g. white latex jumpsuit). However in Image 4, Gaga brings back more of a provocative persuasion to a mafia, as she crawls on the floor (in which there is a beautiful camera shot between the mafia’s legs which shows Gaga).
  6. 7. As Gaga covers her crotch in Image 1 (as its part of the dance routine) the camera shots show more of her persuasive aspect (through dance) of being sold to a mafia. Image 2 shows a close-up shot of a mafia pouring Russian vodka (as it seems) in which the scenery leads into Image 3, which shows Gaga giving the mafia leader a lap dance. This shows a matter of desperation to Gaga’s character, as it shows that through being drugged by the two women Gaga has been led into a world that makes her advertise herself for money and sex. However Image 4, shows the point of which the mafia leader is bidding on his price to buy Gaga. As you can see the logo on the laptop (in Image 4) has the letter ‘b’, which stands for ‘beats’ . This is a usage of an endorsement deal, as Gaga is advertising ‘beats’ so that it can attract audiences into buying their products. Continuing from the previous of ‘beats’ laptop, Image 1 shows the bidding price of how much Gaga is sold for to the Russian mafia leader in which its for £1,000,000. A noticeable thing in this section is that, to the build up of the chorus the editing of the imagery works perfectly, as the words “Romance” goes with Image 1 (as this is how its actually shown in the video) in which the chorus cuts straight into Image 2, which is ultimately clever. Once again the iconic Bad Romance dance routine is repeated (show in Image 2) in which there are camera shots coming from many angles (including a close-up shot and mid-shot). Something that I thought was quite I catching , was Image 3 in which it seems as though its a small carving of a snake with its fangs out. This is worn when Gaga has more emotion in her face and when she is partially nude in which the special effects show her strange body (Slide 6). Image 4 seems to be a glamourous image of Gaga, in which there is another usage of special effects (through editing) to show Gaga being surrounded by diamonds in the central space of the mafias being around her. In this advantage, Gaga is wearing a different outfit that reflects the ‘glamour’ concept in this image.
  7. 8. As the track go into the words “Walk walk, fashion baby, work it move that b***h crazy” there is an editing usage to show a flashing sequence between the images of Image 1, 2 and 3. In Image 1, Gaga is on her own (in which she is wearing a unique outfit that has a futuristic aspect). Image 2 and 3 are similar images as it shows Gaga wearing the same outfit (even though it’ a different outfit to Image 1). As you can see Gaga, is wearing another futuristic outfit (in which she has an unusual hairdo) while putting out her monster claws in this scene. In Image 4, Gaga is wearing a faux polar bear coat, that shows a great camera shot of Gaga wearing the coat and seeing the face of the polar beat, which is quite effective. Image 1 shows a sort of POV (Point of View) shot of Gaga walking towards the mafia leader sitting on the bed, in which you able to see two trophy’s (of deers) hung at the back. Although, Image 2 is similar to Image 4 (above) it gives more of an effective showing on the coat Gaga’s wearing and the futuristic setting Gaga has behind her. Yet again in Image 3, Gaga has on another outfit, but this time its in the colour of red. As Gaga sings the build-up to the chorus in French, she is lying on the floor in the same position as the rest of her dancers (who are also wearing red), which may be identifiable to the audience that another dance routine is about to be performed. In Image 4, there is an amazing close-up shot of Gaga, where you are able to see her face and the upper half of her lips. This image almost portrays a vintage looking shot, as Gaga’s make-up and hair have a vintage style that makes the scene look quite glamourous. As the camera is quite angled, you are able to see the reflection of the mafia sitting on the bed, on Gaga’s sunglasses lens. This portrays her quite powerfully, as the reflection of the mafia in Gaga’s sunglasses lens, shows how small he’s going to get and how powerful she’s going to become.
  8. 9. As Gaga sings the line “I don’t want be friends” (after the French part) there is a beautiful but different build-up to the chorus, as Gaga and the other dancers do a phenomenal synchronised routine before the chorus (Image 1). With the lights quite dim in this section, it adds more of an effect to the performance, as different camera shots are being seen throughout this seen. As Gaga gets closer towards the mafia, there is a close-up shot on the mafia leader’s face (Image 2) in which there is a usage of ‘depth of field’ as the shot shows the mafia leader in focus, while the trophy and the backdrop behind him are out of focus. The reason for this, is that the focus is on him in that image when the audience watch video, so that there’s more awareness of what’s going on in the video. As the shot cuts to Gaga (Image 3) taking off her faux polar bear coat, there is a shot from the back, showing Gaga wearing lingerie, portraying herself as a sex symbol to the mafia leader. Another shot of Gaga from the back (in her lingerie) shows a special effect editing of the bed being set on fire, while the mafia leader is sitting on it, which creates more of a dramatic atmosphere. As the chorus plays for the final time on the track, Gaga and her dancers do different choreography to the chorus, with bright lights around them in Image 1. Image 2 shows Gaga bare faced again (from before) in which it seems as though she has become even more emotional throughout the Bad Romance video. As the recent image of the bed been set on fire (above) by the usage of special effects., Image 3 shows the bed on fire in which it looks utterly incredible with the special effects added (to make it look like its actually been set on fire in the futuristic setting). As the video ends, there is a shot of where Gaga is lying on the bed that was recently on fire, in which there is a skeleton beside her. This shows that the mafia leader was in the fire in which he burned to death, while Gaga lays on the bed that’s covered in ashes, as she calmly has a cigarette while her pyrotechnic bra activates.
  9. 10. Lady Gaga’s dynamic music video of ‘Bad Romance’ has the micro-elements of the codes & conventions that are suppose to be in a music video as it shows the true aspect of how it became so successful. With it being a big production through the usage of mise-en-scene , the costume, lighting, setting, actors and whole production team made this music video a stunning masterpiece. With the video having a continuous storyline throughout, there were the occasional moments where Gaga would have the spotlight to herself, although it still kept in contact with her extraordinary character ; as she shows emotion and energy in most parts of the video. Also with the storyline between portrayed quite softer, than it actually is, it makes it more accessible for fans and the audience to watch as it doesn’t show violating scenes or domestic abuse, which is sometimes put into music videos and lyrics for songs. The choreography in ‘Bad Romance’ was well executed, as it was in time and it matched to the up-tempo chorus. The choreography was quite continuous throughout the video, in which it made it iconic for the monster claws. In this case the choreography was compared to the Michael Jackson ‘Thriller’ choreography, as the dance routine was quite similar. However, with the representation of the monster claws this generated the full concept of Gaga’s EP “The Fame Monster“ in which it became hugely successful worldwide, in addition it gave Gaga the idea to call her fans her “Little Monsters” while she named herself “Mother Monster”, There is a fantastic usage of the codes & conventions in the music video, such as camera movement (shots and angles), editing (special effects) and mise en scene. Mise en scene has contributed massively to the video, as the actors and dancers have worked to the best of their ability throughout the video. Also there has been a lot of different of costumes for the dancers and mainly Gaga, as her hair and make-up change almost every section. However the futuristic setting (which is in a studio) remains the same, although furniture and objects are put in different areas of the setting to make it look more realistic for the video. Camera movement (shots and angles) also contributed a lot to the video, as the dance routines where shot from many angles, in addition to acting scenes having a lot of camera shots (such as close-up shots, mid-shots and long shots). There is a tremendous amount of editing in this music video, which what makes it so amazing and energetic, as the different scenes were edited and linked to Gaga’s style or her emotion. Also the special effects make Gaga’s body look strange and makes the bed look like its on fire within the location (even though it actually was on fire with a green screen backdrop) .There isn’t a huge amount of different sound used, as the main sound used in the video is the track ‘Bad Romance’. With the video being one of the most watched videos on YouTube, it dominated the MTV Video Music Awards in 2010 as it won 8 awards including Video of the Year.
  10. 11. In the opening sequence of Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ video, the music video opens with a low mid shot (the camera aiming up at Bieber) showing Bieber in a dark coloured outfit, which matches the low key lighting background behind Bieber, while the track starts from the beginning of the video also. However the bright coloured guitar makes it very eye catching to watch the guitar instead of Bieber, even though it brings a lot of colour to the image (Image 1). As the scene continues the video shows Bieber seeing the beauty of some girls, while he’s out with some lads in which they follow them into a bowling alley (Image 2). As Bieber and his companions enter the bowling alley, there is a close mid-shot of him staring at the girl he finds beauty, while he’s lip synching the song (Image 3). The featured girl (Jasmine Villegas) notices Bieber from a distance, while picking up a bowling ball in which the love storyline unfolds throughout the music video.
  11. 12. As Bieber picks up a bowling ball and stares at his ‘leading lady’ in Image 1, he smoothly bowls the bowling ball to impress her. As Bieber bowls the ball, the camera remarkably cuts to the ball bowling as it makes its way to the pins in Image 2. To show the facial expression of the ‘leading lady’ and her friend, the camera cuts to a mid-shot to show their reaction to the ball bowling (Image 3) in addition to seeing more friends of the ‘leading lady’. As the camera cuts back to the bowling ball, the image seems to be more central (than Image 2) which shows that there have been a numerous amount of shots taken in that section. The bowling ball knocks down all the pins, in which Bieber gets a strike (Image 4). As Bieber gets a strike, he has a cheer with his lads and flashes a smile to he’s ‘leading lady’ in order to please her (Image 1). To show girl power, the ‘leading lady’ bowls her ‘smiley face’ bowling ball (Image 2) in which the camera cuts to her getting a strike, also (Image 3). In this case the odds are even between Bieber and the ‘leading lady’ as both of them have gotten a strike, however it seems as though Bieber is more interested in her, than she is. As the ‘leading lady’ is celebrating with her girl friends, Bieber can’t stop at looking her (Image 4), so he tries to smoothly make his way over to her to serenade her, even though she’s ‘playing hard to get’(otherwise known as pretending not to be interested or attracted to someone, usually to make the other person increase their efforts). As you can see the setting in the bowling alley has quite the 70’s look about it, as you would mainly see a lot of bowling alley’s featured in American films in the 1970’s. However, this setting has a good colour co-ordination as the bowling lanes are ocean blue, while the bowling alley’s have more mixed colours, to go with the atmospheric theme of it.
  12. 13. As Bieber eventually goes over to his ‘leading lady’ he tries to win her heart even more by serenading to her even more, but face to face (Image 1). To get more than just winning her heart, Bieber tries to pull her in, while he’s sitting on a ‘bowling ball return system’ in which some of the friends of the ‘leading lady’ are looking at what’s going, in which they’re discussing it among themselves (Image 2). You are able to identify that Image 1 and Image 2, have similar representation of what the image is trying to show, as they are both played in the same (with how the actors in the shot tend to be in a position which is a usage of mise-en-scene, which may have been suggested by the director of the music video). In Image 3, its another shot of Bieber on the cart he stands (but it isn’t usually seen in music videos), as it seems to spin around a lot faster while showing. The shot taken is a mid-shot in which it shows more of Bieber’s face and him showing enjoyment when lip-synching to the song. As Bieber leans in for a kiss from the ‘leading girl’ (Image 1) but he gets rejected as she pushes him away, in which he laughs it off. While the ‘leading lady’ struts her stuff in the chorus, Bieber still tries to win her heart, even though she’s still ‘playing to get’. Bieber follows her and tries to stop her from walking away from him, as he hasn’t finished trying to win her heart, yet (Image 2, which shows a light fade out into Image 3). The ‘leading lady’ gently pushes Bieber out the way, in which the image fades into Image 3. Image 3 wants again shows Bieber on the spinning cart, in which it is noticeable that the words ‘Cinemas’ and ‘IMAX’ are seen in the image. The ‘leading lady’ tries to sit on seats in the bowling alley, but because Bieber is continuously trying to get closer to her, he sits on seats with her, but she eventually struts off. A lot of editing is used in this section, as most of the scenes have a quick cut, which either sees the scene a lot closer, which shows has a different effect when watching it.
  13. 14. There is a star persona seen in Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ video, as both Drake ( far left) and Lil Twist (left) both feature in the music video, as part of Bieber’s clan when he tried to get his ‘leading lady’. Both Drake and Lil Twist are successful hip hop artists in the music industry, so to make a cameo in Bieber’s video can draw a lot of viewers to the video. In Image 2, it shows Bieber showing a heart shape by using his hands in which he does a chest pump, to portray his heart beating. This central shot of Bieber, is quite dark but are still able to see the effective shadow on his face. The scenery changes, as Bieber is performing in front of a backdrop that has expanding shape of a diamond, in this case, you are able to see that he is wearing a different outfit (Image 3). As the image cuts to Image 4, it shows Bieber still chasing after his ‘leading leady’ but in a different area of the bowling alley location. Image 1 shows the ‘leading lady’ strutting away from Bieber but yet she turns around to see if he’s still following her. As she struts around a pool table, Bieber does an exaggerated/cheesy move, as he rolls on the pool table (Image 2) and positions himself infront of the ‘leading lady’ to try and get a kiss off her. Sadly the leading lady, rejects him once again which leaves Bieber trying to conquer a challenge. In this moment, the image cuts back to Bieber on the moving cart in which he is lip synching (Image 4). As you can see with most of these images on this slide, they have a red or blue transparent line going across. This is mainly due to the technical lighting that is used on set in the video, and with it being high-key lighting (due to red and blue being primary colours) this continuously adds to the youthful aspect of the video. Also as you can see there is a lot of youthful colours being indentified in the video, as the walls in Image 1matches the pink top of the ‘leading lady’. This is also seen with Bieber’s outfit, as his shirt has a colour resemblance to the pool table he rolls on.
  14. 15. The scene cuts back to Bieber and his ‘leading lady’ in the main area of the bowling alley, in which Bieber challenges the ‘leading lady’ and her friends to a dance off. This is shown through Image 1 and 2, as there is a cut shown between both shots. Image 3 shows the lead up to the dance off, as the boys are positioned on the right side of the shot, while the girls are positioned on the left. The camera slowly zooms in from the bowling lanes, in which you are able to see a right light positioned central of the dance off. As it comes to the build up of the chorus, Bieber throws one of his guys into the middle of the dance floor to start the dance off. There is a lot of shots throughout this dance section, as boys and girls continuously take turns to do major freestyles (Image 4). As the girls and boys are smoking up the dance floor, Bieber and his gang do a little choreographed dance movement, in which Bieber takes the advantage of this to impress his ‘leading lady’ (Image 1). In this case, the camera cuts to the ‘leading lady’ at a mid-shot angle, which shows her reaction to Bieber’s dance and also her friends’ reactions towards it. Her facial expression is a smirk, as she’s not fully won over by the simple dance moves, but she sees a charm in Bieber. On the other hand, Bieber is giving a cheeky grin to his ‘leading lady’ after identifying her smirk. The dance off then continues after this, but only through an invasion of an artist. This is done because (American rapper) Ludacris has his verse coming in, in which there are continuous shots going to the dance off and to Ludacris having his moment. As you can see from Image 4, Ludacris looks quite chilled out and relaxed, as he has his left foot in front of his right foot in which he also has his hands in his pockets. Ludacris also starts off by being in front of the expanding diamond backdrop which adds a powerful effect to Ludacris’ status.
  15. 16. As Ludacris begin his (rapping) verse, the camera shows a close-up of his face in which it shows him lip-synching his verse to the song (Image 1). As Ludracis’ verse continues, there is a cut of Bieber doing robot dance moves with his crew, in which the camera cuts again to Bieber in front of the expanding diamond backdrop in a close-up shot. The impressive special effects added, shows a white flash in which it shows the camera in the same stance, yet Bieber does smiling facial expressions towards the camera. Throughout Ludacris’ first section of the verse, there are continuous cuts of him, Bieber dancing with his crew, girls doing prepared dance rountines and. also the ‘leading lady’. Eventually the camera cuts to Ludacris and Bieber together behind the diamond backdrop (Image 2). As Bieber lip synches “Woo”, you notice that he’s face is featured coming from the side but yet he’s looking away from the camera. In this case, a ‘Cross Dissolve’ transition is added (Image 3) which fades out into the other shot, in which you are able to see Bieber’s dancers busting some moves against the girls (Image 4). After the Bieber’s crew have done some moves on the floor, the camera suddenly cuts back to Ludacris in a close-up shot and then cuts to Ludacris to a mid-shot angle (Image 1). To go with the rhythm and timing of the verse, the camera cuts once again to Bieber’s crew doing a perfected and stylised dance move (Image 2) in which the camera ultimately cuts to Ludacris at a close-up shot. In this moment, the ‘Cross Dissolve’ transition is used, in which it once again shows the cross fade into the next shot, of the dance off still continuing. From looking at the fade of Ludacris to the dance off, you are able to realise (if you watch closely) that Ludacris’ ring fades into the beaming red light (Image 3), in which this gives him ultimate power over Bieber, through being notified as a more successful artist. As the camera does another few cuts to the dance off and Ludacris, an impressive stylised dance move is once again done by Bieber’s crew, in which it looks cool (Image 4). A lot of the cuts (between shots) in Ludacris’ verse, are at a fast pace due to the rhythm of it being more up-tempo
  16. 17. As Ludacris’ verse is almost over, the camera draws the main attention on him and Bieber in front of the expanding diamond background, in which Bieber is leaning on Ludacris, while Ludacris is lip synching directly into the camera at a mid-shot angle (Image 1). The camera that cuts to Bieber and Ludacris in the same location, but the camera is at a long shot, in which both Bieber and Ludacris are leaning on the backdrop (Image 2). This shows the chemistry of Bieber and Ludacris being collaborative artists, in which they show a good friendship in the video. As Ludacris says his last line from his verse “but I just keep on saying” there is a slow ‘Cross Dissolve’ transition added in, as you able to see Ludacris by the backdrop, in which you are also able to identify Bieber on the spinning cart, yet he’s spinning quite slowly, which makes it seem as though he is moving in slow motion (Image 3). As it hits to the catchy chorus once again, Bieber’s crew are dancing on the bowling lanes individually, in which there clothing matches the colour theme of blue, dark blue and black (Image 4). As the dancers turn around, the camera cuts in to a mid-shot, in which you are able to see a quick glimpse of three of the dancers from Bieber’s crew. However, the camera cuts again ridiculously fast, showing Bieber in a mid-shot angle, lip-synching to the track (Image 1). The image then shows Bieber and his crew doing a simple, stylised dance move (Image 2), in which it cuts to the ‘leading lady’ and her friends also doing a simple, stylised dance move (Image 3 and 4). As you can see Bieber and the ‘leading lady’ getting close in Image 3, it heats up the chemistry between, as they are continuously trying to out do each other on the bowling alley dance floor. This instantly shows, that the ‘leading lady’ has a romantic interest in Bieber (as he also has one for her) since she is trying to impress him, which shows her vulnerability, as she is also trying to win his heart (even though he has already taken an interest in her).
  17. 18. Bieber shows an honest smile (Image 1_, after seeing the ‘leading lady’ and her friends do there dance move, in which the ‘leading lady’ does her very own bootylicious dance move (Image 2) making Bieber and his crew sway low down to the side, at an up-tempo speed (Image 3). Bieber is also doing clownish smiles to the ‘leading lady’ and friends, which can be quite amusing for her. The camera once again cuts, to some of the ‘leading lady’s friends doing a choreographed dance move which is known as the ‘dougie’ (Image 4). This can dance move, can set off a trend for audiences who watch the video, as they may use the dance when at a party or in a club, or to just generally to gloat about to their friends. With the dance off still continuing, it generates a big youthful sense for audiences watching, as the boys and girls show off modern dance moves and old school dance moves, which creates a lot of excitement in the video. With the camera showing a shot of Bieber in the expanding diamond backdrop, you can see Bieber being his youthful self, by doing clownish facial expressions and hand movement, which shows his sense of humour and his willingness to entertain the audience through a bit of humour (Image 1). As Bieber looks over to his ‘leading lady’ while still lip-synching the chorus, he gives another smile (Image 2), in which he receives a flirtatious smile from the ‘leading lady’, which shows clearly to the audience that she likes him. This is shown through her body language, smile and the ruffling of her hair (Image 3). In this case, Bieber shows the audience his foot work, as he dances on the bowling lane with his crew, in which the movement goes with the rhythm of the song (Image 4). With Bieber doing some choreography in the video, it can gain female attention for him as most girls like guys who are able to dance confidently, in which he is able to do so. This is demonstrated when the ‘leading lady’ starts to like Bieber, as he is able to dance to the rhythm of the music and smoothly. This makes the ‘leading lady’ fall for the charm that Bieber’s trying to portray to the audience/viewers.
  18. 19. As the chorus repeats, the camera goes to a close-up shot of Bieber’s face, in which it shows him looking away from the camera and doing a ‘banging on the door’ hand movement, to the beat of the music (Image 1). Following this is a cut, which shows Bieber busting some dance moves in front of his ‘leading lady’ to show her that he has some serious dance moves to impress her with (Image 2). A ‘Cross Dissolve’ transition is used again to get from Image 2 to Image 3, which shows Bieber lip synching with emotion (without tears or sadness), while on the spinning cart. Another ‘Cross Dissolve’ transition is used from Image 3 to get to Image 4, in which it shows the effective consistency of the transition throughout the music video. Also it gives amazing effect on the imagery and scenery, as a lot of the colours in one shot, blend in quite well with different shots when a ‘Cross Dissolve’ transition is being used in the video. As the camera goes back to Bieber in front of the expanding diamond shape backdrop (at a long shot angle), you able to see Bieber looking away from the camera, in which he is doing the moonwalk with his feet (Image 1). However, you are not able to see it fully as the camera cuts to Bieber and his crew, still battling against the girls. The camera, then cuts twice to Bieber and his crew doing stylised/choreographed dance moves in which the style of the dance seems to link to Michael Jackson’s dance style (Image 2 and 3). Bieber’s repeats this specific move, when the camera cuts to him and his crew, dancing on the bowling lanes (Image 4). In this case, the camera cuts which shows Bieber lip synching with emotion, while on the spinning cart.. With the fast speed of the cuts and the different changing shots, it shows the excessive amount of editing that has gone into the music video, to make it look youthful, eye catching and enjoyable for the viewers/audience.
  19. 20. With Bieber being on the spinning cart and lip synching in Image 1, the camera then cuts to the ‘leading lady’ (Image 2) and Bieber (Image 3) giving flirtatious glances at each other, which shows ideally that the two youngsters will get together at some point of the video. A portrayal of ‘in-depth of field’ is slightly shown in Image 2 and Image 3, as Bieber and the ‘leading lady’ are in focus towards the camera, while others around them are looking away from the camera in which they aren’t seen as clearly, which makes the viewers draw their focus towards Bieber and the ‘leading lady’. Once again, Bieber dances over to his ‘leading lady’ just to mainly show off his skills and also to win her heart. The makes the romance between both and Bieber and ‘leading lady’ quite nice, as it relates to teenage love that teenagers are experiencing in society around the world. As the song begins to end the word “yeah yeah yeah...” is repeated, it signifies the ending to the song. In doing so, Ludacris has his arm wrapped round Bieber’s neck, in which they both move to the beat of “yeah yeah” (Image 1). As the camera cuts to Bieber getting closer to his ‘leading lady’ he smoothly grabs her round the waist and pulls her in, in which it makes the audience/viewers think that Bieber and his ‘leading lady’ may share a kiss (Image 2). In this case, another shot is shown of Bieber and the ‘leading lady’ from a close-up shot, in which you realise that the ‘leading lady’ has fell for Bieber in which he is certainly pleased about it (Image 3). As the camera cuts to the pair from a long shot, it shows the ‘leading lady’s hands by Bieber face, in which Bieber gently takes his hands further round the ‘leading lady’s back. As you see Bieber lip-synch on the spinning cart for the last time, the camera shows him and Ludacris doing a handshake, while looking into the camera lens. The video ends with Bieber and the ‘leading lady’ coming down the escalators holding hands as they leave the bowling alley together, in which it shows that Bieber got the girl that he wanted from the start, which gives the story a happy ending
  20. 21. Justin Bieber’s bright and youthful music video of ‘Baby’ has the micro-elements of the codes & conventions that are suppose to be in a music video as it shows that you’re never too young to have a viral music video. With there being a simple production through the usage of mise-en-scene , the costume, lighting, setting, actors and whole production made the music video burst with excitement, character and liveliness With the video having a romantic (teenage) storyline throughout, Bieber portrays himself as a teen idol and a ladies man in the video, in which he shows the viewers that he knows how to win a girl’s heart, even if it gets ultimately tough and irritating. The consistency of swag being shown and identified by everyone in the video, shows how contemporary the theme of the video is. There is quite a lot of choreography in the music video, although it is mainly done by the dancers and some of the actors, as Bieber is mainly lip synching on the spinning cart or on the expanding diamond backdrop in the video. However, the choreography style used is quite modern and quite old school at the same time, in which some of the dance moves from the music legend Michael Jackson have be incorporated with the other dance moves in the video, but overall the style of physical movement used in the video is very edgy and new. There are fantastic uses of the codes & conventions in the music video. The mise-en-scene in the music video is consistent throughout, as the locations were simple, in which they had effect through the usage of colour (mainly neon) and shapes (e.g. backdrop, bowling alley and mall behind Bieber while he was on the spinning cart). With the setting being in a bowling alley, studio and mall it makes the concept targeted at young teenagers who like to interact with their friends by hanging out at a bowling or mall. However, the expanding diamond shape background almost gives a futuristic idea for viewers watching, as the backdrop is quite unusual. The actors and dancers in the video are young and sophisticated people, almost identifying them as young adults through the way they dress, dance and react around plus towards each other. With cameo appearances from Drake and Lil Twist, can give the video major popularity, since they are successful artists with a large fan base .The costume in the music video hardly changes whatsoever, although Bieber is the only person that has different costume changes in the video (about three costume changes). In this case, a lot of the costume matches the lighting in the scenes, in which there is a lot of high key lighting which enforces colours such as red and blue, which is significant to girls liking red (or pink) and boys liking blue. White lighting is used, in the studio of Bieber being in front of the backdrop. This way we’re able to see Bieber‘s and Ludacris’ facial expressions and features more clearly. With the video being one the most watched video on YouTube (ever!), it gave Bieber the peak to his music career across the globe in which he gained more fans, more awards and a lot more popularity/recognition in the music industry.
  21. 22. Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’ and Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ are too very different videos, in which they don’t have a lot of similarities, but yet they have more differences. Gaga’s epic masterpiece of ‘Bad Romance’ gives a matured /older and unusual storyline that captures excitement for the viewer. With Gaga playing different character roles in the video, shows diversity of her as an actress and as an artist, as she plays characters that include her being emotional or led into prostitution. With a futuristic setting and futuristic costumes to match, it makes the video look ultimately dynamic and modern, in which it gives Gaga the creativity breakthrough that she deserves in the music industry. With flashing lights to go with the electrifying choreography and camera shots from numerous angles that make the scenes and imagery look amazingly effective, it shows the audience how big the production is and how much detail has gone into making the video extreme perfection. With dancers and extras, it sets the scenes excellently in which the choreography is sharper than ever, when it gets to the chorus. There are loads of editing cuts in the video, to show its continuous storyline, in which it is almost portrayed as a movie due to the length of the video and the controversial story behind it. Bieber’s romantic video of ‘Baby’ shows him as a young talent, who is ideally able to use his charm to win the hearts of teenage girls. The video is luminous and youthful, in which storyline shows Bieber trying to win the heart of his ideal lady, that he lays eyes on in a mall. With young male and female extras that help play Bieber’s friends and the ‘leading lady’s friends, it gives an atmospheric feel to the video, which makes the storyline look more realistic. With simplicity of costume and of the setting being in the bowling alley, it shows the youthful aspect of an everyday teen trying to catch the attention of the girl he’s attracted to. With bright lights that include colours of red and blue and parts of the setting that match the brightness of the colours, adds excitement and colour to the video. As there are fast cuts in the video it adds an effect of excitement for the viewer, in which humour is also portrayed in the video, through Bieber’s facial expressions and movement, which shows that he’s able to add entertainment for the audience (and show identification to those who are in the same age range as him). Gaga and Bieber’s videos are different in numerous ways, as they both have different storylines, a different production and many more. Gaga’s storyline shows a lot more diversity through characteristics that are shown, while Bieber’s storyline shows realism and worthiness through the characters around Bieber (e.g. the ‘leading lady). Although both videos are good, both attract different audiences. ‘Bad Romance’ attracts a more older audience (young adults and older) as the storyline is easier for them to understand, however ‘Baby’ attracts a wider audience, due to the storyline being a lot more simple and it identifying Bieber as a teen idol/hearthrob. Both Gaga’s and Bieber’s videos differ in many ways, but the greatness of that is that they have there own individual style and concept, which makes them entertaining to watch as audience member.