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Images For School Magazine


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Images For School Magazine

  1. 2. This was the first image I took for my School Magazine (in the Photography Studio). I really liked this image as it showed a young pupil taking a picture of me, through the usage of a Nikon Camera. I have used this image in the contents page of my school magazine, in which I am extremely pleased that I have put this image in my contents page, as it gives an incite of what resources are used in the school and what they are used for (e..g media, art, textiles and many more).
  2. 3. In this image, I took a picture of five students from Holy Trinity Media Arts College (my school) who I wanted to feature on the front cover of my School Magazine. As you can see, the students are looking different directions in which they’re attention is focused on looking into the camera lens. Also the female student in the blue tie at the front , is blocking the male student’s mouth on the right. For this reason, I did not include this image in my School Magazine, as it didn’t seen ‘eye catching’ as the front cover and the people in the image aren’t focused.
  3. 4. This is the image I used for the front cover of my School Magazine, as the students are all smiling (although the student on the far left and on the far right, look a bit serious). However, the student on the far right didn’t want to be in the image after all so I neatly cropped her out the image and used the four remaining students, in which the front cover looked great. With the students wearing different coloured ties (as they were in different coloured houses) it showed how different they all were individually and how they worked greatly together.
  4. 5. This is another image that I took of the students, for the feature on my front cover. As you can see each other , individual student seems to be pulling off a different facial expression. The first student on the far left seems to be quite angry while looking into the camera, the student in front seems to be loving the spotlight, as she is giving a big grin, while the student in the middle (back) seems to be smirking about something in the corner of the studio. The student in front is giving quite a startled facial expression, while looking into the camera lens, however the student behind her seems be giving a cool smirk to the camera. The student on the far right, seems to be giving a soft smirk to the camera, but this image failed to impress me for the front cover of my School Magazine as it looked very peculiar.
  5. 6. This image I took is quite peculiar, as the students are giving facial expressions that were the opposite to what they did in the previous image, as you can see. Due to this, I didn’t use this image as the front cover of my School Magazine, as some of the students look unhappy and lost, in which I needed my front cover to be ‘wow’ for the reader, so that they could be interested in looking at my magazine issue.
  6. 7. Image 6 is a different image from the previous images, as this image shows a tree. The reason why I took a picture of a tree is because I wanted to see if it could be used for my contents page. I wanted to see if it would look more interesting, if I did some ‘Adobe Photoshop’ editing, but sadly this image was not used in my School Magazine, as I wanted something that something more unusual.
  7. 8. This is image is quite similar to Image 6, has it has something to do with leaves, trees and nature (in a sense). I took this image because I really thought I was going to use this image for the background of my contents page, however after put coloured text over this image, it was too distracting to look and also I wasn’t able to see the images clearly.
  8. 9. Image 8 is the image I used as the background of my School Magazine contents page. I really like this image, as it is different and unusual. By turning off the studio lights and turning on the photoshoot light, it looks very effective as you can see the brightness in the light bulbs, in which it shows the reflection, which makes it even more effective. I am very pleased that I used this image as the contents page of my School Magazine.
  9. 10. Image 9 was taken in the LRC (Learning Resource Centre) in which I took a picture of an Apple Laptop. The reason why I took this image, was because I wanted to use it for a competition feature in my School Magazine. I am pleased of how this image was used in my School Magazine, as it portrays an exciting competition for students.
  10. 11. This is image was probably the most natural image I took for my School Magazine, as it shows students being themselves, by working at the computer and showing eachother their work. Although this image may be quite bright on one of the students face, I still used it as one of the images in my contents page as it showed what the school is all about, which is ‘hard-working students’. So I am pleased that I used this image in my contents page.