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A2 Media: The Evaluation (Extended Version)


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A2 Media: The Evaluation (Extended Version)

  1. 1. Like most normal music videos, I chose to do a music video that had a narrative storyline which stood out and that the target audience could easilyunderstand it. I did this so that the audience could be engaged throughout the music video and so that they could find the song interesting and moreextended to how the song is usually portrayed in the music industry. Also by creating an interesting narrative storyline within my music video, that wassurrounded by the concept of there being a young/maturing relationship, this evidently aims at the target audience who are older teenagers, becoming youngadults. As I wanted the storyline and music video to be simple but extremely effective, I looked at music videos that had a simple storyline, because either thesong is an emotional song or the storyline doesn’t need to be overrated/exaggerated. A good example of this is Adele “Someone Like You”.In creating my music video, I had to include all the micro-elements of codes and conventions within it as if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be challenging the codes andconventions for it to be and look professional. One of the first codes and conventions that I used was the ‘Notion of Looking’. Through planning andresearching, I was definite on how I wanted to portray my artist. I didn’t want to portray her a sex symbol in my music video, through the CD/DVD and thePromotional Poster, as I thought that it would be inappropriate and unnecessary. Instead I portrayed my artist in a sweet and innocent way, as I wanted her toreach/connect out to the right target audience market. This was done from the way my artist expressed her emotions throughout the music video, as shedidn’t just lip-synch the songs for the sake of it, she thought with deep passion of what she was saying, what she was thinking and how she felt about. Thisalso linked into the narrative storyline of the young couple, in which the facial expressions coming from the artist made logical sense, as it shows how happyshe was in the relationship and how much she was in love with her boyfriend physically and mentally. This is what the target audience can connect with,‘young love’ as lot of children are starting to grow into teenagers and mature into young adults, in which most of them experience a time where they fallmadly in love someone, and sometimes the relationship eventually breaks off, which leaves them in devastation and hardship of trying to get over the break-up as the relationship may have been wonderful, in which this is portrayed in my music video. However, my artist tries to get over the relationship in a maturemanner, as a way of showing that girls don’t have to cry continuously just to get over a relationship, but they can do it in a peaceful way.This makes me go onto another code and convention that I used in my music video, which was ‘Mise-en-Scene’. Mise-en-Scene is extremely important, aswithout this convention most of the music videos around today wouldn’t be correct, as it wouldn’t function in the same way like other professional musicvideos. One of the elements of mise-en-scene that was important in my music video, was the costume changes. The variety of costumes was important, asthey had to be representing the genre clearly. In this case, for one of the sections of my music video my artist was wearing a pale pink flowery dress with ababy blue denim jacket and dark boots. In different section, my artist wore something more relaxing as she was with her on-screen boyfriend, in which shewore a beige jumper with some dark trouser leggings and brown ‘UGG’ boots . In another section of my music video, my artist wore a red v-neck jumper andsome dark trouser leggings (in which no shoes were required as she was in her home). With the colours mainly being pink, blue, beige and red, I believe thatthis contributed to representing the genre as ‘Pop’. Although the colours weren’t ultimately bright colours, this was not needed as the bright colours wouldn’thave suited the slowness of the song. I also believe that accessories also contributed to the representation of the video being ‘Pop’, as my artist woreaccessories that also made her character more feminine and girl like a butterfly necklace, jewellery insect hair grip and many more. Another part of mise-en-scene that was essential was the location, as without the location the scenery of the storyline would not be set, in which it would not make sense to theaudience. For this reason, I chose my location in a beautiful park that had loads of trees, bushes, leaves and flowers, which was perfect for my video as itbrought the peaceful concept of my video to life. With there being autumn colours, within the leaves, flowers and bushes, I was ultimately pleased that theideas on my storyboards, were coming to life. I was also pleased with the fact that my artist had a piano in her home, which made it easier for me to filmscenes where she was playing the piano. The location played a massive part in my music video, as without it, my music video wouldn’t look so beautiful in theseason of autumn.
  2. 2. Another form of mise-en-scene that was extremely crucial was lighting, as different states of lighting could portray a music video in a different context to howit is supposed to be portrayed. In my music video, there was mainly high-key lighting as my music genre was ‘Pop’ and the lighting state for ‘Pop’ musicvideos, as high-key lighting was mainly used in a ‘Pop’ music video, which I found out through research. A lot of the high-key lighting in my music video, wascaptured by the sun, as I filmed most of my music video on days that were incredibly sunny, in which it helped contribute to there being high-key lighting inmy music video. Film footage that showed the sun, was usually used in transitions to make sure that the music video was always brightened up. An exampleof the sun brighten up the music video, was where the artist was looking at black and white photos of her relationship, however with the sun being there itdidn’t take away the aspect of there being ultimate sadness, but brought in the element of maturity. This helped me challenge the conventions of a slow‘Pop’ video, in a completely different way. Finally, the last form of mise-en-scene that I’m going to talk about, are the actors in my music video. There wereonly two actors in my music video, one playing the artist (who was female) and the other actor playing the artist’s boyfriend (who was male). Both actorsrepresented the narrative storyline in a brilliant way, in which I believe this was seen to be professional, as in a professional music video that is seen on thetelevision, well-paid actors would be identified within the music video, creating the storyline through the direction of the director of the music video. In thiscase, I think I challenged this at a professional standard, as my actors took direction incredibly well and made the ‘young couple’ scenes look believable forthe audience watching.A different code and convention that helped create the music video through hard work and accuracy was ‘Editing’. When reviewing editing techniques andskills that I used to create my music video, I realised that I have incorporated stylised transitions which summons a variety of effects that the audience canfind enjoyable to watch, as they may find it peaceful and relaxing, as they may notice that it goes with the atmospheric slowness of the song. The main effectthat I used in my music video was ‘Gradient Colourize’ , in which this effect helped turn the ‘young couple’ scene, from colour (present) into black and white,which represented the concept of the ‘young couple’ scenes being a flashback for the artist. Also to certify that the main transition that I used was the ‘CrossDissolve’ transition as I noticed that a lot of music videos use this transition effect, as a way to make the shots in the music video, flow naturally for theaudience, as it can be evidently noticeable if the flow of the music video doesn’t look correct. When there were editing scenes that required quick cutsbetween shots, they were a lot more difficult as they had to be accurate, in order for them to look effective. An example of this, is the scene where the ‘youngcouple’ are running on the grass, in which there are different angles shots of the couple running, in addition to there being cuts that show the artist lip-synching. Another example of quick cuts between shots is where the artist is looking at a photo of her and her boyfriend, in which it shows her dropping thephoto into a box, in which the camera angle changes, as it shows a view from inside the box and then another camera angle view that looks over the artistdropping the picture, from a high angle. Overall, I thought the editing process was quite challenging, but it was extremely useful, as it gave me the behind thescenes of how much time and effort goes into a creating a professional music video, that has to reach a specific deadline.In order for there to be a music video, there had to be code and convention that made the storyboard planning and music video concept form around it, inwhich it was the ‘Sound’. Like the conventions of an ordinary music video, I decided to have non-diegetic sound within the music video, although at thebeginning and end of my music video, it was portrayed as though there was a diegetic sound, due to my artist playing the exact chords of the song featured inthe music video, on piano, which was part of the whole concept of the video. A lot of the target audience, also believed that the piano playing scene wasformed by diegetic sound, as the playing of the chords looked believable for the audience. With the non-diegetic music being the soundtrack, I createdtransitions in the music video (through film footage), that went along with it. It may seem as though the transitions were taking away the main focus on thevideo, but they didn’t, as there were a lot of instrumental sections in the song that needed beautiful pieces of footage to cover that, in which I did it in orderto maintain the notion of looking for the audience. Throughout the music video, I have contemplated the rhythm of the song and I have transferred this intothe way I have edited the different shots due to the camera movements and compositions that lie within the shots. This is known as parallel sound. Near theend of my music video, I have challenged the form of there being no usage of diegetic sound, of where my artist is walking away from the piano. The mainreason, why I challenged this, was to make my music video stand out and to make sure that the diegetic sound of my artist walking, wouldn’t ruin thebeautiful moment of the song finishing.
  3. 3. As you may notice Something that isboth CDs feature a noticeable is thattracklist which the word ‘Ellietells you, all the Goulding’ is insongs that are white, in whichincluded on the ‘Your Song’ is inCD, in which they a turquoise/green.are both layed in On the other hand,a simple but the word ‘Adele’effective way. is in white and ‘21’ is in green.The styles of the This makes thealbums are quite colours of thesimilar (through text quitesimplicity), as similar. Howeverthey both show a the name of my CDconsistency in ‘Your Song’ is intheir colour a larger fontschemes. size, so that isAdele’s colour can drawscheme attention.consistsof white and Both of the CDgreen, while Covers makemine consists your eyesof white, focus on thegrey, image of theturquoise and artist asbrown. there are noThere are otherbarcodes that distractionsare included on the image.on the back Both imagescovers of the have beenCDs, so that taken, with athey can be plain backdroppriced. behind them.
  4. 4. Although both Both PromotionalPromotional Posters Posters give a notionare different, both of looking to theof them have styles, artist of whom thethat make them promotional poster isunique, as they advertising and thetarget different record that they areaudience ranges. promoting to the audience.My PromotionalPoster, includes The Promotionalrating reviews from Posters both featurenewspaper the image of the CDinstitutions. that they are promoting, in which IThe text ‘Featuring’ am promoting ‘Youris included in both Song’ while Britneyimages of the Spears is promotingPromotional Posters, ‘Femme Fatale’.in which they aremaking reference to The images are bothone of the hit different, as Britneysingles on the is selling sex throughalbum. Britney her image, which isSpears is including shown from her croppedthat her hit single dress (showing heris ‘Hold It Against legs) and sensualMe’ is on the facial expression. Myalbum’, while I’m Promotional Posterincluding that ‘Your image differs, as theSong’ and ‘Starry featured girl isEyed’ are featured selling innocence andon the album (mainly young beauty.because ‘Your Song’ The text for the wordis the song that I ‘Femme Fatale’ differshave done my music from the word ‘Yourvideo to. Song’ a lot.
  5. 5. My music video consists of a black and white effect within it, which is similar is to Adele’s ‘SomeoneLike You’ video. In this case, they are represented in a similar context, as my black and white effect portrays flashbacks from the past, however Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’ portrays the whole concept of the video and song being based on the past. This evidently illustrates (as seen below) and demonstrates that both music videos use a black and white effect, which is represented in the form of the codes and conventions. Ellie Goulding – Your Song (A2 Music Video) Adele – Someone Like YouBoth concepts of the music videos, as based As Adele’s song ‘Someone Like You’ is based on theon a relationship that hasn’t ended well. aspect of a broken relationship, this makes it an easyThis is portrayed through the usage of a prediction for the concept of the music and white effect, in which this effects However, this concept is fully noticed, until near endrepresents something being in the past (e.g. of the music video, where we see her boyfriend leavea flashback). her, which reflects back into the concept of the song. The scenery of both music videos are different but they are represented and identified in similarways. This is shown through the way, that the scenery in the background is not busy, but yet it’s calm in which this reflects upon the pace of both of the songs. Also with the background being less busy, it draws your ‘Notion of Looking’ towards the storyline or the artist in my music video, and Adele in her music video. This is important, as distractions in a music video can cause consequences to it’s success, as it may not generate enough views globally, and it may be make the single a flop (in the music industry).
  6. 6. As my music video was formed around the basis of a narrative storyline, in which I thought it was simple and easy to understand I wanted an ancillary text onmy CD/DVD and Promotional Poster that was simple and wasn’t exaggerated, otherwise it would ruin the stylised concept of my music video. In this I chose afont that it not usually seen on CDs and Promotional Poster, in which it was ‘Gill Sans’. I thought this font had a simplistic effect to it, as I thought its stylerelated to the style of my music video. For example, since my music video is simple, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t a interesting story behind it, so for thefont of ‘Gill Sans’ I thought it was something that was simple, but had something more behind it. You may ask, how did I get all of that just from a font style ona computer? The answer to that is that I thought this in the exact same way, when creating concepts for my music video, in which I thought of the idea ofsomething not being overrated, yet it still stands out, or something being quiet, even though its making a lot of noise, in which I wanted to portray the font inthat same content. Originally, I was going to use a font of the internet called ‘Channel’ from a website called ‘DaFont’ (, however I took thisinto all consideration that I wanted all my text to be original, as it can almost be seen as unoriginal.The turquoise colour within the text ‘Your Song’ on the CD Cover, reflects upon the aspect of the lyrics saying ‘I have forgotten if they’re green or they’reblue”, in which turquoise demonstrates the concept of making the colour of the text a cross between green and blue. This is also reflected in the image, asyou are able to identify that the eyes of my artist have been coloured in the same way as the text, in which with her looking away from the camera, itportrays the aspect of her looking into the eyes of her boyfriend trying to figure out if his eye colour is green or blue, but in this case, it leaves the audienceguessing on whether her eyes are green or blue. This helped gain a generic house style on the CD Cover that consisted of colours that were turquoise, grey,white and brown, however the house style on the Promotional Poster was different but similar as the colours were turquoise, white, orange and purple. Themain reason for choosing, the colours orange and purple, was reflected back to the scenery of the music video, due to there being a lot of leaves and flowersthat had a lot of bright colours on them, in which I chose orange and purple, because I thought both colours contrasted well together, in addition to thepurple matching the jumper that my artist was wearing in the promotional poster. This evidently shows that I related all my ancillary texts from my CD coverand Promotional Poster, to the structure and development of the music video.Other elements that helped convey the liaison between the main product and ancillary text happened to be the back of my CD Cover and the black and whitebackground on my Promotional Poster. Both of these elements, helped portray the aspect of the artist, trying to get over her relationship. This is evidentlydone, on the back of the CD Cover as the image present, shows my artist closing her eyes. This is to portray the emotion of the artist getting over herrelationship, in which the representation of her closing her eyes, shows her trying to forget about what happened in the past, by closing her eyes. However, inmy Promotional Poster you are able to witness the image, of my artist being in colour and the background behind her being in black and white. This to also toportray her moving on from the past, in which I have incorporated all these portrayals from the concept of my music video.I am glad that I have challenged the conventions of having one dominant image, on both of my main products, as I believe that this would be more appealingto the target audience. As there are mainly images of my artists on my CD Cover and Promotional Poster, I thought this would be more appropriate as thetarget audience should be allowed to see who the artist is, as they never know if they may be seeing them in a concert in the future. Also by being able to seethe face of the artist, it can help provide ‘viral marketing’ and ‘flood marketing’ for the artist in the future. For example, the target audience will be able torecognise my artist on billboards and in magazines, depending on whether she is promoting her music or promoting an endorsement deal, in which hercostume will represent her character and personality, as she wears a lot of clothes that form the element of femininity, such as flowery dresses and butterflyaccessories. Also, although my artist is a mature young lady, she still wears clothes that have quite a lot of colour in them, which contrasts to the idea thatmaturing teenagers are starting to wear clothes that are worn by adults. However, this makes her appeal to a wider target audience range, as it shows hergrace from an old teenager into a young adult, in which a lot of the target audience can relate to her ‘growing’ experience.
  7. 7. This is the evidence shown of me converging the ancillary text into the main product in order for it to look effective, in which you are able to identify thatthere is a huge amount of consistency that lies within the text and the concept of the images. By including the same style font on the back of my CD Cover,shows the form of me having consistency, as this is also used in the middle section of the my CD Cover, where the sideways text says ‘Ellie Goulding...YourSong’. Also with there being a barcode, near the bottom left hand corner of the back section of the CD Cover, this shows true professionalism. Thisprofessionalism is due to the fact, that through research, I went into a HMV store to casually look at new CDs, in which I noticed that all the main barcodeswere placed at the back of the CD Cover, near the bottom left hand corner. In this case, I transferred a barcode on the back of my CD Cover, near the bottomleft hand corner. You may ask, why are barcodes important? Well the main reason for barcodes importance is that any artist should be aware that if they areselling a CD or DVD, it is important to get a barcode whether it is UPC or EAN which is registered with SoundScan, or the CD/DVD product is registered withSoundScan separately. SoundScan is the company which records music and film sales and compiles the music and film charts so it important to get your CDregistered with them otherwise it will not be included in the charts or the music and film sales records.Now back to my CD Cover, in order to lure the target audience into the realism of my CD Cover, not much editing has been done on my artist’s facial features,in which the images emphasise the essence of natural beauty, within a young girl. Since the target audience consists of older teenage girls becoming youngadults, they should be able to relate to the pressure of trying to look good all the time, in which they will be able to see an artist who doesn’t want to feel thepressure of looking good, to please other people, but to please herself.
  8. 8. The Promotional Poster seen above also shows evidence of me converging the ancillary text into the main product in order for it to look effective, in whichyou are able to identify that I have transferred the main aspects of my music video, into the Promotional Poster. Since, I previously spoke about the editingaspect of my image, I think it would be relevant of me to extend the editing aspect of my image a lot further in more detail. As you may identify from thePromotional Poster image, my artist looks young and fresh and her skin looks absolutely flawless. Due to my skill of being able to airbrush the skin of my artist,this would ideally draw the attention of the target audience, as girls may desire to have perfect skin like my artist’s, in which they may consider usingwhatever product my artist uses on her skin. This is how endorsement products usually sell in the economic industry, as artists who are celebrities are able toportray as though they use a specific product for their skin, hair and face in order to receive money from the endorsement company, however they evidentlydon’t use these products all the time, as we usually see them look extremely rough without make-up in reality, compared to what we see on television and inmagazines. This is in-depth realism of what makes the product sell as a whole. Also with my Promotional Poster being a double-page spread, you can see thatthere are no number pages in the left and right hand corner. I have challenged this form, as I did not see a lot Promotional Posters in magazines that hadnumber pages on them, because they are not part of an article feature in the magazine. However, I think the bright ‘Pop’ colours of orange and purple distractyou away from this, as you are able to see the continuity of using orange and purple for the main text and for the institution ratings on the album.To conclude this, the combination of my main product and ancillary text combine together formally in order to make the overall product stand out and lookeffective. This is through the result of using house style fonts and colours that refer back to the scenery of the music video, which shows consistency of theideal concept. For example, the colours used in the CD Cover refers to a lyric in the song, while the Promotional Poster image refers to the narrative storyline.
  9. 9. What I have learned from my audience feedback, is that there are areas in which the target audience have told me want they would like to see in my musicvideo, CD Cover and Promotional Poster, in which I decided to use most of their feedback and challenge other areas of their feedback, so that it would makemy products stand out and look different, in the end.In order for me to get feedback from the target audience, I asked them questions on what they thought of the music video, CD Cover and Promotional Poster.In this case, I decided to video the responses and quotes on their honest opinions of my products.I will firstly show the opinions, on what the target audience thought was strong and weak about my music video. When doing this, I mainly got responses fromthe target audience who were older teenage boys and girls (maturing into young adults), however I included responses from an adult who was male, as Iwanted to see whether he would have an opinion that was similar to the target audience’s. So here are some of the responses to the music video:As you can identify, the majority of opinions said were that they liked the music video a lot, as they thought the narrative storyline was realistic and they likedthe different camera angles used. However, there were things that needed to improve, for example a member from the target audience said they thoughtthat the video was “slightly repetitive at one point”, in which I take that into account, as it is their opinion, but if there are areas of the music video that seemslightly repetitive, I will take full responsibility for it. Being given honest criticism, is extremely useful for me as it helps me to be aware of things I need toimprove on in the future, i.e. Making things less repetitive for the audience.From getting all the audience feedback in, I think that the target audience mainly liked the video and connected to the music video, as a lot girls thoughtstoryline was “cute and adorable” while boys thought the music video as a whole was “different” as the song of the video, was portrayed in a different way,which they found enjoyable.
  10. 10. Would you stop and pause to look at my CD Cover or Promotional Poster? Yes NoTo find out more information of what the target audience thought, I gave out a short questionnaire, on whether the target audience thought that my musicvideo looked professional or not and do they like my CD Cover and Promotional Poster. One of the questions that were on the questionnaire was ‘Would youstop and pause to look at my CD Cover or Promotional Poster”. I thought this was one of the most important questions on the questionnaire, so I thought Ishould share the results.As you may see, majority of the target audience and general public said that they would pause to look at my CD Cover or Promotional Poster. This provessuccess, as it shows the font styles and house style colours on my CD Cover and Promotional Poster would attract the target audience or a member of thegeneral public to just take a look at my CD Cover or Promotional Poster, due to its appearance. Although majority of the target audience said they would stopand pause to look at my CD Cover or Promotional Poster, the rest didn’t which is fine, as they gave me comments on what they thought I needed to improve.The target audience and members of the general public, said that they thought that the CD Cover and Promotional Poster was “quite simple” and neededmore stuff on them, so that the products looked more “colour and exciting”. However, I explained to the target audience and members of the general publicon why my CD Cover and Promotional Poster was so simple, as I wanted it to reflect the music video, in which not all the target audience got to watch mymusic video.Overall I thought the feedback from the target audience and general public was very good, in which I have learnt to take in all opinions and statements so thatI can use them in future, for whatever I do.
  11. 11. Final Cut Express ProIn creating my main A2 Media product, I had to use the Apple Mac Laptop as the music video had to be used on a professional program, in which we eitherhad to use iMovie or Final Cut Express. Evidently, Final Cut Express was more professional as there were loads of different transitions, more effects and avariety of audio filters, so I chose this program to edit my A2 Music Video. When I first experienced using Final Cut, it was quite difficult so I had to experimentwith a few of my film footage, but once I had gotten the hang of it I had to start getting into the main aspect of editing my music video, so that it could be andlook professional when finished. Although the music video had to look professional, it had to flow in order for it to be accessible to understand, in which byincluding a main transition that went with the tone of the song, the music video was able to flow properly. In this case, I used a transition called ‘CrossDissolve’ in which this was the main transition I used throughout my music video, but it had to be used in sections that mainly needed it. Due to researchingand analysing music videos, a lot of music videos used transitions depending on the codes and conventions of a visual scene. For example, whether a visualscene has accurate camera angles, movement and composition, may depend on whether it needs a transition or not. In this case I used both methods, as notall visual aspects of my music video needed transitions in them, as I didn’t want the target audience to pick up on this every time they watched it, as I wantedit to be as though the transitions are part of the video, and aren’t just an effect.Although there were loads of effects that I could’ve used to change the colour of my film footage, such as the Brightness and Contrast of the imageryor, whether it should have a glow or not, but I didn’t use any. My reason for this is that, I thought that using effects upon my footage would take away thesimplicity of my music video, in addition to it making the video footage look overrated in contrast to the song. Also to add, that the lighting for my music videowas great, as I mainly filmed my music video on sunny days (as previously mentioned).An area that I struggled on (even though it may have been ridiculously simple) was the putting text on the video, so that the audience were aware of who theartist was, who directed their music video, what record label they’re from and what the name of the song is. The reason why I mainly struggled with this wasbecause I wasn’t sure on how I was going to have the text. For example, I wasn’t sure if I should have the text medium or quite big and whether I should havethe artists name on one shot and the name of the song on another other shot. However, from looking at music videos on the television, they mainly had theirtext (or credits) at the beginning or end of the music video , near the bottom left hand corner. For this reason, I decided to do the same, as if I didn’t I wouldbe strongly going against the codes and conventions of a music video. Overall, using Final Cut was a massive contribution to the success of my products, as thethis specific use of media technology, clearly helped the different construction stages of my portfolioAdobe Photoshop CS3In order for me to edit the images I was going to use for my CD Cover and Promotional Poster, I had to use Adobe Photoshop of the Apple Mac Laptop. As Ihad used Photoshop previously, in my AS Media Coursework, I was aware of most of the tools and features on the program, in which I didn’t hesitate when Istarted to edit my image. When I started to edit my image, it was quick as I had already planned out on flat plans of what I wanted my image to be and how Iwanted it to look. In this case, all I had to do was airbrush my artist’s face, brighten up the image and put text on it. In order for me to airbrush my artist’sface, I had to watch a short tutorial on YouTube (How To Airbrush/Edit Pictures In Photoshop) to help me learn how to airbrush, in which I thought it wasreally easy. Something that I also had to make sure was correct, was the Brightness and Contrast between the front of the CD Cover and the back of the CDCover, as if they weren’t they would probably be out of place. In this aspect, I wrote down the numbers of how far I should brighten and contrast myimages, in order for them to look the same.When it came on to editing my Promotional Poster image, there was more editing elements for me to do, as the image had a busy background behind it, so I
  12. 12. had to tone it down a bit. Once again, I airbrushed my artist’s skin in which I also airbrushed her chest area, however I had to do this slowly as I wanted theairbrushed areas to be precise, which meant that I didn’t want there to be any mistakes as they would be noticeable. Once I had done that, I also brightenedup and contrasted the image, as it was looking quite dull and grey. After I had finished doing that, I uploaded the image unto Adobe InDesign, and started tocreate my Promotional Poster. However, while I was half-way through creating my Promotional Poster I asked a few members of the target audience on whatthey thought of the product so far. They instantly didn’t like as they weren’t able to see the text, due to the luminous yellow coming from the bushes. In thiscase, I edited the image again and came up with the concept of putting the background of the image in black and white, as it linked to the storyline of myvideo. (The artist trying to get over the past, in which the black and white effect represents the flashbacks of the past). In this case, I put the re-edited imageback on InDesign, which pleased the target audience, as they were able to see the text a lot clearer. Overall, using Adobe Photoshop helped my imageryproducts look professional, meaning that I was extremely pleased that I used the program correctly and to the best of my ability.Adobe InDesign CS3For me to produce my Promotional Poster, I had to use Adobe InDesign on the Apple Mac Laptop. I was aware of using of InDesign, as I had previously usedthe program for my AS Media Coursework, I knew most of the tools and features that were in relation to the software. Using InDesign, was quite simple as Ionly used it for the creation of my Promotional Poster, although if I the program didn’t exist, I don’t see any other way on how I would’ve made myPromotional Poster look so professional. Throughout the creation of my Promotional Poster, I had to keep on thinking about the structure/layout of thetext, as it had to be balanced, in order for it to look right. For example, the sizes of the text, the house style colours and the style font. In the end, I was reallypleased with the product. Overall, using Adobe InDesign helped contribute to one of the main aspects of my products, which was the Promotional Poster.YouTubeThroughout the whole stages of the planning ,researching, and evaluation, YouTube has helped me a lot as this interactive global website helped me give meideas for my music video, storyboard, CD Cover and Promotional Poster. From researching different music videos and codes and conventions, I hope to absorball the knowledge that I have learnt to use in my exam.BloggerBlogger has allowed me to layout my A2 Media Portfolio, to a professional standard, as there are a variety of font styles, text sizes, colours and also a varietyof ways to upload images, videos and documents onto my blog. Using this internet program, has helped my organisation how to make my work lookpresentation and accessible for those who are reading it.Various WebsitesI have used a lot of websites throughout completing my tasks, in which I have used this websites for research on music videos, CD Covers, Promotional Postersand the codes and conventions of all this various.EquipmentLoads of the media technologies that I used, came from the help of the equipment. The main media technology equipments that I used were thecamcorder, camera, Apple Mac Laptop and voice recorder, in which all of these were extremely important, as without them I wouldn’t be able to record mymusic video, edit my music video, take pictures for my CD Cover and Promotional Poster and record my video version of the evaluation. In this case, thesepieces of media technology equipment were ridiculously important as without them, I wouldn’t be able to
  13. 13. ImprovementsIf there was anything I could improve throughout doing my A2 Media tasks, I would have probably watched more YouTube tutorials for Final Cut Express, sothat I could’ve enhanced the final product of my music video.