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Music genres and social tribes


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Music genres and social tribes

  1. 1. Music genres and their social tribes…<br />
  2. 2. R and B<br />R and B which is usually referred to as rhythm and blues is a combination of blues and jazz. It originated and was developed by the African Americans. The genre typically depends upon a four beat measure and back beat. It is made up of styles of music such as jump blues, disco, soul, black rock and roll and many more. Throughout the twentieth century R and B has been the largest influence on popular music all over the world. The influence it has had on music can be seen in forms of rock, country, Western, Gospel and Jazz. Although there are many different styles, there are common musical and social elements that link them. The rhythm is the most important element and it is what distinguishes the R and B genre. People may think R and B is a genre which involves people singing about sad things however it is a lot more which it proves from the amount people that listen to it. Many different types of people listen to R and B as it is a genre of music which is comprised of a number of different styles. Usher, Alicia Keys, Beyoncé and Rihanna are just a small amount of the artist who do R and B. R and B is aimed at both the male and female gender.<br />Unlike hip hop (which I have already analysed on slide number 4) R and B could be defined as more of an easy going social tribe in terms of the attire people within R and B wear as it is usually very casual, simple and elegant.<br />Casual, elegant and simple are all attributes which contribute to a style being successful. As a result of this the R and B style is a very sophisticated type of style, this sophistication is defined through the types of colours R and B artists ( who are idolised by social tribes who aspire to be like them and therefore copy their sense of style) tend to wear. These are colours such as browns, beiges, reds and chocolates. This sophistication is also emphasised through the elegant dresses, waist coats, slim jeans and shirts people within R and B wear. <br />Hair styles are another element which are used to define this sophistication as they are very tidy. Woman are usually seen with their hair put back in some sort of way.You can see the types of clothes people within R and B wear are very elegant, this elegance is also portrayed through the shoes women wear which are high heels, men wear smart black shoes to portray this sophistication.<br />Unlike hip hop R and B clothing is not something that would cause people to draw attention to an individual, this can be seen through the small diamond jewellery women tend to wear and the simple belts for men. This differs greatly from the hip hop genre. <br />
  3. 3.<br />
  4. 4. HIP HOP<br />Hip Hop is based on the hip hop culture which originated in the Bronx in New York City during the 1970’s mostly among the African Americans with influences from the Latin Americans of that area as well. It is best known for the musical genre it has impacted of which has the same name (hip hop music). It is best known for the musical genre it has impacted of which has the same name (hip hop music). Hip hop music is defined by four key styles of musical elements which are rapping, DJing/scratching and beat boxing. Hip hop is something that was not really known about however today is something well known throughout the world. Hip hop music is mainly a style of music aimed at the younger market mainly teenagers and people in their young twenties. Within hip hop women are very often utilized as sex symbols due to the clothing they wear and the seductive way in which they are portrayed. Artists like 2 Pac, Black eyed Peas, Flo rida , Soulja Boy and Busta Rhymes do hip hop music. A significant aspect of hip hop is wealth.<br />What people in to hip hop wear is impossible to define without tracing it back to the roots, this is as I have mentioned before the Bronx in New York City mostly among the African Americans. As the first rap groups began creating music, they also created hip hop fashion. In the eighties, it was the white sneakers, the big gold earrings and the fade out hair style for men. Most of these trends are still with us today. In the nineties, the trend leaned towards bright, almost neon-coloured pieces , paired with baggy clothes. One the most famous fashion trends is the baggy pants usually worn with belts.<br />Key pieces<br />Sneakers- Boys within the hip hop culture often wear these with both baggy jeans and tops, often colourful which shows the influence the origins have had. The clothing should preferably be designer as as I have mentioned before wealth is an aspect heavily associated with the hip hop genre. This is therefore incorporated in to the social tribes through as designer clothing is usually expensive. Girls often wear these sneakers with skimpy denim skirts in the winter and baggy gym inspired tracksuits in the winter.<br />Sunglasses and caps- Sun glasses and caps are important within the hip hop genre as they both represent being cool which is something heavily associated with hip hop.<br />Big Gold Earrings-Women often wear large earrings, this is usually accompanied by a high tight pony tail. An example of this is Destinys Child (a hip hop group).<br />Bling- As I have mentioned before wealth is something heavily associated with hip hop. It is also used to represent being cool, men often wear heavy gold chains with numerous rings,.<br />Hair- All hair types are acceptable within hip hop.<br />Tops- Designer baggy tops for men, bomber jackets , In the winter gym- inspired attire for women however in the summer women often wear revealing belly tops which display their assets.<br />Bottoms- Baggy jeans or tracksuits for men, skirts in the summer for women and tracksuits in the winter<br />
  5. 5. Too see the hip hop genre and how hip hop has influenced hip hop as a social tribe click on the following link.<br /><br />
  6. 6. ROCK AND ROCKERS<br />Rock music also known as rock and roll is a style of music that became popular in the 1950’s in America and Europe. It is based on older music styles like rhythm and blues with a heavy focus on guitars drums and heavy vocals. One of the earliest and most famous rock performers was Elvis Presley who shocked the world with his powerful music, his music was well liked and he made the way for other rock music performers over the decades to come. Rock musicians usual image is a very stereotypical rebellious image with leather jackets, tattoos, greasy wild hair and piercings. This image is usually portrayed in their music. There are many Rock Bands around today like Metallica, Bon Jovi, Billy Idol and Gorillaz. As there are many types of rock the target audience varies, for example classical rock would be aimed at 20-50 year olds.<br />The rock image is a very rough image, this image is portrayed through the types of clothing rockers wear such as <br /><ul><li>Band T-shirts, leather jackets which are very out there
  7. 7. Baggy trousers, tight leather pants, jeans which may have rips in them
  8. 8. Shoes- converse, boots
  9. 9. Spikes piercings and tatoos are attires which are extremely popular within the rock genre.
  10. 10. Rockers hair styles can range from greasy long hair too mohicans, rockers rarely have clean cuts and have hairstyles which are often very out there like the leather jackets.</li></li></ul><li><br />
  11. 11. RAP<br />Rapping also known as MCing, spitting bars or just rhyming is when lyrics are spoken or chanted. Rapping is different from spoken word poetry as it is performed in time to a beat. Rapping is a ingredient in hip hop music and is mainly aimed at teenagers and people in their twenties. It is usually associated with “life on the streets” and people who do rap generally tend to have a lot of street knowledge. When thinking of rapping the usual stereotype is of a black person as it is an element of hip hop which was brought around by the African Americans during the 1970’s however these days youngsters (mainly teenagers) from all different cultures and walks of life enjoy rapping or “spitting bars” as they call it. The target audience for rap is mainly teenagers and people in their early twenties. Although the audience who listen to it is quite multi-cultural, famous rap artists are mainly black, the most famous artist of a different race is Eminem who is white.<br />Rapping was an element within the hip hop genre therefore the types of clothes rap artists wear are the same as those of people within hip hop.<br />
  12. 12.<br />
  13. 13. GOTHS<br />Gothic rock also referred to as Goth rock or simply Goth is a musical sub-genre of post punk and alternative rock that formed during the 1970’s. Gothic rock bands grew from the strong ties they had with the English punk rock and emerging punk scenes. The genre itself became separate from the punk rock during the early nineteen eighties due to the different styles. Gothic rock is different to punk as it combines dark, often key board heavy music with depressive lyrics. Gothic Rock bands include Bauhaus, The cure, Virgin Prunes, Christian death and Alien sex fiend. Gothic rock opened the door to a broader Goth subculture in which there is fashion, clubs and numerous publications that grew in popularity in the 1980’s. The gothic culture is usually associated with dark, depressive thought that is why its lyrics are usually related to this sort of theme.<br />The gothic culture could be seen as a very out there culture in terms of what Goths tend to wear…<br />Gothic people are often seen as extremely emotional people, this emotion is portrayed through clothing Goths wear. Goths are often seen in skinny jeans and big black boots. Makeup is another aspect which contributes to the Gothic, Goths usually wear black eye liner and white foundation which causes them to look almost ghost like. Goths are also dressed in black from tip to toe again representing their depressive persona. Piercings are another part of the Goth attire. Gothic jewellery is another thing that could be considered unusual as they wear spiked dog like collars.<br />
  14. 14. GRIME<br />Grime has been Britain’s addition to urban or black, music, although it’s remained largely a British genre which has only managed to make small inroads into the U.S. the home of urban music. It originated in East London in the early 2000’s around about 2002. With its combination of influences from hip-hop, dancehall and garage it is the latest style to evolve from the UK garage scene (also known as 2 step, two step or 2 step garage is a typically British style of modern dance music.) Grime music is basically defined by a tempo of about one hundred and forty beats per minute and MC’s spitting lyrics (rapping) and has given East London a sound of its own. Dizzee Rascal was part of the garage scene with Roll Deep, but really began to shine alone when he began exploring an eclectic mix of sounds. Voted Best Newcomer in 2002, he showed what he was made of a year later with the single I Luv U and album Boy in Da Corner, both of which hit the charts, receiving excellent reviews (and spawning another, bigger hit). It was enough to bring him the Mercury Prize. Grime music is aimed at the younger generation, this includes teenagers and people in their early twenties. <br />Grime has its own unique sense of style, this style can be seen through the type of clothes people in to grime wear such as…<br /><ul><li>Bright and colourful trainers, hoodies and T-shirts
  15. 15. Bright trainers
  16. 16. Caps, silver and gold jewellery.</li></li></ul><li><br />