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Careers presentation

  1. 1. Graphics designer The skills that you need within the graphic designing Industry is drawing and sketching skills, creativity, Team working skills, time management skills, Technical skills, capacity to work independently and Also entrepreneurial skills. If you have lots of Copies of your work You can make it into A portfolio and then You can be a graphic Designer. A degree or certificate from an accredited trade school is usually considered essential for a graphic design position. There are many disadvantages and advantages to being a graphic designer. Most of these minuses and plusses depend on what type of graphic designing you are doing and what sub genre job you are doing with that job.
  2. 2. designer ______ The designers deal with all the exhibitions and design the 3D element, the 2D stuff, posters and they are some of the skills they us as well some more skills they have to have are that they have to have a great creative mind to design their work, and also need to be very good at communicating with others to talk their team through their designs. In fashion design, employers usually seek individuals with a 2- or 4-year degree who are knowledgeable about textiles, fabrics, ornamentation, and fashion trends. the best thing is probably to apply for an internship at a fashion house and work your way up. However, there are many examples of famous designers who started out as interns with no formal training. Being a fashion designer is very good to get into one advantage is that you are getting paid just for making people look good in clothes and to also feel good. but on the other hand one disadvantage of being a fashion designer is that The disadvantages is you will have to convince people to buy your clothes and accessories and that's very had.
  3. 3. Creative director Creative directors have a big role in the media industry because they have to look after the exhibitions and display programmes, to make sure that our marketing is absolutely spot on for those programmes, and to catch how we promote ourselves to the city and out into the UK. I have a particular role with partnerships, national, regional and local.  Experience is probably the most common trait among creative directors (though not the most important) and encapsulates several key ingredients. In the design career path, there are few greater achievements than a skilled designer or copywriter becoming a creative director. It’s a wonderful promotion. Unfortunately, creative people do not usually make good management. Finding the right mesh of talent and interpersonal skills is a very difficult task, which is why good creative directors have been revered Another route you may take to become a creative director is wok experience because you ,might go there and they might want you to come back to work for them if they like you and also on job training.
  4. 4. artist an artist needs to be greatly and highly Talented at art and also need to be very creative, openness to criticism and technical skills such as drawing, painting and also sculpturing. Finally you need to have a lot of braveness and confidence to try new things and ideas . bachelor of fine arts and graduate diploma in education, but you don't actually have to do a degree because you could promote yourself by making a portfolio of all your work. Another route to becoming a fine artist is to use all the copies of your work and put them all together to make a portfolio so you can promote yourself so you can get higher as an artist. There are lots of disadvantages and advantages to being an artist for example one disadvantage to being an artist is that artists don’t usually make that much money unless there art is really famous or they are on the other hand an advantage to being an artist is that you get to express yourself through your art and you get to do what you love for a job.