History of action


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History of action

  1. 1. The genre action began in the 1920s. The movies would include sword fights and action of a heroic character. Douglas Fairbanks was one of the biggest featured actors during this time period .He was most well known from his swashbuckling productions and being the main roles in Robin Hood and The Mark of Zorro .
  2. 2. During this time period it was very early stages of the action genre. Most plots would consist of a damsel in distress, overall having a romantic element to the movie. The movies would generally be based on western life .
  3. 3. During the 1940s action saw a new light of war and cowboy movies. Resulting in action movies growing in popularity. The war theme was very popular weather it was fictional or not. Popular movies during this time period were The wooden Horse ( 1950 ) and Red River ( 1948 ).
  4. 4. Action in the 1960s changed dramatically with the introduction to James Bond . James Bond evolved the action genre once again to a spy adventure theme. These James Bond films took over action films throughout the 1960s. These Films included Fast intense car chases, fist fights and weapon and gadget fights .
  5. 5. After the huge Bond films uprising , it found competition as detective stories and crime started fusing together into Action films. Clint Eastwood , Bruce Lee and chuck Norris became the new faces of Action. Clint Eastwood staring in a hero film Dirty Harry . Bruce lee staring in martial arts action pact Enter the Dragon. Chuck Norris However blended martial arts with cops and robber in Good Guys Wear Black.
  6. 6. This was a huge beginning for Action Films as it was where the films started taking over in Hollywood . This was the Action Era. New actors were becoming popular such as Arnold Schwarzenegger , Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone and Harrison Ford. Huge action Films were released during this decade including : Raiders of the lost ark (1981) Rambo ( 1982 ) Die Hard ( 1988)
  7. 7. As technology increased the themes of Western, spy and urban started to parody themselves. However with CGI developing it saw larger budgets that hadn't been seen before creating exciting and intense films. In 1989 Tim Burtons , Batman was released which led to sequels of the comic Book movies.
  8. 8. It is finally clear that Action is one of the most popular and loved genres. Most Action films having budgets of $100,000,000s , allowing to produce unbelievable breath taking films. Also due to Technology increasing it allows action films to be more life like during Fictional Stories. CGI nowadays plays one of the biggest parts in Action films .