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Notes for analysis of narrative based music video 1


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Notes for analysis of narrative based music video 1

  1. 1. Notes for Analysis of Narrative Based Music Video 1 Music Video Title:Always Artist:Bon Jovi Duration of Music Video:6:03 Shot Count:143 N.O of shots per minute: 23(average) Beats per minute:68 Lyrics and Visuals – Examples of the visuals complimenting the lyrics: - Reference to Romeo and Juliet love story in the lyrics whilst the visuals show a couple “This Romeo is bleeding” this infers that the artist is the man portrayed of the couple. - When the lyrics say “without you I give up” the visuals show crosscutting between the man and woman which shows there is a connection, especially as the man is looking admiringly at the woman (close up shot). - The lyrics sing “now I can’t sing a love song” whilst the visuals show a couple which infers the love song is about this couple. - “Now your pictures that you left behind Are just memories of a different life Some that made us laugh, some that made us cry” shows the guy and the girl (not his girlfriend) sitting on a sofa, looking into each other’s eyes which infers he is moving on and leaving the memories of his girlfriend behind. - “I've made mistakes, I'm just a man” whilst showing his new girlfriend walking in and finding a video of him and another girl. Suggests that his mistake is leaving the video on for his girlfriend to see. - “When he holds you close, when he pulls you near When he says the words you've been needing to hear” shows him pull her in to him and they serenade. Music and Visuals – Examples of the visuals complimenting the music: - When the singer begins to sing the visuals show him singing which signifies the beginning of the song. - Shows the artist playing the piano during the piano instrumental. - Shows the band playing alongside the singer during the second verse - Jump cuts between the narrative and the band performing the song.
  2. 2. Genres Exist – The genre is narrative based music video Generally the genre includes - Footage that will attempt to tell the story through moving images that matches the lyrics, - Actors that will tell the story to the audience, - Props and locations and mise en scene also help tell the story and have to match the codes and conventions of the genre to. - Footage of the artist of them playing will also be featured within the video, this creates a relationship with the audience to the artist of knowing who they are. Examples in this video are: - The Love story between the male and brunette matches the lyrics - The brunette, blonde and two males act out the narrative in the visuals - The location of a bedroom matches the intimacy described in the lyrics - The jump cuts from the narrative to Bon Jovi and his band performing Artist Close Ups – Examples of close ups: There are 29 close ups of the artist in the music video. This creates a connection between the audience and the artist, as well as creating the star iconography for the music video, through the visual reminder of who the artist is. There are 18 close up of the actors in the music video. As it is a narrative based music video there are also many close ups of the actors/characters in the narrative which allows the audience to connect with the characters as they are a visual reminder as well the audience can identify with the characters and apply it to their own life. Star Iconography – Examples of branding or unique selling points highlighted: - Emphasising bon jovi’s ability to play piano and sing through jumping between mid-shots of both - Wide shot of bon jovi and band, emphasises that it’s not just an artist singing, it’s the whole package. - Close up of guitarist and drummer to emphasise their musical talent within the band. - Emphasis on guitar solo (twice) to show the musical talent of the band. - Extreme close ups of the main singer to express how he is an emotional singer who portrays the lyrics visually by just singing, brings them to life so to speak.
  3. 3. Voyeurism – Examples of voyeurism (location): - Most footage in a bedroom which would be a private place. - Footage of a couple’s sex video - The couple making a sexy video Example of voyeurism (costume): - Brunette wearing minimal clothing, nightdress or short pink dress. - Blonde with just jeans and bra