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AS Media - Proposal Pitch


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Pre Production Planning

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AS Media - Proposal Pitch

  1. 1. AS Media – Proposal Pitch Angharad Wilkins
  2. 2. Production Company• Cine Inspirado
  3. 3. Individual QualitiesI believe my strengths are…-Organization-Creative Thinking-Photography Expertise
  4. 4. Movie Title Research• The Great Storm• The S.S. Samtampa• Sinking of the Liberty• Sker Point
  5. 5. GenreGenre : Biographical Drama, Historical, Personal, Non-fictionTheme: Nautical
  6. 6. Film OverviewThe Film Sker point is about the grand-daughter of Coxswain William J Gammon.She sets out to discover the truth of what happened on the 23rd April 1947.Eight lifeboat crew-members from Mumbles, including her grandfather, go out to Sker Point to rescue the crew of the S.S Samtampa.They never return.
  7. 7. Similar Existing Films
  8. 8. Characters• Artaith Gammon• William A. Atkinson• William J Gammon
  9. 9. Opening Sequence Overview- Mention of previous disasters.- 23rd April 1947- great storm- Modern day – granddaughter- Visual change to beginning- Middlesbrough docks
  10. 10. Location Research
  11. 11. Location ResearchFor my location research I took photos ofdifferent locations along the South Gower,Swansea and Porthcawl.I have chosen the three following locations formy opening sequence…
  12. 12. Porthcawl
  13. 13. Sker Point nr Porthcawl
  14. 14. Middlesbrough Dock
  15. 15. Mumbles Pier
  16. 16. Target Audience• Adults• Mixed Gender• White Collar Workers
  17. 17. Certificate Rating• The tragedy of the narrative would be unsuitable for children under 12.• Dramatic situations depicting death are not sustained.• No extreme violence, sexual nudity or drugs.
  18. 18. Challenges• Access to Location (Middleborough)• Weather• Finding suitable actors
  19. 19. A personal tale of heroism….
  20. 20. AS Media – Proposal Pitch Any Questions ?