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Social realism presentation


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Social realism presentation

  1. 1. Social Realism is also known as ‘Socio-Realism’It is an artistic movement which is expressed by visual and other realist arts, itdepicts social and racial injustice as well as economic hardship, its presentedby undisguised images, films of life’s struggles and issues but often depictsworking class actions and performance as daring.-It was developed in the nineteenth century, itwas emerged as a figure of oppositional orreform-seeking representation.
  2. 2.  Expansion from realism in the arts by the ending of the nineteenth century had already revealedrealist aesthetics, it was produced by a range of formal and stylistic approach and devices. Through Photography it produced new potential for capturing the logic of existence as it lived. The general mission that was joint within media was to represent reality and truth. Issues thatoccurred from truth was that there was numerous amounts of representations of the truth from howwe as an audience visualise it.Society believed the media is capable of presenting a real image of the truth by making itnaturalism.The achievement of naturalism is by using products and characteristics of real life situations andissues that take place.Arguments have occurred according to the topic realism of the text. They all approach frequently to show the audience truth by the use of codes and conventions weexpect from the association of realism. Hollywood films and realistic texts
  3. 3. Social realism is very tricky and complicated to define seen as its political and historical contingent. It is easier said than done as there are lots of opinions and view to the topic. Examples of how social realism is defined: Ra f ym ond no tio Wil ini ng ef ei -G soc liams e d : ‘b e rou -‘ Re ial r o h s r y nde alis eal pinio st a w m gh p th ora d in t tex ism n of vie alis ou em the ts a are: defin ein l re thr ont term con re s ing st a p c -S s tem ecu ow soci d u s of ’ - In oci of se por larL un ent sis. ten al ext tting ary sc bo m cri t of ens ene o al m ci the ion. in arti so Social realism portrays realistic events in life st.’ which creates a closer and touching audience as people feel they can relate but it also helps people deal with issues and problems that may be shown.
  4. 4. Practice is seen as how a film is formed and completed. Within British social realism it is said that the message is to show self determination of creation. Politics expresses practice by varying degrees that will seek to be free or a different individual from the typical mainstream. The term ‘Practice and Politics’ indicates the aspects outer the text which never the less gives us a message of the form, style, content and structure. Within social realism it frequently comments on adjustments but sometimes escapes from previous conventions and practices which present realist.Some people say practice and politics associates to the work of British filmmakers as it was informedand shaped by their politics that turn.Overall it is difficult to separate practice and politics.
  5. 5. Issues: some sort of problem that occurs e.g. drug use, alcoholismThemes: A subject of artistic representation, An implicit or recurrent idea; a motif: atheme of powerlessness that runs through the diary; a party with a tropical islandtheme. Certain issues involve different points for the use of history seen as it shows the key of the time but also the importance input as to retain the information of how its constructed in a realistic mode. To show the contexts key importance there is a useful phrase which is ‘slice of life’.
  6. 6. Representation: Something that represents, as: - An image or likeness of something. - An account or statement, as of facts, allegations, or arguments. - An expostulation; a protest. - A presentation or production, as of a play. - A theme or an isuueRepresentation in social realist texts can be viewed as representing issues and themes to get a certainmessage across and make us aware of situations which occur in real life.There are lots of different opinions and views on how we represent things. It can be shown by class andstatus e.g. working class, regional identity, age, gender, physical ability/disability.
  7. 7. - The exceptions to the way women were typically depicted during this periods and different representation by the particularly blame of for the demise of traditional working class culture. The changes that occurred in women being represented in the 80’s is the growing of importance of women in the work force and in society as a whole. The situation changed again in the 90’s by it could be argued that the portrayal of women in social realist films in Britain has taken a retrograde step with women being presented as adept consumers. Hallam suggests about the shift in the way working class has been represented in realist film texts by they are producers of labour to consumer goods.The significant change in narrative accompanies is facilitated by a move from depicting working class characters in communities and in the workplace.Higson’s contention and how it is explained by Hill is that the feature of British realism is bound up with changing definitions of public and private space.
  8. 8. - The term ‘social realism’ causes problems as it can be used uncriticallyand irregularly within a lot of popular film criticism.- Critical consensus with ‘realism’ is that realism is the leadingrepresentational figure in the western world.- Problems of social realism is that there are many differentfaces within the truth that the eye can see and it can be shownin different ways.
  9. 9. Social realism portrays realistic events in life which creates a closer andtouching audience as people feel they can relate but it also helps peopledeal with issues and problems.