Part 2 fundin and suppor


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Part 2 fundin and suppor

  1. 1. Funding & SupportPart 2Tuesday, 11 June 13
  2. 2. What was the UK Film Council?- The UK film council governs British films it was set up in 2000, it funds for filmswhich are under influence of the UK’s background and economy. They are theGovernments strategic agency for film within the UK. They create the UK to becomea natural home for film within digital age, this helps within the competitors of filmand the cultural aspects of film.So what do they do?The UK Film Council work within the Government and the film industry, they help with whatcan disrupt films and get in the way for example: economic and cultural issues can really affectfilm so the UK Film Council offer advice on ways to deal with these issues. and many others.- The UK Film Council roughly distribute £27,000,000 by the government to support filmproduction, script development, film export and distribution, short films, cinema andeducational film etc.They distribute £27,000,000 from the national lottery.Overall the UK Film Council supports films that haveBritish identity and aim to make the films a success andpromote UK films.Tuesday, 11 June 13
  3. 3. What did it do to support short filmmakers and shortfilm making?The UK Film Council helped support short film makers and short film making by Direct fund for short films and feature. -There were three funds which offered nearly £17,000,000 for the production and development of the films.– The Development Fund :This funds  aim was to widen the quality, range and ambitions of films being produced in the UK.Therewas to separate funds within this The First Feature Film Development Programme which supported film makers and then therewas The Feature Film Development Programme which was a funding programme for filmmakers and producers. - The New Cinema Fund:This fund was used to help and support film makers who were working outside the mainstream.  Theschemes of this fund supported over 100 short films each year.UK Film Council > regional screen agencies > national screen agencies > Digital Shorts Scheme   - The Premiere Fund:This fund was where the lottery put in £8,000,000 funding which helped andinfluenced the idea of British talent which would create a wider and more of an international audience.These three funds helped support short film making and filmmakers in many different ways.-The UK Film Council also helped by trying to create a wider audience for non-mainstream films by using distribution andexhibition e.g.The Prints and Advertising Fund,The Cinema Access Programme,The Digital Fund for Non TheatricalExhibition,The Digital Screen Network and Capital funding.All of the following helped and supported the film.Tuesday, 11 June 13
  4. 4. What was the position and role of the BFI prior to the creation of the Film Council?The 26th of July  2010 the Conservatives said that the Council was to be put an end to.The chiefof the UK Film Council John Woodward stepped down and later the UK Film Council closed onthe 31st March 2011 which then passed down to the British Film Institute (BFI).In 1983 a Royal Charter was received.This was then brought up to date in 2000, also the newly-established UK Film Council took control for providing the BFIs annual grant-in-aid.As anindependent registered charity, the BFI is regulated by the Charity Commission and the PrivyCouncil.The BFI became the leader of the UK Film Council and took control some people lostjobs however not many.How has the position and role of the BFI changed since the recent government decisionto dismantle the UK Film Council?The BFI was introduced in 1933 and was held responsible for funding etc, it had been arounda lot longer than to when the UK Film council was introduced in 2000 by labour and tookover funds which left the BFI responsible for the film archives, schedule for National Film,education, Sight and Sound magazine and the museum of moving image theatre.This showshow the BFI did not handle funding anymore. Later on in 2011 the UK Film Council gotclosed off and taken over by the BFI who received there original responsibility back. Whenthe UK Film Council was in power they tried to make it more democratic and easier forshort films.They also thought that the BFI had made feature films to artistically developed.They both had different views of funding etc.Tuesday, 11 June 13
  5. 5. What is the role and remit of the BFI?The transfer of responsibility from the UK Film Council in2011 left the BFI’s role and responsibilities as:The BFI has three different ways of income, one of the main one is through the publics money whichgets passed through by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. During 2011-12 the funding bythe public made a total of £20,000,000.The next important way of income was commercial activity for example BFI London IMAX theatreand the distribution of DVD’s.Finally another important way of income was funding grants, sponsorship and donation, the NationalLottery funded grants and private sponsors.A role and responsibility of the BFI is the distributor for all Lottery funds for film.The UKFC role wasto try and “help make the UK a global hub for film in the digital age, with the world’s most imaginative,diverse and vibrant film culture, underpinned by a flourishing, competitive film industry,” whereas theBFI’s role and responsibility is the production and development of the Film Fund.The BFI have£15,000,000 a year to invest in development, production and completion for feature films.The BFIresponsibility is to support and assist film makers producing there film. In 2012 there was the BFIShorts which was managed by Lighthouse which is now closed however currently in 2013 if youwanted a fund for a short film you could turn to Creative England, Creative Scotland, Film Agency forWhales, Northern Ireland Screen or Film London.Tuesday, 11 June 13
  6. 6. In what respects and to what extent does the UK FilmCouncil continue to exist as an institutional andcultural film body?The actor and director Noel Clarke told the BBC “ Im very sad that theyre breaking down but theBFI is going to continue what they do." It shows how in some aspects the UK Film Council continuesto exist as an institutional and cultural film body as all that has changed is the BFI have taken the roleof the UKFC. Show that the UKFC still seize to exist. the overtake of the UK Film Council to the BritishFilm Institute and how it is only new leadership and UKFCexists still through the BFI.When the BFI took control for funding, the staff fromthe UK Film Council transferred to the BFI whichshows us how they do still exist as the sameemployment for the jobs within the UKFC has beenmoved across to the BFI.This shows the BFI is runthe same way as the UKFC.When the BFI took over Greg Dyke welcomed the governments plan that instals his organisation at thehelm of the UK film policy. Shows the UKFC still exist as there policies are still existing within the BFI.EdVaizey announced “ The BFI would take on the bulk of responsibilities previously handled bythe outgoing UK Film Council.This shows that all the BFI was only a new leadership of controlfor funding, it shows by them taking on responsibilities already handled by the UKFC it is stillran the same way and how the UKFC still exist. UKFC was responsible for distributing lottery money to film-makers based in the UK which theBFI have now taken responsibility for. It shows that the UKFC do exist its just been handed over to theBFI., 11 June 13
  7. 7. What were the Regional Screen Agencies (RSAs)that Film Council funding was delivered through?The UK Film Council funded 9 regional screen agencies due to it’s RegionalInvestment Fund For England. These were...1.EM Media - East Midlands2. Film London - London3.Northern Film & Media - Newcastle4. North WestVision & Media -5. Screen East6. Screen South - Folkestone7. Screen West Midlands8. ScreenYorkshire - Leeds9. South West ScreenAll of the following helped support and provide withinproduction, training, screen commissions, cinema exhibition,archives and education.Examples of some films that were funded when the UKFilm Council was in control...Screen yorkshire:Film in 2008 - BoyDirected by Joe Morris and produced by GemmaFerguson and Alex Usborne.Screen south:Film in 2008 - CurfewDirected by Katie Aidley and producedby Mark Blaney and Jackie Sheppard.Northern Film and Media:Film in 2008 - Bus Stop BoogalooWritten and directed by Gus Hughes andproduced by Siobhan Fenton.2008-2009 Film slate, funding with digital shorts;EM Media:Film in 2008 - TandemWritten and directed by John and Tom Turrell andproduced by Rachel Dargavel.Film London:Film in 2008 - The Rain HorseWritten and directed by Sebastian Godwin andproduced by Hugo Godwin.South west screenfilm in 2009 - September won the short film BAFTAawardsmade by Esther May Campbell andproduced by Stuart Le MarechalScreen EastFilm in 2009 - Shadows and dustwtitten and directed by Jon Dunleavy andanimatedno producerTuesday, 11 June 13
  8. 8. How is funding for shorts handled now by the BFI?It is handled by the Film Fund for shorts which is through the National Lottery funding.The film fund by the BFI supports filmmakers within the UK. They have £18,000,000 to investthrough the development, production and completion of feature films. By having the support ofthe BFI it means you can have all the help you need with developing and creating your film.In 2012 the BFI Shorts scheme was introduced, it is a scheme which helps and supportsfilmmakers by giving them the chance to create feature films and also gives them the chance toshow off their talent and skills. The BFI Shorts is managed by the company Lighthouse.Budgets of £25,000 - £50,000 in 2012 for live action fiction projects.A few of the Short Films through the BFI Shorts 2012:1. The Beast2. FieldStudy3. Anthony4. Gutpunch5. Keeping Up with the Jonese6. L’Assenza7. Liam + Lenka8. Mohammed9. Orbit Ever After10. Sea View11. Sidney12. SLR13. The Line14. The Portrait15. To LeechTuesday, 11 June 13
  9. 9. Has funding and support for shorts altered since thegovernment’s changes to the power structures of thenational film agencies?When the UKFC ran the funding, depending onwhere you live you would turn too...EM Media - East MidlandsFilm London - LondonNorthern Film & Media - NewcastleNorth WestVision & MediaScreen EastScreen South - FolkestoneScreen West MidlandsScreenYorkshire - LeedsSouth West ScreenHowever when then the BFI took control fundingbecame different by...- There is an extreme difference in theways of funding between the two. Fromgoing to the UKFC to the BFI’s way offunding. The BFI i use the managementof Lighthouse which is based inBrighton for funding.Screen South only talks about previousfilms they have helped and supportednothing about currently helping Short films.Tuesday, 11 June 13
  10. 10. As a short filmmaker, what funds could you yourselfapply for?There are 3 funds I could apply for…- London Borough Film Fund Challenge – It is a challenge for short film makers,if successful the LBFFC provides production funding, a mentoring and trainingprogramme and help you develop new skills. It offers around £4,000 towards theproduction of a short film.- The Shorts Support Scheme – Is a fund for short filmmakers to represent toaudiences all over the world the UK talent. It also helps and support filmmakers.- BFI Lighthouse Shorts – It helps and supports filmmakers by giving them thechance to create feature films and also gives them the chance to show off theirtalent and skills.Tuesday, 11 June 13
  11. 11. Different schemes for funding of shorts:1.Virgin Media Shorts2.The Shorts Support Scheme3.London Borough Film Fund ChallengePart 3Other Funding SourcesOutside of the BFI, are there any other schemes thatexist to help fund short films?Tuesday, 11 June 13